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    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    It's hard to know where to start

    Update: Transcript of Cheney-Edwards Debate is there, and my promise from the bottom of this entry is kept. Soon I'll be more credible than CBS...end update

    I think Cheney summed up Bush's chief problem from the first debate when he used the subject line of this post against Edwards tonight a couple of times. It really is hard to pick apart a 2 minute statement with more than 6 major things wrong with it, especially in 90 seconds. Where does one start? I've had the same problem myself and come up sputtering. So conservatives were hoping Cheney would go in there and bareknuckle the Kerry position more effectively than Bush had, and give us some more GFY moments to send us soaring.

    And the gloves were off. It was, if nothing else, a great debate. Both Cheney and Edwards got in some good shots. I think Cheney won on substance, but he did give away a bit of style ammo for Kerry to use. Edwards may have given away quite a bit more, but then again no one was watching. It'll be chopped up in to soundbytes and reprocessed in to some salisbury steak-like patty of news. This is raw material for spin, and nothing more.

    So Edwards seemed like a smarmy lightweight to me. Like an evangelist, talking to desperate people in the middle of the night. Cheney seemed no nonsense and prepared. A couple people have told me that was their big gripe with Bush in the first debate - that he seemed unprepared. I think we were seeing a man warned not to go too far off message, yet angry and aware of glaring inconsistencies in his opponent's positions. Cheney seemed to salivate when faced with the same.

    A lot of people will say Cheney looked more presidential than Bush does. I believe this debate will help the Bush campaign more than the Kerry campaign, just because it will give all the conservatives across America hope going in to the 2nd presidential debate.

    There were some serious moments of fist pumping for me when Cheney seemed to win points. There were clear big hitting lines throughout, but my favorite GFY moment:

    Cheney conspicuously thanking only Gwen Ifill in his closing statement, after Edwards thanked the Veep in his. Sometimes it's what you don't say that says it all. That said, I'll try to find a transcript and post it.

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