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    Monday, October 25, 2004

    Bright and early, a scoop of Marsupials

    I woke up pretty early this morning(after going to bed on accident) and tried to find inspiration. I didn't outsource the job to Afghan Warlords or anything, but it still could not be found. So I'm using Coffee. For the record, Maxwell House instant singles(why did it take so long for the imperialist hegemony of coffee to move in to the pacifist teabag's territory anyway?) are not as good as the ones Folgers makes. Neither are as good as coffee you made yourself.

    So while I'm working on inspiration which I actually need for other things, like e-mail and a recently hatched plan to escape the gravity of my apartment, I went a little lower in the TTLB ecosystem to grab some blogs that are at least as good as mine. I tried to keep ideology *mostly* out of my choices.

    Marauding Marsupials, to be exact. I don't know any of these people, but I liked their blog for whatever reason and I found them on the tier below the Large Mammals. The fact that I'm a Large Mammal might ruin your objectivity about how great Large Mammals are but this is exactly my point. I'm an underdeserving blog trying to apply 'trickle down' blogonomics to the deserving lower classes, right? Ok. If that didn't sound backhandedly elitist I'm glad. If it did, let's just leave it there because I can only dig a deeper hole by trying to explain that this is a mere whimsy born of boredom/curiosity. The chief thing I am learning is this: I need a better banner at the very least.

    Go check these people out. If you got here by wandering aimlessly, pick one at random and click on it. Trust me, this is the Dirk Gently Holistic Weblog method. Pick a blog that looks like it knows where it's going and follow it.

  • Sharp As A Marble

  • Loose Coins - Whatever turns up between the couch cushions of my head

  • Cranky Neocon - Your Conservative Funhouse

  • This Fish Needs A Bicycle

  • Dispassionate Liberalism

  • HalfGeek.net

  • American Samizdat

  • Ok that's it for now. I will probably end up linking to at least one or two of these blogs for a specific story in the future, but that's just stating odds. I will also be back later today to post a few specific opinions on today's news, and hopefully some decent links to some rumors on the internets that you hear so much about.

    ***I just wanted to say about the above post: Blogger started playing the wrong entry, so I thought I would just do a short, goofy dance for you and then leave the stage.

    posted by M@ at 3:12 AM   1 comments links to this post


    At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ahh, stay away from that Sharp as a Marble guy. Talks funny. Types with a fake Sweedish accent. Argues with invisible friends.

    Sharp as a Marble.


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