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    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    People I listen to who know better than Jon Stewart

    Matthew Heidt at Froggy Ruminations says that he thinks Bin Laden is dead and offers his reasoning as well as some political insights about it.

    Mark Steyn just keeps the good stuff coming.

    So, for all that Bush is accused of being ''stubborn,'' it's Kerry who refuses to change. He reckons that Americans are worn out by the wild ride of the Bush years and really do long to ''get back to where they were'' -- back to Sept. 10, to the summer of shark attacks and missing congressional interns. All that going back to Sept. 10 means is that you'll have to learn the lessons of the morning after all over again: I do believe that, if clueless, complacent Kerry won, more Americans -- and Britons and Canadians and Australians and Europeans -- will die in terrorist ''nuisances.''

    Read the whole thing. Steyn makes several good points.

    Rich Lowry points out glaring logical problems with Kerry's claim on his faith. There can be arguments made about Bush's adherence to his religion but at least he can explain simply what it is he believes.

    Galley Slaves says some of what I've been trying to percolate in my head about Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire. It might turn in to a post for me, but it will be a long one and it's hard to come down on a comedian I think is funny and had respect for. Here's the deal:

    For almost two years I've been telling people that John Stewart isn't funny anymore. Everyone I've preached to has vehemently disagreed with me. But after watching his performance on Crossfire last Friday, I think people are finally going to start coming around. (Read the full transcript here.)

    Stewart's problem isn't that he's spun off into lefty-land. It's that all of his Emmy awards have gone to his head--he thinks he's a serious guy now. When Stewart self-deprecatingly calls The Daily Show Fake News, you can tell that what he really means is "Fake" News.

    In other news, Kris Kobach debates Dennis Moore tonight at the local community college. I kind of have a hankering to go and a suspicion it won't be that crowded. We'll see...

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