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    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    Croneyism in the grassroots

    The Perfesser just told me a great story...

    He's recently gotten a couple funny T-shirts from cafepress. One that has a picture of Dick Cheney with the blunt caption "Go Fuck Yourself" emblazoned across the front, and one that has a large Kerry For President and a small (of France) underneath.

    The Cheney shirt is a bit more in-your-face offensive and so hasn't gotten as much public wear, of course. It's a great shirt, but unless you're in the right company it really takes a guy looking to stir up trouble to wear it.

    The Kerry for President (of France) has been good for sucking in a few liberals who don't realize it's a gag until they get close. By then they've already got the "you're one of us" smile on their face. The Perfesser says that watching the smile fade is priceless.

    Anyway, today The Perfesser was on line at the local Chipotle, and the guy helping him laughed at the shirt while fixin' up the burrito. Then he asked if The Perfesser was a Democrat or a Republican.

    "Proud to be Republican," The Perfesser replied.

    "In that case, it's free," came the answer.

    Of course, The Perfesser had his money ready and assumed that this sort of thing is against company regs. So he tried to insist on paying, but the guy would have none of it. Ha!

    The moral of the story is that it pays to advertise, I guess.

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