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    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    ah HA!

    m@ has been a fan of ann coulter for some time now. i've often heard him praising her. for some reason, i've always pictured some matronly woman like dear abby or ann landers. i mean, not that she's timid or anything. she seems like a woman who has been around. (and maybe she has, hey?) she seems seasoned. rough around the edges. i pictured some white-haired woman with more wrinkles than skin, hunched over her desk and puffing away on a virginia slim; slamming away at the big bully liberals. i didn't really put much thought into it other than the fact that i liked the way she wrote, okay? whether i agreed with what she had to say or not. i had never actually *seen* her.

    but then today i happened to stumble across a picture of her and lights started coming on everywhere.

    she's HOT! no WONDER he likes her.

    dammit all. she's hot and she writes well. she must die. she must be killed in a violent and painful way until hell won't have it.

    thank you. that is all.

    posted by kimberley at 2:56 PM   1 comments links to this post


    At 4:59 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    Ha! If nothing else, I am very glad I haven't spent much time praising William Bennett...



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