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    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    Kansas City Griefs

    Hey, another loss for the Chiefs today to Jacksonville. 22-16. There has been a longstanding conventional wisdom in KC that whatever chances we have to come back and win a game will be invariably dashed by a horrible kick. Normally this sort of thing happens in the last few minutes of the game deciding who gets to go to the playoffs, but this year we've started early.

    And remember John Kerry promising cheap and free-flowing drug imports from Canada? Well, like many of his other promises it relied on realities that were suspect. Canada says not so fast. In this case it's because Canada subsidizes those cheap prices for its own citizens. There's more to it than that, but this fact leads inevitably to...the laws of supply and demand! Canada doesn't think that selling all their cheap drugs back to Americans (from whom lots of these drugs have been imported to their country) is a good idea in their complex system of price controls and tight inventories. Now 30 Canadian pharmacies are refusing to accept orders from the US.

    But growing concern in Canada that growing exports to the US could lead to rising prices and shortages north of the border has prompted the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (Cipa), whose members include several of the biggest internet and mail-order drugstores, to act. “We don't want to give Americans the impression that we have unlimited supply for them to tap into on a commercial basis,” said David Mackay, the association's executive director. Americans, he added, “can't get everything from Canada. We can't be your complete drugstore”.

    Prescription drug prices are significantly lower in Canada than the US, because of price controls and bulk buying by the 10 provinces.

    And another Kerry promise is getting credit for causing more violence in Haiti. This one really might be due as much to the fact that Haiti is a jacked up country but it does offer insight to how much people are paying attention to this election elsewhere in the world. I'm not sure we can pin all of this on Kerry, but it's interesting to hear the new leader wishing Kerry hadn't deligitimized his rule before it even started. The General is speaking to Brazilian reporters trying to explain the recent upsurge of violence in Haiti. It's being reported by the BBC. I somehow doubt you will be seeing this on 'Nightline'.

    Eight months ago the Bush administration withdrew all support for Mr Aristide and made it clear he should leave Haiti.

    John Kerry called that "short-sighted" and said he would have sent troops to protect Mr Aristide, who was an elected leader.

    Now General Heleno, says those comments have offered hope to Aristide's supporters that should Mr Kerry win the US election in November the former Haitian president might be restored to power.

    Yes, I'm pretty much focusing on Kerry and why I think he does not deserve to be president. Yes, I know there are criticisms that can be made of Bush. I am certain that the John Stewart and Dan Rather will take care of those for you, so if that's what you want go look there. No, I don't think KC's kicking will be any better or worse if you elect Kerry. If I thought so, I might give the guy a second look.

    posted by M@ at 7:05 PM   2 comments links to this post


    At 7:21 PM, Blogger Desert Rat said...

    It is so interesting that you mention Haiti, for ten years ago, in September 1994, U.S. troops invaded Haiti under the auspices of restoring democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

    Imagine that - a Clinton administration - a Liberal administration - INVADING a country??

    Only problem is, Aristide was no different than those that ruled before him, which Clinton knew. To make matters worse, Aristide hated the US - still does.

    Makes all those rants, accusations and threats from the left really hollow, doesn't it?

    For John Kerry to even speak about this shows the height and depth of the hypocrisy that is coming out of the DNC and the Kerry campaign.

    For John Kerry to state that he "would have sent troops to protect Mr Aristide, who was an elected leader" shows without a doubt what a dangerous person John Kerry really is.

    Good post, M@!


    At 10:46 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    Thanks...I am not even sure I can start talking about Kerry and foreign policy. I get too agitated and we know that the right can be susceptible to Moore's disease too. I will wait until I have to deal with the reality of a Kerry presidency before I do.



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