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    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    go with it

    okay. so the thing i don't get about companies who are morally bankrupt? why not just admit you're the anti-christ and move on? why pretend to be something you're not? these companies spend millions of dollars, millions of dollars that could be given to...oh, i don't know...ME, on spin control when it's discovered the yummy breakfast sandwich they marketed directly to kids not only causes ebola, but was also manufactured by convincted sex offenders. poor, destitute sex offenders. in third world nations. who knows what a poor, destitute sex offender from a third world nation is desperate enough to do to your breakfast sandwich!

    but i digress. the point is, if you're evil and you know it, if you can virtually feel the flames of hell licking at your very soul because of the evil, evilocity that resides in the dark underbelly of your company's soon to be shredded document vault, if your company screws the dog every chance it gets, you should embrace it -- don't shun it! take advantage of it. use it in your favor. "yeah, we screwed the pooch on that one. so what? wanna fight about it?"

    that's what i'd do if i were starbucks and accused of unfair trade practices, adding genetically engineered ingredients to my coffee, and making huuuuuuge profits by raping every damn street corner in the world with one my over-priced coffee shacks.

    but, you know, that's just me.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Starbucks Brand Coffee: The Official Beverage of Evil.

    posted by kimberley at 12:35 PM   15 comments links to this post


    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    kinky kinky

    i read this article over at bookslut on kinky friedman and his run for governor of texas. i'm not against him running. i'm not even sure i'm against him winning. i've pretty much given up on believing anything politicians say anymore so, win - lose - whatever. makes me no nevermind cause they're going to get in there and do whatever the hell they want anyway.

    the question i have is this: isn't there at least a requirement for a semblance of sanity anymore? no, i'm asking. seriously. check it out:

    You’ve talked about your “anti-wussification” campaign for Texas. What does that involve?

    Making it okay to say “Merry Christmas.” Making it okay to smoke where you want to. Bringing back the Ten Commandments. I may have to change their name to the Ten Suggestions. I want to bring them back to the public schools. They were taken out not because of church and state, but because of political correctness. Some atheist came up and said he didn’t like the Ten Commandments. We all know what happens when an atheist dies. His tombstone reads “All dressed up and no place to go.” By the way, I’ve written my own epitaph, Mike, which is: “If you can read this, you’re standing on my head.” It’s a good one, ain’t it?

    it sure ain, kinky! i'm all for making it okay to say merry christmas. and smoke em if you got em, boys. but jesus h christ, he sounds like his doo rag's on a little tight there. despite this, he has plans. big plans for the great lone star state:

    Do you think you’d be able to work with the Democrats and the Republicans in the state legislature?

    Absolutely. I will charm their pants off. Invite ‘em over, we’ll have some barbecue, smoke some cigars together, and we’ll get this thing rolling. And a lot of things can be done without the legislature, by the way. I’ll tell you five things a governor could do right now. One, have a listed telephone number, so during certain hours, he could talk to the people, because I think this governor is out of touch with the people of Texas, not to mention the spirit of Texas. Two, biodiesel. Put that in all the school buses and all the state police (cars). You can do that by decree. Three, I plan to open the Indian casinos that have been closed down -- the Tigua and the Alabama Coushata. Four, the (state university) Boards of Regents. I want to fill them with the best, brightest young people, not old farts that have given the most money. Let’s get college students (on the Boards) who are really passionate about education. And finally, I’d like to rename four state highways after Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, and Buddy Holly. Not toll roads, by the way.

    well. paint me white and call me cotton. i've been saying for years that texas needs a new governor. a governor with a listed phone number who'll invite me over for barbecue while we chaw the fat. they need a governor who is *in touch* and ...uh, biodiesel! also. come on, who wouldn't be excited to drive down willie nelson highway sangin' "owwwn the road agin, ah jes cain't wait ta git on the road agin!" --without paying a toll, by the way?

    i don't know. maybe i'm being too harsh. i like kinky. i do. i like his books and his fast livin' freewill lifestyle. hell, come to think of it, maybe he's just what texas needs. crazy as a bed bug or not.

    owwwwwwwn the roooad agin'

    posted by kimberley at 3:16 PM   3 comments links to this post


    Monday, December 05, 2005


    They are killing Christmas. Do you hear me?

    killing it!

    posted by kimberley at 2:19 PM   1 comments links to this post


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