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    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Curse of the Bambino curse lifted, no thanks to Kerry

    So, after a bunch of campaign jokes made by John Kerry, even a crack about the impossibility of the Sox winning the World Series in the debates, the Boston Red Sox won it all. So nyah nyah John Kerry. I realize that maybe that's the typical Red Sox Fan pessimism, but it always seemed to me like Kerry was betting against his own team. I mean, do you think the coach was in the lockerroom giving a Kerry-like speech(Go out and try hard, men but it's a pointless struggle. We shouldn't have come here, because we're just going to lose and it costs a lot of money besides) or a Bush speech(Go out there and fight to win, and if we play hard and believe in victory, we've got a *real* chance! NOW LET'S ROLL!)? Seriously. Think about it...which kind of fan helped the Sox more? The Kerry fan(Sox always lose, I'm not getting my hopes up) or the Bush fan(We can DO it this time! Come on, PLAY BALL!)

    Someone I watched on C-span, and I forget who, made a point that the biggest job of the president is to inspire people. A good leader, he reminded me, makes other leaders. The difference between the two mindsets is a huge one. Kerry never believed they'd win and said so on many occasions. In the same spot, Bush may have had his doubts but he'd have kept them to himself, because pessimism is as catching as optimism is. That's what I think.

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    At 3:00 PM, Blogger Doug Halsted said...

    You got that exactly right. An organization takes it's cues from the leader. You can see this in any organization. The Clinton administration bred scandals all the time. The Bush administration works hard and does what's right for America before considering what would be popular. That's leadership. And that's the kind of leadership Kerry can't offer.


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