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    Monday, October 04, 2004

    Get ready to hear 'October Surprise'

    Hmm, will these 42 pages of documents that connect Iraq and terrorism be decried as frauds by the left? Is this nothing more than a vicious smear on Saddam Hussein by the evil Republican hate machine?

    Yes, CNS news is a right leaning organization. Feel free to fisk it all you want, because scrutiny is the cornerstone of the process. That's a-ok with me. But regardless of whether you're inclined to believe this story or not (I am), it makes a great point:

    The left is running around acting like Iraq has already been exonerated from any culpability for WMDs and ties to terrorists. At the same time, they are decrying the fact that thousands of hours and pages of intelligence have not been processed yet. Interestingly, the more information we find out, the more Iraq looks like the ticking time bomb everyone thought it was, no matter how far in situ Saddam's programs were. Suddenly, erring on the side of caution doesn't seem like such a bullheaded thing to do. Conversely, expecting Oil-For-Food programs and negotiations in good faith with near perfect-record dishonesty to solve anything over there is simply...idiotic.

    Read the whole thing, and let it sink in: Iraq was doing its level best to screw up your good time.

    Update: In a BBC article, Rumsfeld is quoted as doubting any collaborative links between Iraq and Al Qaeda. This story does not mention the above article or information contained in it. The story I originally posted suggests that the White house may not have been previously aware of these new revelations, but this is still a significant thing for Rummy to say. The idea that Saddam was only a threat if there was an established link between the two is one I reject, but I thought it deserved the update.

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