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    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    Gee, will you hear this one from the MSM?

    Hugh Hewitt, a very pro-Bush blogger and radio talk show host pointed me to this article by Howie Kurtz in the Washington Post which shows just how the game is being played by the party that never stops claiming that Republicans are evil manipulators of reality while Democrats are always honest and fair:

    John F. Kerry's strategists pride themselves on the sheer speed of their advertising effort as they churn out one response after another to President Bush's attack spots.

    Now it turns out that some of the Kerry commercials are being written, edited, produced and put on satellites for the purpose of generating news articles. They have not actually aired on any network or local station -- except in reports about the Democrat's campaign.

    Since Sept. 1, the Kerry camp has released and publicized more than half a dozen commercials, on subjects ranging from taxes to health care to the war in Iraq, without buying time for them, either nationally or in battleground states. Others have run in only one or two markets after being unveiled with considerable fanfare. In effect, these have been video news releases purporting to be substantial paid advertising.

    Do you see how they do? These ads get lots of airplay on the news talk shows, as if they are being used to influence lots of people somewhere, and the news shows are only showing you what everyone else is seeing when they sit down to watch TV. They show you the ad, and they don't tell you that THE ONLY PLACE THIS AD IS AIRING IS ON TV NEWS SHOWS!! The Kerry campaign is now...actually I should say seeming to misinform the press, who is in the business of reporting and talking about ads that are being played around the country, so that their affects can be discussed and not to get the Kerry Message out, to get the Kerry Message out.

    Now what the hell am I supposed to think about that? It's all well and good to make ads you never air, focus group them and even put them on the internet at johnkerry.com if you like. But announcing them as time buys in markets...I'm not so sure. The announcement creates the buzz, which has no basis in reality except the fiat of the announcement, and the buzz then focuses on the ad which shows nowhere lest the buzz has taken it to be shown. Kind of like Hollywood. Clever, but fake.

    You might not hear about it from the news reporters that have been eating this up but that's because they are either embarrassed that they've been hoodwinked or...well let's not call them liars, because it looks like they've been lied to here. Tad Devine says they certainly aren't trying to be disingenuous, for what it's worth. Call them dupes. Hopefully they will see it for the trick it is and report it so you can decide if you like the game being played like that. Or more specifically, if YOU like being played like that.

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