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    Saturday, October 30, 2004

    If I eat crow, so should they

    I said in the last post that a lot of us who thought OBL was dead will have to eat crow. Well I see a lot of people doing that, but so far none of the prominent people who insisted that George Bush had the man in some dank cell awaiting his use for political gain in the election. I also haven't heard anyone suggest that this new tape is a Karl Rove plot, and Bin Laden was forced to make and release this after Abu Ghraib-style torture. So...anyone willing to ask Teresa Heinz what she has to say now about the big October Surprise? Since she was so upset about "neanderthal" attacks on her husband, she really should consider saying something like 'I'm sorry I was so eager to believe the worst and say so out loud'.

    And what about all of you? It wasn't just her, there were quite a few Democrats that smugly assured us that come October we would be seeing the capture of OBL with a triumphant Bush taking all the credit for fighting the war on terror. We can argue the point that Bush should have already caught him by now, and my position will be that Kerry might not have even *been* in Tora Bora to try getting OBL in the first place. And since you were superposing your points, ie Clumsy Bush let OBL go/Sneaky Bush has OBL hidden for October Surprise, you're already arguing from a disadvantage with me. We know which one you're forced to take now.

    How many of you smugly commented to people out loud that Bush was merely biding his time until the political profit was going to be high enough? Come on, be honest. I really thought it was safe to assume he was dead, because the argument for it seemed reasonable. I wasn't dead sure, but I did suffer from a few outbursts of out-loud overconfidence in the opinion, this is obvious in hindsight.

    So how about everyone getting in line and saying out loud "I was wrong, Bush didn't have him in his pocket all along."? I'm sure your answer will be "Oh, but he *would* have done that, if he hadn't been so inept and was able to capture the wily outlaw OBL" but then your logical deficit turns in to bankruptcy with me. Why? Because even if your premise were true(and somehow at the same time you believe Kerry is not a political opportunist to at least the same degree) your conclusion is that Kerry could have or would have done a better job of things. What would he have done? Or more devastatingly, now that we know OBL is alive, what more would he do? Come on, what? I somehow suspect he would answer the question himself by attacking what Bush "didn't" do at Tora Bora, because he doesn't. have. an. answer.

    Update: Over at the Corner I see I was wrong again, prominent people are already floating the ubiquitous-no-matter-how-implausible Karl Rove theory:

    Walter Cronkite believes Rove was behind the tape; this from Larry King last night:

    Cronkite: "I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing."

    Posted at 10:41 AM

    I will hold off until I'm sure he wasn't joking or suffering from an undetected aneurysm before insulting Mr. Cronkite's unwillingness to shut up and eat the crow on his plate but I really have to look my rational friends on the left in the eye and once again ask that you please help get your party's head out of its ass. You don't have to proclaim the man a genius or even like it, but a silent vote for Bush behind the curtain would be the right thing to do for some of you. For others it's a Nader vote or a Badnarik vote. Some of you, the right thing to do is just not vote and take your chances that P Diddy will get taken down before he kills you. Maybe you'll still decide to vote for Kerry but make sure you have a clear handle on the reasons why. That's all I'm asking.

    To those who don't really think this stuff through: How many overt acts of absurd/ugly/violent/dishonest/wrong from people on the left do you have to see before you stop believing that Karl Rove would be the first suspect in *anything* you have concluded might be an manipulative PR stunt? Come on, Sherlock! Karl Rove's brilliant strategy is brilliant not because of his deified ability to manipulate, but because it is judo-like, if you want to know what I think. Look at yourselves! You're acting like ninnies. Sorry, but you are. Complete ninnies. You guys and gals need to do a reality check like everyone else and make it thorough. You've let yourselves become as dogmatically Fundamentalist and blind to reality as you accuse Bush and I of being, haven't you? Before ya 'cuse me...take a look atcho sef...'fore ya 'cuse me...

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