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    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    The last debate

    I think my bias for Bush should be stated again up front, because I think Bush won the 3rd debate.

    I don't think he ran away with it, but to me he seemed much more personable and firm in his principles than Kerry once again. There were a few answers he gave that could be raked over the coals, and probably will be in the soundbyte war.

    If you even watched it, you probably already had your mind made up about which candidate was going to get your vote. I think Bush connected with people more, but I do think he could have done better. Kerry is still a better debater, but Bush still comes across as more sincere.

    Both made gaffes but in my opinion Bush's biggest mistake was non-substantive. Bush is going to get beat up over saying he never had said he wasn't concerned about Bin Laden (he said so in a press conference, but I'm still trying to find the full quote) and Kerry is going to get beat up for bringing up Cheney's gay daughter. What a slimebag Kerry is, in my never-to-be-humble opinion.

    Kerry was asked by Bob Schieffer how he planned to pay for all his plans, since rolling back tax cuts wasn't going to do it and Kerry ducked the question completely. Likewise, Bush will be said to have ducked the minimum wage question, though I think he has some wiggle room. Both ducked the social security question.

    All in all, it could be called a tie simply because you won't find a single Kerry supporter to say Kerry lost and I doubt you find a Bush supporter who will say Bush lost. And so you can pretty much listen to whoever you agree with and go to bed happy.

    I guess it's a matter of waiting the 2 days for polling numbers to come out, and then see how the electoral map changes after that. So, on to the last three weeks of stump speeches where Bush tends to do well and Kerry tends to do badly.

    I would have loved it if Bush had decimated Kerry tonight, but I don't think even the most ardent Bush supporter was fooling himself that it was going to happen that way unless Kerry came out obviously drunk and vomited on the front row. No such luck.

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    At 10:42 PM, Blogger kimberley said...

    well thank god someone's paying attention. :/


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