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    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    Ryan Sager says it well

    He's got a post here at Tech Central Station about why Kerry may be a very smart person, but still wholly unsuited to the office of President. He makes very salient points here, without really mentioning Bush. He says:

    ...it shows that he doesn't understand the nature of the office he seeks. Kerry seems to think that he is auditioning for the job of thinker in chief, or debater in chief -- but there's a reason the president is called the commander in chief. His job is to project the nation's strength and resolve, not its weakness and doubts.


    On Iraq, of course, Kerry has consistently criticized President Bush for alienating our allies (read: Germany and France), while at the same time insulting our coalition partners as a "so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted." Again, it's not that Kerry doesn't have a point, it's that he's so intent on scoring it that he's willing to throw the diplomacy he so famously considers himself skilled at to the wind.


    Again, it's not that Kerry doesn't have the right, even responsibility, to criticize. It's that he seems to have absolutely no concept of when it's appropriate to complain versus when it's appropriate to stand steadfastly with a man leading a fledgling government under daily threat of assassination.

    I agree with this. Bush is a guy who acts on his core beliefs and the key here is *acts* whereas Kerry wants to keep talking about it. That makes sense, he speaks well, and Bush does not. But let me ask you...while we all know how often Bush mangles a word here or there...how many verbal gaffes have you counted from Kerry that relate to the *meaning* of his words. Two quite different things, in my esteem. Bush expresses himself better with his actions. This is another reason he is a natural leader, whether you think he holds correct views or not.

    It's the vast difference between a guy who wants to lead and a guy who just wants to be in charge. Bush strikes me as the former and Kerry strikes me as the latter. I've had bosses who fit both descriptions and I'll let you guess which ones didn't have to trick me in to following them over a cliff for a good cause...

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