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    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    For what it's worth

    Beldar has a question for you if you fit this bill:

    Let's say you're a yellow dog Democrat, a patriot, a thoughtful person for whom the world changed on 9/11. Zell Miller's impassioned rant at the RNC didn't strike any responsive chords for you. You supported the war in Afghanistan and you're cautiously optimistic at having seen the successful elections that just took place there. You don't like the Republican positions on social issues, but you do recognize that this election is, and ought to be, first and foremost about foreign policy and domestic security issues. You aren't an appeaser; you know and appreciate quite a bit of history; you're not reflexively against any and all use of America's military power.

    You're deeply troubled, though, about Iraq; you think it is a big deal that we didn't find stockpiles of WMDs there; and something about George W. Bush just flat rubs you the wrong way. You think all the SwiftVets' stuff is irrelevant ancient history; you think there's not much difference between Kerry misspeaking about the "global test" and Bush misspeaking about the war on terror not being winnable; and besides, you take it as an article of faith that all politicians lie during campaigns

    I like this approach. It might not convince you to vote for Bush, but it is still a good question to be asking yourself before you go and vote.

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    At 6:06 PM, Blogger BuddhaSixFour said...

    I think that's an excellent analysis of the situation Kerry would face, but I don't see that translating into a vote for Bush. Whoever is elected it going to be immediately despised by %47 of the nation anyways, so its a wash.

    I think a two year outlook is the only way to make a deicison. Irrefutable forward progress in Iraq will do a lot to silence the "peace-at-any-cost" crowd and the "victory over terror at any cost" crowds simultaneously, regardless of which candidate does it when elected.

    I'd hope that either of them would recognize that progress and proper methodology are how you silence fringes, by reduction of their viewpoint to absurdity, not by caving into their political pressure or worrying too much about their short-term reactions.

    I'll put some more detailed thoughts up later, because there is definately some good discussion here.

    M@ - Thanks for your link to Observiant... much obliged, sir.

    At 8:54 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    Thanks for commenting :)

    I agree that it won't translate directly in to a Bush vote. I think I have tried more to convince people that a vote for Kerry is a bad choice in lieu of espousing the view that everyone should vote for Bush, because of the knowledge that convincing ABB people to change their votes to Bush was probably too much a paradigm shift to expect my limited powers of persuasion to effect in someone.

    I think Kerry is a bad choice separately from my idea that Bush is a good vote, and I think it is a true proposition if considered on its own merits, without making a value judgement relative to the other candidate. The equal validity of any arguments made in the other case, that Bush does not deserve a vote on his own merits and without comparing that to the good or badness of a Kerry vote, is something I wholeheartedly think exists as well.

    I think though, that Bush will lose less people to the comparison, ie people that decide that neither candidate is worth voting for, and so neither candidate gets the vote in the end, than will Kerry. I may be wrong, and I have no idea what real effect if any this type of shift will have on the outcome of the election.

    For that prediction, I think you need to examine the legal ground games that are in place for post-election. I am not qualified to predict the outcome of that struggle either :D



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