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    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    I'm left hoping this is hyperbole

    I read An American in London, an article in Front Page Magazine and could scarcely believe what Carol Gould had to say. I actually tried to find her email address (no luck) so that I could write and ask: Are you laying it on thick just for effect or what?

    What she describes is a long-standing and growing anti-American, anti-Jewish movement in Britain. An apparently open movement, which considers the US and Israel to be the cause of everyone's trouble, whatever it may be. A movement that isn't just uneducated brutes acting idiotic, but otherwise rational and intellectual people of supposedly good breeding who Ms. Gould considers one nerve away from taking a swing at her at the crescendo of their indictments of who she is and from whence she came. What?! I thought these were our best allies. I thought Brits were pretty much like us. I know they look down on us from across the pond, and we Americans tend to do the same. All the brits I've met have been nice even so. But if what she says is true...Sheesh. What's happened over there?

    posted by M@ at 3:38 AM   3 comments links to this post


    At 1:58 AM, Blogger World Critic said...

    One of my friends is British and I often go visit him; take it from me: the majority of Brits are in fact really nice people.
    About that movement... I believe there are many similar movements in countries all over the world. Hell, they even caught (what they believed to be) Al Qaeda members over here in Belgium. It's not all muslims and Islam fanatics pointing fingers at the US. That there are some brilliant minds among them doesn't surprise me; Hitler was a superb manipulator with a brain to do so (the most radical and crazy ideas come from great minds). "It doesn't take a great mind to do a great thing" is as much true as the opposite.
    There always have been (anarchistic) underground movements (with powerful, respected allies on the surface) targetting whatever they believed to be bad or evil. So in fact there's nothing really new going on here and although the actions are getting harder and more frequent, I don't think there's anything to worry about (yet). I guess you still have more chance of getting killed in a plane crash than you have being kidnapped/killed by some terrorist organisation (as long as you stay in your own country of course).

    At 2:35 AM, Blogger M@ said...

    Well said...I suppose that being smack in the middle of my country keeps me at the mercy of my relative ignorance of Europe. I tend to agree with you that for the most part there are nice and friendly folks in Europe, based on my experiences meeting them online. It was just a shock to read this article. Thanks for weighing in :) I went to your blog but can't read the language unfortunately...I have to say that of all the F1 tracks, I like Spa-Francorchamps the best (Eau Rouge can't be topped) and you definitely have a beautiful country.


    At 3:20 AM, Blogger World Critic said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog; some of the pieces I wrote are in English though :-) (my last two weren't, I admit ;-)

    Your "relative ignorance of Europe" is no different than my ignorance of the US. Us Europeans have to base our view of the US on what we see on the news (and most of the time that's not very pretty unfortunately). I'm quite sure that you Americans have to base your knowledge of Europe on whatever it is the press feeds you. And that's not very pretty either...

    Although culture may differ all around the world, people are basically the same and so is the basic structure of their societies. Rotten apples can be found anywhere, and so can anarchist/militarist movements... Most people (such as yourself) can be quite shocked whenever they are confronted with that fact for the first time. I'm not quite sure what the situation is over there, but over here in Europe we're quite used to this kind of movements and terrorist organisations. Reason is that we are just a bunch of small countries without any actual unity; all kinds of cultures and religions are confronted with each other and that inevitably leads to conflicts...
    A few examples: in Ireland you have Catholics and Protestants fighting a small scale civil war (mainly riots and small battles); in Spain you have the Basks spreading terror all over Spain for an independant state (bombings and political murders); over here in Belgium we've had some right-wing militant groups (in the eighties) spreading terror and death in our own little country;... and don't forget: the second World War started here :-(
    But nevertheless: don't let it get to you; if you start worrying about these things you'll just forget to live...


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