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    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    The alienate your base gambit

    That hunting photo-op in Ohio? Sen-uh-dur Kerry traipsing through the woods, having killed his duck(with a gun, even), and on his way to profess his Catholic faith (which he promises both guides him daily yet won't in any way be involved in his presidenting, but rest assured it is a deep, abiding faith, honest)had a press pool that was supposed to be a willing participant in the fooling of the people. Drudge was kind enough to post some impressions by an unnamed pool reporter.

    I'm thinking these guys in the press pool learned a lot from Jon Stewart and others-not only do they think for themselves, they seem to want to help us do the same. No crying about how it's hurting America...no mental calculus of whether this fake event is equal to or less than the amount of spin the Bush camp is percieved to be imparting on the conventional wisdom.

    It sounds like there are at least some people noting the duplicity here. It's a funny read, the pool reports. Go read them all... I'm sure it played well in some places, when it was reported by a member of the press willing to suspend his(and by extension, subverting yours) disbelief, but these are funny and seem to be based more on the idea that the press should report independent of the every intention of the campaign. Take a look:

    Anyway, we realized we weren't going to see any bloodshed. Patsy flipped open her phone, dialed up Loftus and valiantly expressed the communal outrage. Rapid response went into full swing. He said we weren't included in actual hunt because the AP would object to it for some reason. Not true, said Nedra, who sat beside her. Precedent, he said. Patsy reeled off the stats from every presidential campaign hunt since Reagan. "I mean, he's going out into the woods with men who have guns. We should have someone there," she reasoned. He split hairs. Patsy explained to Loftus that your pooler very much wanted to go hunting with the next leader of the free world. But for some reason, the thought of a reporter from The Washington Times observing Mr. Kerry revealing who he really is did not sway the campaign.

    A bit editorial to be sure, but simply reporting the facts as seen is a wee bit useless when it's obvious to the most passively skeptical cub reporter that the event exists merely to manufacture the facts seen and reported...Kind of like telling everyone there's this huge ad buy on a controversial new ad(that will never really have aired) so that it gets played on news shows in its entirety in segments about the affects of an ad in markets(that it never played in, except now it's riding for free in the biggest and best market-national news). At least it's funny. Observe the most popular bet in the "would he bag one or not?" press pool...uh pool, I guess you'd call it:

    HE WOULD, BUT IT ISN'T A DUCK: This theory developed into the most desirous. He returns victorious, but with Osama bin Laden, who had been hiding out in the backside of the farm. Turns out that immediately after President Bush outsourced the capturing of him in Tora Bora to the Afghan warlords, Mr. Bin Laden climbed into a container of poppy gum and arrived through a port in Newark. The container, of course, went uninspected. With so few police officers on the street, Mr. Bin Laden had no problem wandering America unmolested.

    Ultimately, we'll just have to wait to find out. But one thing is clear: we'll never know for certain if Mr. Kerry can shoot a bird in flight.

    Heh, like I say. Go read the whole thing for a laugh. Like Rush Limbaugh has said...if he has to go out and prove he is Catholic and a gun owning hunter...there MUST be some question about it. This is akin to Bush going out with a sign and protesting in front of the White House to prove he is for Freedom of Speech, isn't it?

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