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    Friday, October 01, 2004

    When you put it like that...

    Over at SWDesertRat's place there was a link to a Irving Kristol article laying out a pretty good explanation of what exactly a NeoConservative is.

    I haven't liked the word much, for a few reasons. Most of them are really the connotations it calls up to my uninformed mind, and its tendency to be used venemously against former Democrats. And the fact that not many people (including myself, before reading this article) have a real clear idea of what exactly a NeoCon really is has sort of made it a subtle weapon to use against conservatives. "Hey, conservatives seem to shrink a bit when we use that word, and polling suggests people have some vague dislike of whatever "neoconservatism" means. Let's use that word a whooooole lot, whatsay?" It is an ominous sounding word, and its shortened version invokes some sort of campy science fiction gathering or a giant trade show.

    I think I had a "sorta" idea before I read this, but really the way it is laid out here makes me think I probably fit the bill. There are criticisms to be made of neoconservatism, of course. It doesn't appear to be a dogma that relies on details, and so it seems there can still exist a lot of gray area between any two real neocons. But I don't see anything to be ashamed of. We *should* have a convention. Not a political convention, I'm talking about the sci-fi thing again. NeoConCon. Hmm.

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