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    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    Oh, the places you'll go...

    Some stuff I found and wish I'd thought of:

    Overheard in New York can be a good browse...(from J-walk blog)

    Stalking the elusive Triple Triple...the Holy Grail of Scrabble. (From Milk and Cookies)

    This campaign ad parody made me laugh...And it's funny for everyone-Bush haters will *love* this, and Bush fans will laugh the way they did at "digital brownshirts". In any case, it's well done. (from the Everlasting Blort)

    Speaking of funny videos, I saw somewhere (the Note, I think) that there will be a new Jib-Jab video on The Tonight Show. So even if you don't see it, expect it to hit your email at least once.

    A blog I just discovered is Eject! Eject! Eject!. Very well written stuff, from what I've seen so far. Deterrents pt. I and II are worth the long read I think...

    Distributed computing. I love it! While all respect goes to Seti@Home for coming up with the idea and implementing all the fundamentals and taking all the risk...now there are ways you can contribute computing power to searching for cancer cures and identifying promising drug therapies among other things. These programs can easily have more directly beneficial effects on humanity. Think about it...

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