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    Thursday, November 04, 2004

    A Kansan asks "What's the matter with Harvard?"

    Well, not really. But he is a Kansan who writes for the Harvard Crimson about the stereotypes the Ivy League intellectuals level against the group they claim is responsible for relying on prejudicial stereotypes for their bigotry and dogmatism:

    My experience with people at Harvard is that they apply stereotypes to the Midwest in ways that they would be outrageously offended by if the same kind of simple-minded stereotypes were applied to people of a particular race or religion or what-have-you. For shame. Everyone knows that the South is where America keeps its imbeciles. I suppose the Midwest receives a lot of flak because of the notion that its inhabitants are close minded. What irony! The people who dis my homies from the Great Plains are the close minded ones. They claim to be cultured because they have studied abroad in Italy for a semester, but they neglect to accept that the Midwest has anything to offer besides wheat, boredom and fanatic Protestantism. In my art class, the lecturer mentioned that a particular painting was located in a museum in Kansas City and people in the crowd snickered as if the idea was preposterous. “Kansas City?!?! It must have been placed next to the cow patties and the photo of Dorothy and Toto.”

    Good stuff, read the whole thing

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