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    Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    KerryHaters contest

    Update: Note to Fox News - this is not a real article, and is in no way meant to be mistaken for actual Kerry quotes...ok I feel better having said that.

    KerryHaters has a contest to match Kerry's habit of pandering to Specialty Magazines. Should get some funny responses, and I added my own:

    Popular Mechanics:

    John Kerry tells Jay Leno this month that his favorite hobby is "restoring old cars with heart and soul, cars I remember hearing about during my service in Vyetnaaaaam. It's a great feeling to see an old car, sometimes neglected because of this administrations wrong choices on the economy, and know that with just a couple of degrees of torque on the Johnson rod you can have her purring."
    When asked what his favorite models were, Kerry told us he loved Peugeot and Alfa Romeos in particular. Jay wanted to continue the interview while working on one in his shop, but Senator Kerry disappeared after being asked to go fetch some turn signal fluid. We think he might have gotten lost, even though we told him it could be found right next to the muffler bearings...

    Maybe not the winner, but hey I tried. Enter as often as you like, offer not valid in some states.

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