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    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    MEMRI offers a slightly different translation

    MEMRI.org has done its own translation of the OBL tape released yesterday and found a subtle mistranslation that has been accepted by us here in the West. Go check it out, it is interesting to note the change and its meaning...

    When he [Osama Bin Laden] said, 'Every state will be determining its own security, and will be responsible for its choice,' it means that any U.S. state that will choose to vote for the white thug Bush as president has chosen to fight us, and we will consider it our enemy, and any state that will vote against Bush has chosen to make peace with us, and we will not characterize it as an enemy. By this characterization, Sheikh Osama wants to drive a wedge in the American body, to weaken it, and he wants to divide the American people itself between enemies of Islam and the Muslims, and those who fight for us, so that he doesn't treat all American people as if they're the same. This letter will have great implications inside the American society, part of which are connected to the American elections, and part of which are connected to what will come after the elections."(3)

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    NYT finds Nick Nolte's blog

    Nick Nolte caused a big stir back when he got arrested for driving under the influence. No, not the gossip pages. The stir was in the blogosphere, when people found a weblog supposedly written by Nolte which chronicled, among other things, a stint in rehab. Of course, it was both hilarious and a hoax. Greg.org, who started it all, has a bit on the subject here. Now the NYT takes a look at the phenomenon of fake celebrity blogs and focuses on this one.

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    SNL does OBL

    I was slipping in and out of consciousness last night during Saturday Night Live, but the parts I caught were pretty funny. Watcher of Weasels has transcribed the cold opening, which I thought was pretty funny:

    For a time, I feared that I would not be eligible to vote in this election. But recently, praise Allah, I was tracked down by two volunteers from the Kerry campaign. They signed me up, and apparently, I am now registered in Cincinatti. Since then, I have tried hard to follow the campaign, and to study both the candidates, and the issues. This has often been frustrating, as I am constantly moving from cave to cave here in the mountains of northwestern Pakistan, and thus have very little contact with the outside world. The only person I see regularly is Michael Moore. And frankly, I'm not sure I can believe half of what he tells me. So, I am not as well-informed a voter as I would like.

    I noticed the same thing he did about the audience reactions to the best lines. There was a crack about Bush early on that got laughter and applause, and two jabs at the Kerry campaign that seemed to get even more. The Teresa Heinz Kerry joke went over *really* well.

    On the whole, if you ask my opinion, I don't see much difference between the two candidates, although, and I will probably get in trouble for saying this, I cannot stand Teresa Heinz Kerry. She is awful. Just awful. Our religion forbids us to strike a woman, although I admit, I do it all the time, and I know I shouldn't. But if she were my wife, with Allah as my witness, I would not stop beating her.

    They also did another sketch from behind the scenes of the Kerry campaign with Clinton again overshadowing the lackluster Kerry, but I was having trouble concentrating by then. I also seem to remember a Robert Smigel cartoon that was political but I can't for the life of me remember anything about it. I was trying to stay focused but I had woken up to see the show purely by chance really.

    The other thing I saw was that SNL was playing on last week's lip-syncing debacle with Ashlee Simpson. The cold opening got some good laughs with OBL cracking on it, and Kate Winslet's monologue was a demonstration of how to do a live song-and-dance number(the song was about picking yourself up and starting over again while she tap danced and sung). Weekend Update brought Horatio Sanz out as Elton John to parody "Tiny Dancer" which tore Ashlee up for blaming the mistake on her band and acid reflux, and that's about all I can really remember. If I had been more awake I might have found there was less to laugh at than I think, but those were the highlights I saw...I mostly tuned Eminem out, but he sang his anti-Bush screed "Mosh" and I couldn't tell if he was lip-syncing or not. At some point I realized that I was using up my extra hour of sleeping time and the next thing I know it was morning. This one will probably make it in to the end of season reruns...

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    Saturday, October 30, 2004

    Orson Scott Card already said it

    Here's something from two weeks ago that I missed...it's opinionated, but openly so and still a valid view of things. I happen to agree with it, and it's the least angry way of saying it that I've come across lately...

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    Fourth Rail fisks Osama

    This is a good fisking of the latest Al Queda tape, which was released 4 days before the election with whatever intent...and apparently in lieu of any pre-election attacks, if anything can be inferred about his ability to do so from that fact...

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    If I eat crow, so should they

    I said in the last post that a lot of us who thought OBL was dead will have to eat crow. Well I see a lot of people doing that, but so far none of the prominent people who insisted that George Bush had the man in some dank cell awaiting his use for political gain in the election. I also haven't heard anyone suggest that this new tape is a Karl Rove plot, and Bin Laden was forced to make and release this after Abu Ghraib-style torture. So...anyone willing to ask Teresa Heinz what she has to say now about the big October Surprise? Since she was so upset about "neanderthal" attacks on her husband, she really should consider saying something like 'I'm sorry I was so eager to believe the worst and say so out loud'.

    And what about all of you? It wasn't just her, there were quite a few Democrats that smugly assured us that come October we would be seeing the capture of OBL with a triumphant Bush taking all the credit for fighting the war on terror. We can argue the point that Bush should have already caught him by now, and my position will be that Kerry might not have even *been* in Tora Bora to try getting OBL in the first place. And since you were superposing your points, ie Clumsy Bush let OBL go/Sneaky Bush has OBL hidden for October Surprise, you're already arguing from a disadvantage with me. We know which one you're forced to take now.

    How many of you smugly commented to people out loud that Bush was merely biding his time until the political profit was going to be high enough? Come on, be honest. I really thought it was safe to assume he was dead, because the argument for it seemed reasonable. I wasn't dead sure, but I did suffer from a few outbursts of out-loud overconfidence in the opinion, this is obvious in hindsight.

    So how about everyone getting in line and saying out loud "I was wrong, Bush didn't have him in his pocket all along."? I'm sure your answer will be "Oh, but he *would* have done that, if he hadn't been so inept and was able to capture the wily outlaw OBL" but then your logical deficit turns in to bankruptcy with me. Why? Because even if your premise were true(and somehow at the same time you believe Kerry is not a political opportunist to at least the same degree) your conclusion is that Kerry could have or would have done a better job of things. What would he have done? Or more devastatingly, now that we know OBL is alive, what more would he do? Come on, what? I somehow suspect he would answer the question himself by attacking what Bush "didn't" do at Tora Bora, because he doesn't. have. an. answer.

    Update: Over at the Corner I see I was wrong again, prominent people are already floating the ubiquitous-no-matter-how-implausible Karl Rove theory:

    Walter Cronkite believes Rove was behind the tape; this from Larry King last night:

    Cronkite: "I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing."

    Posted at 10:41 AM

    I will hold off until I'm sure he wasn't joking or suffering from an undetected aneurysm before insulting Mr. Cronkite's unwillingness to shut up and eat the crow on his plate but I really have to look my rational friends on the left in the eye and once again ask that you please help get your party's head out of its ass. You don't have to proclaim the man a genius or even like it, but a silent vote for Bush behind the curtain would be the right thing to do for some of you. For others it's a Nader vote or a Badnarik vote. Some of you, the right thing to do is just not vote and take your chances that P Diddy will get taken down before he kills you. Maybe you'll still decide to vote for Kerry but make sure you have a clear handle on the reasons why. That's all I'm asking.

    To those who don't really think this stuff through: How many overt acts of absurd/ugly/violent/dishonest/wrong from people on the left do you have to see before you stop believing that Karl Rove would be the first suspect in *anything* you have concluded might be an manipulative PR stunt? Come on, Sherlock! Karl Rove's brilliant strategy is brilliant not because of his deified ability to manipulate, but because it is judo-like, if you want to know what I think. Look at yourselves! You're acting like ninnies. Sorry, but you are. Complete ninnies. You guys and gals need to do a reality check like everyone else and make it thorough. You've let yourselves become as dogmatically Fundamentalist and blind to reality as you accuse Bush and I of being, haven't you? Before ya 'cuse me...take a look atcho sef...'fore ya 'cuse me...

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    Gmail vulnerable to hackers?

    The register has a story about Gmail from Google and a new vulnerability found which makes it easy to break in and read someone's mail:

    Gmail accounts 'wide open to exploit' - report
    By John Leyden
    Published Friday 29th October 2004 16:50 GMT

    Google's high profile webmail service, Gmail, is vulnerable to a security exploit that might allow hackers full access to a user's email account simply by knowing the user name, according to reports.

    The security flaw allows full access to users' accounts, with no need of a password, Israeli news site Nana says . Using a hex-encoded XSS link, the victim's cookie file can be stolen by a hacker, who can later use it to identify himself to Gmail as the original owner of an email account, regardless of whether or not the password is subsequently changed. Following up a tip from an Israeli hacker, journos from the site confirmed the attack and verified the exploit with local security firm Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

    It's unclear whether the hole has been maliciously exploited. Google has been notified of the issue and is reportedly working on a fix. No-one from the company was available to update The Register on the issue at time of going to press. ®

    I trust Google to get this fixed quickly, but the faster the word gets out on this the better, most likely. I don't use Gmail, but somehow I don't think that makes my e-mail any safer from a hacker who knows what the hell a hex-encoded XSS link is. It does make me a little less likely to try out Google's new hard drive search capability...

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    The Belmont Club responds to Bin Laden

    Well, Bin Laden looks like he is still alive. Lots of us were wrong, and have to eat crow now. The clips I've see looked to me like he was sitting while trying to give the impression that he was standing. He looked old. I'm sure the whole media is going to buzz about this, from whether Bush screwed up at Tora Bora to how closely his speech sounds like Kerry's talking points and Michael Moore's college speeches.

    The Belmont Club posted a good bit of the transcript and a comment at the end. The fact that he is trying to influence our election with only a videotape tells me that he doesn't have quite the tactical ability he had over 3 years ago. It's also important to remember that it took 7 years to track down Eric Rudolph(remember him?) and he was hiding in *this* country. I'm confident that we'll get him eventually, and now I'm even more confident he can't do much except hobble from cave to cave planning his next videotape.

    Update: The Truth Laid Bear has a good point which he calls "The Batman Effect" and also runs down commentary by the top bloggers.

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    Friday, October 29, 2004

    more simple diagrams

    IMAO has a funny post up that breaks the election down. (hat tip to Instapundit)

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    Adventures for a Particle Man

    The Particle Adventure is a very good simple explanation of our standard model of particle physics. All the information is presented in the simplest terms possible, and still very extensive. Not a whole lot of math, but the concepts are covered well with some easy to follow pictures. Worth a bookmarking for me...

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    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    Repository of rhetoric

    Here's a good idea, a place that has great American speeches in one place. Americanrhetoric.com is worth a bookmarking, I think. A good reference tool for sure, but I just like to browse. They've got some good sound clips too, and even a good collection of speeches from movies.

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    Regular Read

    If you don't know about James Lileks and his Daily Bleat, you're missing out. His sarcasm is biting, but good naturedly so. The guy writes very very well, and invariably starts out by endearing me to him and his family and then midway through goes on to say simply and eloquently what I often think. And he says it better than I ever could:

    But maybe - just maybe - many people did not want the country to be united if it meant being united behind Bush. He is a much more potent and immediate threat, after all. Who’s heard from Osama lately? Meanwhile Bush is out there every day handling snakes and speaking in tongues and supergluing parapalegics to wheelchairs, because his weird-beard God loves suffering and commands him – via text-messaging, for all we know – to kill them oily rag-heads. I mean, today I was behind a car whose bumpersticker had a picture of Bush with the slogan "American Terrorist." I know that driver was so behind Bush before he failed - in a fundamental way - to convince the driver he was not equivalent to Abu Nidal. Probably because he misprounced "Nuclear." Farking moron.

    It was hard to pick just one little block to showcase here, so go read the whole thing. Then go back every day for more, like I do.

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    Where's Hillary?

    Bill Clinton is out there stumping for Kerry, but where's Hillary? Pat Hynes at Crush Kerry has some interesting stuff to say about that. He's an experienced campaign advisor, with real credentials and real connections. I don't know how high up his sources are that he is quoting, but some interesting sentiments are being expressed by at least some insider Democrat operatives. It's no big secret that Hillary will be a good bet to run strong in '08, but this gives a little bit of detail to the inside story. (Hat tip to KerryHaters)

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    Book Review: Porno - By Irvine Welsh

    I joined the sinister cabal of Blogcritics and posted my first review. I'm posting it here too, since they encourage it and I'm still absorbing the morning news over coffee. Read: Free reason to ping! It's a good idea though, and I'm planning on doing more. So I can only get better right? If you want to review my review, uh...go ahead. Everyone's a critic and it would serve me right anyway. I just realized I said *nothing* about the way the Scottish accents are written in phonetically...That's probably the best part too. Ah well, Yeah, I'll get better at this...

    Porno is the sequel to Trainspotting, the highly acclaimed book(and movie) about a group of drug-addicted schemers in Edinburgh, Scotland. It rejoins the group ten years after the conclusion of Trainspotting and it is quickly clear that while the time has changed everyone, some things never change. While heroin use dominated Trainspotting, cocaine use seems to be the new drug of choice. As before, money is the prime motivator and everyone has different means toward this end.

    The main scheme this time involves Sick Boy's idea to produce a pornographic film. There are twists and turns in the plot that involve other schemes and manipulations of course, and Welsh does a good job of writing each character's actions based on their own self-interest. The interplay of the goals and desires of each character is cleverly written, with each chapter written from the first person perspective of whichever character the chapter focuses on.

    There are new characters brought in and all the old personalities are back. A constant theme is that everyone looks out for themselves first, while trying to balance loyalties and circumstance in order to get the biggest cut from the action. Begbie is back and serves to create tension with his predictably unpredictable rage and violence. Sick Boy is the same egotistic manipulator who conceives of the idea and plays the role of mastermind. Renton is back from Amsterdam, where he fled with the loot at the conclusion of Trainspotting and is a much more subtle manipulator. The lovable Spud is pitiful and mostly well-meaning if a bit vulnerable to the guile of his friends and his addictions. The beautiful Nikki enters as the star of the film, along with Terry the bar owner, both of whom are looking to have fun while scoring easy money. Other minor characters are woven in and affect the plot here and there which adds to the complexity of the story.

    Each character remains true to their personality, with good and bad results. Everyone has specific desires and fears that are at the root of their actions, but these are not always apparent to everyone else. A common idea amongst them is that they are aging, and something must be done soon with their youth before it slips away completely. It is interesting to note that some of the diverse behavior of the individuals boil down to the exact same anxieties. There is a good study of human nature here, with two distinct levels: how we think and feel about things, and how we act on those thoughts and feelings in a group. The interplay of both serves the development well.

    Wanting to belong is as big a motivator as wanting to escape from that which you belong, Welsh seems to be saying. Some characters are wrestling with inclinations towards both, and some don't question such things at all. Through all of this, everyone considers themselves the star of the story it seems, regardless of their actual standing in the plot. The result is that it is hard to fully root for or against any one character. It is easier to root for each to be true to themselves, even when this means the character is not true to anyone else.

    It is hard to pick out just who had the biggest hand in the plot getting to the conclusion. A semi-directed collective of everyone's action plus chance equals the outcome of life, the book seems to say. A nice blending of chance, opportunism and forethought. Even so, the outcome seems natural, almost as if it had to be this way, given the equation.

    The plot is fairly screenplay-ready and ends up tying all the diversity of storylines together pretty well. A third installment is also left open by the conclusion, which is well written but also fairly predictable. The details of the loose-end tying make it worth reading to the end, and by this time the characters are developed enough that the reader is not required to know much about the first installment of the series. While Renton is the main protagonist and Sick Boy is the main antagonist, everyone has enough to like or dislike about them that the reader can choose among their favorites to judge this for themselves.

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    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Curse of the Bambino curse lifted, no thanks to Kerry

    So, after a bunch of campaign jokes made by John Kerry, even a crack about the impossibility of the Sox winning the World Series in the debates, the Boston Red Sox won it all. So nyah nyah John Kerry. I realize that maybe that's the typical Red Sox Fan pessimism, but it always seemed to me like Kerry was betting against his own team. I mean, do you think the coach was in the lockerroom giving a Kerry-like speech(Go out and try hard, men but it's a pointless struggle. We shouldn't have come here, because we're just going to lose and it costs a lot of money besides) or a Bush speech(Go out there and fight to win, and if we play hard and believe in victory, we've got a *real* chance! NOW LET'S ROLL!)? Seriously. Think about it...which kind of fan helped the Sox more? The Kerry fan(Sox always lose, I'm not getting my hopes up) or the Bush fan(We can DO it this time! Come on, PLAY BALL!)

    Someone I watched on C-span, and I forget who, made a point that the biggest job of the president is to inspire people. A good leader, he reminded me, makes other leaders. The difference between the two mindsets is a huge one. Kerry never believed they'd win and said so on many occasions. In the same spot, Bush may have had his doubts but he'd have kept them to himself, because pessimism is as catching as optimism is. That's what I think.

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    Go here instead of listening to CBS/NYT

    Clifford May has posted a harsh column about Bombgate, the latest attempt by the MSM and foreign powers-that-be to derail President Bush's re-election. This story should be disheartening to anyone on the left who actually believes in truth anymore. Are there any of you left? I'm beginning to doubt. Where is all the thuggery and lying coming from? It sure doesn't seem like my side is going out of its way to strongarm things. Nope, I've been paying attention and its you guys. Sorry to paint with a broad brush, but it's the truth. Fake and misleading news stories, violence and vandalism against Republicans, Ted Kennedy...it's out of control. Take your stupid party back, why don't you? I sincerely hope any of the decent Democrats that are left and also happen to stumble in here follow this link. It's one thing to disagree, but this is getting ridiculous.

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    Oh look, Blogger works again...

    I haven't been able to even look at any blogspot blogs until just now, so I'm a-gonna try posting one up. How about some links, people?

    I got this one from Kimber a few days ago, and then my sister sent it to me. Weird, this llama song.

    Some smart sounding stuff about neoconservatism, if just hearing the word doesn't make you tremble in fear. Really, its not that bad a thing. You liked the Matrix right? Neo? The good guy? Has nothing to do with that, but still.

    If you like System Of A Down, you'll probably like this little flash video for it that messes with the lyrics of one of their songs.

    My jack-o-lanterns never turned out looking this good, and I'm not sure if they are real or not. Still neat lookin'...

    Pardon my french, but you're an ahhhhhsshole!

    Here's a list of Republican Celebrities, in case you want to know which ones to boycott/support. (From IMAO)

    There's all kinds of stuff out there. It's backing up too, thanks to the downtime this morning. I'd link to the big news stories, but I don't want to depress anyone.

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    Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

    So my breather involved heading over to a buddy's house and playing the new iteration of Grand Theft Auto. First of all, if you're a parent wondering if your kid should have this game...No. Everything has Eff this and Eff that, N$%$#@! coming at you. The whole premise is 'see how many crimes you can commit'. Second of all, if you are wondering if the game will live up to the hype...Yes.

    The many improvements made to gameplay were impossible to try out in the short time I watched and played. The amount of vehicles and activities available is just incredible. I won't bother giving a detailed review, but go here if you're looking for more info about it. The game is just...wow. The realism and unrealism both blew me away. The hours of fun you could have with this game is incalculable. And it makes the last GTA release look kind of weak, actually.

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    An attempt to disengage

    If you got all upset that Bush let 380 tons of high explosives get loose in Iraq...hang on a minute. The damage from that story(as planned) has probably been done but it's already being debunked. Bush may very well have failed to plan the invasion to your(or my) tastes, but those explosives going missing were NOT his fault.

    Dig a little deeper and you can see that on its face the story is not true. The explosives *did* go missing but, much as the NYT would like you to believe otherwise, the truth of the matter is coming out. NBC was the first to run a corrective story that tells the details NYT didn't publish. Bush didn't really have anything to do with it, and you can easily check this out for yourself. Go ahead, I dare you.

    Blogger finally posted my posts, and I've got more planned. Right now I just want to go on a punching rampage though, and that's not so good for disseminating ideas. Well...it is useful sometimes. Depends on the idea, I guess.

    So I'm taking a break from the world now. There aren't enough fart and booger jokes to lower my blood pressure after I sift through the news of the day, so I'm appealing to a higher level of distraction. I'll be back in a little while to post, but for now you're on your own. I need a breather.

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    For a (maybe) Kerry voter

    It's coming down to the wire. I have been trying not to let my immovable object of low opinion of John Kerry meet the irresistible force of Bush's low approval numbers. I've been trying extra hard not to lob any unreasonable bombs at the left. Especially hard though is trying not to let my partisanship push me in to preaching my view to the more centrist of my friends. It is hardest to hear a centrist friend tell me their vote is most likely going to John "Do You Know Who I AM?" Kerry, as the result of a 'lesser of two evils' calculation.

    I respect my friends who feel this way, and this is how America works. But I can't just sit back and assume these people are properly informed about the man. It's much easier to just let a person keep thinking Bush is a moron who swaggers too much, and Kerry is just a rich senator. It's hard though, because I've gone and picked through all the biased(from both sides) sloganeering(that is designed for the less informed) that has had the result (thanks Jon Stewart) of convincing the uninformed that both sides are equally bad. I can understand if a person doesn't like Bush, but an arbitrary switch to the challenger on the assumption that "How could he be worse?" is just scary to me. It's important to understand that you're not just voting against someone. You're voting for someone with a record in public service long enough to get a clear idea of how the man views the world, despite the short term(and partisan spun) rhetoric being flung at you from both sides. There are measured views out there, and if you read them with a critical eye you will see for yourself.

    Look at this article in the Australian by Stephen Morris. It gives a simple rundown of Kerry's history of foreign policy views. Sure, it expresses opinions and sure it's biased against John Kerry. The thing is, they aren't unreasonable opinions and they aren't irrational biases. If you're still thinking you're going to vote Kerry simply as a default, I hope you will give it an honest look:

    ALTHOUGH George Bush has reopened a slight lead over John Kerry, the outcome of next week's US presidential election is far from certain. What would Kerry's election as president mean? A dangerous time for the West.

    Many have correctly pointed out that Kerry is, for now, proposing an Iraq policy not very different from that of President Bush. Yet there are vital issues other than Iraq. Kerry's 34-year record in public life indicates that he never understood what the Cold War was about and that he does not understand the nature of the US's rogue-state or Islamist terrorist enemies now. Those who see in him a moderate realist replacing the idealists of the Bush administration will be disappointed. For Kerry has a world view that is also idealist, but of a different kind.

    Again, yes I know that Bush is hated and blah blah. But I've studied that man too, and it wasn't just blind partisan reflex that won my support. That certainly influenced my vote too, but I'm talking about *support*. I'm not just voting for the man, he has my support as a leader because of what I've decided about him. I may be totally wrong about him, and wrong about Kerry as well, but I don't think so. Bush would get my 'lesser of two evils' vote, if that's how I was deciding things.

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    As if to illustrate her point...

    Blogger eats it. This is my third post today, and I have yet to see any of them publish. W. T. F. It shows that for all practical purposes everything published and posted fine, except they don't show up on the internets. Pffft. Changes a-comin' and soon blogger will be dead to me. Dead! Meantime, I'm out looking for links and articles. Stupid Blogger. {kick}

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    Clash of the Titan

    The Cassini probe at Saturn is going to make a fly-by of Titan, the largest moon orbiting that planet, in about 10 hours from now. This pass will be the closest ever made, from about 745 miles up. That's pretty close, considering we know next to nothing about this hunk of dirt rolling around up there. Should be a good show, if NASA got the calculations correct. So far it looks like Cassini is a success so a little optimism is not out of order...

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    Monday, October 25, 2004

    Why you don't want to mess with a Hoosier

    They can take bullets in the face and still keep control of their Semi. And that's just the women. The other interesting bit about this article is:

    Holder is the ninth driver since February whose window has exploded on that same stretch of road near Bourbon, Mo. Investigators want to know if the incidents are related.

    Uh, maybe. I'm starting to see a pattern here...

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    Animated short by Don Phillips, Jr.

    Passing Moments is a short animated film you might enjoy if you're the romantic type. Or the lonely type. Or the type that enjoys animation that is so well done you can forget you're watching romantic animation. Maybe you're not though. Fair enough...otherwise you'll watch and you'll sigh as you would at any good art.

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    Because Dan Rather hasn't pulled his own weight

    The best of the Bush conspiracy theories haven't quite drawn the believers you think they should have? Tired of the MSM dropping the ball on "slam-dunk" stories about how vile Bush's plans for America will be on the poor and/or minority citizens? Ok, now there's a way you can tailor-make one for e-mailing to the Daily Kos or Eleanor Clift, or for intimidating early voters at the polls...

    This is a funny idea by Jennifer Bishop Fulwiler...Did you know that:

    George W. Bush caused the Cubs to lose to the Marlins in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series so that Republicans, Ann Coulter, gun owners, and the Jews could conquer Al Franken?

    or that:

    George W. Bush had Michael Jackson arrested so that white men, SUV owners, gun owners, and oil companies could steal from Al Franken?

    Someone should call Al, before they make him look like a fool...

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    Morning in America

    The elder Nawtin tipped me off to KSKY 660 in Dallas online. They let you listen free and their morning line-up blows my local talk radio out of the water.

    Bill Bennett from 5-8am does Morning in America. I watched him this weekend on a talk radio panel at the National Heritage Foundation and was again blown away by his way of stating principles in a simple way. I am a big fan and it's great to find out I can hear him so long as I tear my ass out of bed at 5am. Sigh.

    Laura Ingraham is on right after that, and although we get her here it is a taped broadcast that doesn't play until 10pm so it's all old news by then. I like my talk radio fresh, or at least I like to be unaware that it is not.

    So that's good. I'm glad I don't have to move to Dallas.

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    SNL - Why you should keep watching

    I missed Saturday Night Live last weekend. I was(strangely enough) sleeping. I woke up and the internet told me I missed a good one. I've been able to find nothing about the show except the highlight - the part where Ashlee Simpson showcased both her voice throwing skills and her virtuosity at improv dance. Or, oops. She's not that great a ventriliquist, and without choreography she looks like a boob. So there's already a website that has just about every format of video of the 'incident' before it was cleaned up for the tape-delay west coast show. Enjoy...

    This is the real reason I watch SNL. To catch the live screwups. And that's the beauty of the internet. I never have to miss one again, because someone is watching. But I'm curious to know how the skits went, and if there was anything political. The only joke I've heard(besides the unintentional comedy of Ashlee) is the one from Weekend Update about Kerry going goose hunting, then later telling reporters that the other guys with him had raped, tortured and killed the geese in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan. I'm paraphrasing from a paraphrase so that's not going to be accurate. In any case, no one is talking about them if there were any really great jokes/skits/lines. Too bad...

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    Bright and early, a scoop of Marsupials

    I woke up pretty early this morning(after going to bed on accident) and tried to find inspiration. I didn't outsource the job to Afghan Warlords or anything, but it still could not be found. So I'm using Coffee. For the record, Maxwell House instant singles(why did it take so long for the imperialist hegemony of coffee to move in to the pacifist teabag's territory anyway?) are not as good as the ones Folgers makes. Neither are as good as coffee you made yourself.

    So while I'm working on inspiration which I actually need for other things, like e-mail and a recently hatched plan to escape the gravity of my apartment, I went a little lower in the TTLB ecosystem to grab some blogs that are at least as good as mine. I tried to keep ideology *mostly* out of my choices.

    Marauding Marsupials, to be exact. I don't know any of these people, but I liked their blog for whatever reason and I found them on the tier below the Large Mammals. The fact that I'm a Large Mammal might ruin your objectivity about how great Large Mammals are but this is exactly my point. I'm an underdeserving blog trying to apply 'trickle down' blogonomics to the deserving lower classes, right? Ok. If that didn't sound backhandedly elitist I'm glad. If it did, let's just leave it there because I can only dig a deeper hole by trying to explain that this is a mere whimsy born of boredom/curiosity. The chief thing I am learning is this: I need a better banner at the very least.

    Go check these people out. If you got here by wandering aimlessly, pick one at random and click on it. Trust me, this is the Dirk Gently Holistic Weblog method. Pick a blog that looks like it knows where it's going and follow it.

  • Sharp As A Marble

  • Loose Coins - Whatever turns up between the couch cushions of my head

  • Cranky Neocon - Your Conservative Funhouse

  • This Fish Needs A Bicycle

  • Dispassionate Liberalism

  • HalfGeek.net

  • American Samizdat

  • Ok that's it for now. I will probably end up linking to at least one or two of these blogs for a specific story in the future, but that's just stating odds. I will also be back later today to post a few specific opinions on today's news, and hopefully some decent links to some rumors on the internets that you hear so much about.

    ***I just wanted to say about the above post: Blogger started playing the wrong entry, so I thought I would just do a short, goofy dance for you and then leave the stage.

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    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    Juan Pablo Montoya wins in Brazil!

    Go Zorro! Juan Pablo Montoya finally won a GP this season, in the last race of the season. Brazil was also his last race with the Williams team, and next year he will be racing alongside Kimi Raikkonen in a Mclaren. Kimi was just behind Juan for 2nd plance, and that is a good sign. A great way to end it too, because in 2001(his rookie year in F1) he should have won. That year he was crashed out by Jos Verstappen, and since then just hadn't been able to seal the deal in Brazil. For such a lackluster BMW Williams season, this was a good little pick-me-up of hope.

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Juan Pablo in the middle of Kimi(2nd) and Rubens(3rd)

    And the KC Chiefs put in a great effort against Atlanta today and routed them 56-10, making it a good day for testosterone and I. If they can play like that the rest of the season they might not have to rely on their kicking anymore...

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    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    Righting wrongs where I find them

    Below are blogs that I found ranked below me in the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. I figure an informal alliance of proximity is a good off-the-cuff experiment to try for no reason at all except I can. I picked blogs with good titles and went there to make sure it was a current blog. I looked at more blogs than I'm listing, mostly because wanted to only link to good blogs that might deserve to be ranked above me. I'm just fooling around with an idea, so there's no particular standard for the blogs I chose except that I found them by scrolling down. I tried not to be particular about ideology and choose by nonspecific appeal, but hey we're all biased somehow. This isn't science, this is Saturday.

  • Intellectual Intercourse

  • Spatula City bbs - Ready. Willing. Unstable.

  • The Cheese Stands Alone

  • Semi-intelligent Thoughts - Dissent is healthy;Stupidity is deadly

  • Heretical Ideas - Challenging the Orthodoxy!

  • NotGeniuses.com

  • A blog doesn't need a clever name

  • Note-it Posts

  • Just a first impression scoop from me to the bottom of the Large Mammals with which I cohabitate but had never visited before that I could recall. Go check 'em out if you're looking around anyway, right? Right.

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    The use and misuse of voices

    Archie Drury is a filmmaker who went to Iraq with 150 cameras and came back with a documentary that looks really interesting called Voices of Iraq. He was on C-span with clips and he took calls about it. The film is meant to be many views of Iraq in the words of many diverse Iraqis, and has no political opinion. It does espouse the view that the US military effort in Iraq was good for the Iraqi people.

    It was a very interesting discussion and he was respectful of all dissent while maintaining that his film was not to espouse a political view, but to show the humanity of the Iraqi people and let their voices be heard, whatever their opinion. I really came away from this with a great respect for Archie Drury.

    And to change the subject completely, there's a 5 pager on how protesting can really screw things up for people here. An interesting point of view here with some startling examples of just what happens in real life when people mobilize against something they don't understand. I don't know a thing about the author, Sebastian Mallaby but he makes some solid points. Here's what the article says:

    Sebastian Mallaby is a columnist and editorial writer for the Washington Post. This article is adapted from The World’s Banker: A Story of Failed States, Financial Crises, and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations (New York: Penguin Press, 2004).

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    Credit where credit is due

    A blog I read regularly got a mention in a Newsmax story, and it occurred to me I never backed the guy up when he originally posted his story. So to further his earned uptick of blogosphere standing, go there and check out this early brewing story. Don't misunderstand, there may be nothing suspicious at all about this line in Teresa Heinz's tax returns that Desert Rat caught and no one else really did...but no one's answering questions about it either. Of course, that was the reason CBS thought the White House was confirming the fake TANG memos, so no jumping to conclusions. I'm just sayin'

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    And his daughter is a thespian, too!

    Beldar has the *real* story about Kerry, and it's all the truth. Go find out the TRUTH about John Kerry and his family before you vote! Heheh this cracked me up, and it reminded me of the old campaign story on which this is surely based.

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    Too Hot for Sinclair - price for their freedom of speech too high

    But you can still see Stolen Honor for free. I'm not saying this is the only view of what went on or the final say on John Kerry's anti-war activities. I will say it is provocative.

    It's supposed to influence you, and you'll probably see it as the polar opposite of Fahrenheit 911 if you consider all opinions to be equally valid. But the stories of the american POWs were enough to get me to watch. These are my heroes in a way John Kerry could never be. These guys deserve a say even if you don't agree with them. These men deserve my eternal gratitude and yours too.

    ESPECIALLY if you disagree with them, because they have dissented in the face of brutal torture. Once you start listening, you might understand. If Michael Moore's dissenting soldier letters touched you...try these "smears" on for size. They'll touch you just the same, maybe more.

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    Friday, October 22, 2004

    Slothmore: Dedicated to doing less

    Yeah yeah, it's funny 'cause it's true. The Slothmore Institute seems to have been made to poke satirical fun at me. I don't take it personally, because it's about time we tried to make things look more official.

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    Heroes for Bush

    The Truth Laid Bear started a Heroes-for-Bush blogburst, and there are some good entries. Lots of good stuff there, especially if you're a copyright lawyer heheh. My favorites so far are Alfred E. Neuman at Protein Wisdom, John Wayne at TheKerryFairy, and Sledge Hammer at ThisBlogIsFullOfCrap. They're all good ideas though, and worth a skim.

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    Interesting Site-seeing

    Examples of panic and some of the things we know about it...Nothing to get too excited about though. Just take a breath and read it slowly, just calm down. Freaking out about it doesn't help anything, it's only panic.

    Howie Kurtz weighs in on Jon Stewart here, Nothing really groundbreaking but good to see him saying these things at least.

    Paul Graham talks about hacks and hacking in a general way, without using 1337speak. That right there makes it worth reading.

    Science Blog has an entry about the recent confirmation of the frame-dragging theory. I was kind of disappointed that the LIGO is just now beginning to make measurements which would have cleared this up. The data was collected in '92 for this conclusion. So, kinda makes you think about what else we've already got in the data, just waiting to be mined...

    And though there is still controversy about whether the world needs more evil clowns or not, since I can't impose my strongly held beliefs on those around me I posted this link.

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    Galley Slaves chimes in on Stewart

    More on why Jon Stewart was out of line from Galley Slaves here, and I agree:

    Why is Stewart getting such fawning treatment for doing what, on the civility scale, is the sort of thing you'd expect from Morton Downey Jr. or Howard Stern? Well, I've got a theory.

    Read the whole thing. It's a succint but astute observation. Good question at the end,too.

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    Tony Kanaan - wins IRL, belongs in Champ Car

    Congratulations, Tony

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Tony Kanaan fools around with the Dallas newspaper that celebrates his IRL championship win , but also shows why he belongs in Champ Car. I wish he hadn't jumped ship. I understand why he did, and congatulations to him for winning. He definitely deserves success and I've been rooting for him personally the whole time, even reluctantly as he chose sides between Champ Car and IRL rather suddenly and after reversing on public statements to do so. Business is business, Ok and fine. I just wish Champ Car had him. He's got one of those personalities that shine through the helmet, and IRL is lucky to have poached him.

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    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    Ya gotta trust somebody

    Chris Suellentrop is a writer for Slate who I have started reading lately. Here's his latest article from him, which is critical of Kerry. That's only part of why I'm linking the article. I agree with Chris here, and the very fact that he is this intellectually honest(relative to my honest assessment of reality, of course.) about Kerry is the real reason. You can find this kind of view of Kerry in other places, and the fact that Suellentrop supports Kerry(last I read) doesn't strengthen or weaken his case here for me. That's the key. In fact, if you read it closely he is actually simplifying Kerry's message to a great degree, which probably helps Kerry. I read it one way, a Kerry supporter reads it another: "Hey! Finally someone who can boil Kerry down to a single line position!" That's key too.

    I want to say something good about him because a)he writes well and b)as far as I know, is at least somewhat center-left or so. I could be wrong and that's a broad label, but he is the kind of guy who I have grown to trust despite this. That's key. My first experience with him was an incident the elder Nawtin brought to my attention about a certain Kerry quote about not being able to decide what to have to eat.

    Nawtin noticed a difference between meanings derived from reading the NYT version of the quote versus reading the more complete, and therefore more contextually accurate, quoting by Suellentrop. Nawtin corresponded with Suellentrop, who was at the event, and we determined that his quote was correct and the NYT had not done a great job of reporting. I did not correspond with Chris myself, but I did get the sense from the email that his sense of integrity was affronted by the suggestion that he would make up a whole clause on a quote like that. I understand that completely. But I think he understands us too.

    We don't know who to trust. We think for ourselves and we'd seen enough of this election cycle's press to not rule out the possibility of someone doing exactly that. Come on, presumed integrity? What kind of idiots do these guys think we are, right? We laugh at the Daily Show, after all. I didn't know Chris Suellentrop from a snake-oil salesman. Well, so he buttressed his credibility by writing back, and also by being correct. Advantage Chris. And because he apparently does have integrity, continued to write provocative pieces that I could agree with or disagree with, but were well-written and even-handed at the same time. Advantage Chris.

    That he's willing to criticize his own candidate(with the truth, mind you) means that I should be willing to listen to his criticism of Bush with a more open(while still critical) ear. Right? Right. I mean, of course I might still disagree with him, but this goes to show that he can be trusted a little more as a first premise when reading him than when reading Paul Krugman or somebody else who requires immediate Fisking after reading. He has been steadily building his credibility with me, and that means something.

    Not that I trust him to vote for Bush because he criticized Kerry once. Not that I trust him to say nice things about Bush(though if there are nice things to say, I trust him more to do that as well) but to say TRUE things about Bush whether he is being critical or nice and the same with Kerry. See? That's all we ask. I don't expect him to have to say nice things about Bush, because he shouldn't have to think there is anything nice about the man. I think similar thoughts about Kerry. Fair enough. But man, we gotta stick to truth being the first rule. The truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothin' but the truth. Well done, Chris Suellentrop.

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    Another scoop of internet

    Online Pirating is getting bigger, apparently.

    Fat Willie, not to be confused with One-Eyed Willie, gets the booty and shares like a good pirate should.

    Here's a game where the object is to spot the booty without being spotted. Uh...Ahey!

    The Wiki entry on the answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything. 42, of course. Now for figuring out the question...Don't panic!

    And since that last one didn't have anything to do with pirates, I should probably stop now. I can't find any pie-rating sites. No ratemypie.com or anything. Avast me hearties...ye landline lubbers don't know what yer missin' Arrrr. Yeah, talk like a pirate day was last month, I know.

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    The alienate your base gambit

    That hunting photo-op in Ohio? Sen-uh-dur Kerry traipsing through the woods, having killed his duck(with a gun, even), and on his way to profess his Catholic faith (which he promises both guides him daily yet won't in any way be involved in his presidenting, but rest assured it is a deep, abiding faith, honest)had a press pool that was supposed to be a willing participant in the fooling of the people. Drudge was kind enough to post some impressions by an unnamed pool reporter.

    I'm thinking these guys in the press pool learned a lot from Jon Stewart and others-not only do they think for themselves, they seem to want to help us do the same. No crying about how it's hurting America...no mental calculus of whether this fake event is equal to or less than the amount of spin the Bush camp is percieved to be imparting on the conventional wisdom.

    It sounds like there are at least some people noting the duplicity here. It's a funny read, the pool reports. Go read them all... I'm sure it played well in some places, when it was reported by a member of the press willing to suspend his(and by extension, subverting yours) disbelief, but these are funny and seem to be based more on the idea that the press should report independent of the every intention of the campaign. Take a look:

    Anyway, we realized we weren't going to see any bloodshed. Patsy flipped open her phone, dialed up Loftus and valiantly expressed the communal outrage. Rapid response went into full swing. He said we weren't included in actual hunt because the AP would object to it for some reason. Not true, said Nedra, who sat beside her. Precedent, he said. Patsy reeled off the stats from every presidential campaign hunt since Reagan. "I mean, he's going out into the woods with men who have guns. We should have someone there," she reasoned. He split hairs. Patsy explained to Loftus that your pooler very much wanted to go hunting with the next leader of the free world. But for some reason, the thought of a reporter from The Washington Times observing Mr. Kerry revealing who he really is did not sway the campaign.

    A bit editorial to be sure, but simply reporting the facts as seen is a wee bit useless when it's obvious to the most passively skeptical cub reporter that the event exists merely to manufacture the facts seen and reported...Kind of like telling everyone there's this huge ad buy on a controversial new ad(that will never really have aired) so that it gets played on news shows in its entirety in segments about the affects of an ad in markets(that it never played in, except now it's riding for free in the biggest and best market-national news). At least it's funny. Observe the most popular bet in the "would he bag one or not?" press pool...uh pool, I guess you'd call it:

    HE WOULD, BUT IT ISN'T A DUCK: This theory developed into the most desirous. He returns victorious, but with Osama bin Laden, who had been hiding out in the backside of the farm. Turns out that immediately after President Bush outsourced the capturing of him in Tora Bora to the Afghan warlords, Mr. Bin Laden climbed into a container of poppy gum and arrived through a port in Newark. The container, of course, went uninspected. With so few police officers on the street, Mr. Bin Laden had no problem wandering America unmolested.

    Ultimately, we'll just have to wait to find out. But one thing is clear: we'll never know for certain if Mr. Kerry can shoot a bird in flight.

    Heh, like I say. Go read the whole thing for a laugh. Like Rush Limbaugh has said...if he has to go out and prove he is Catholic and a gun owning hunter...there MUST be some question about it. This is akin to Bush going out with a sign and protesting in front of the White House to prove he is for Freedom of Speech, isn't it?

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    Gee, will you hear this one from the MSM?

    Hugh Hewitt, a very pro-Bush blogger and radio talk show host pointed me to this article by Howie Kurtz in the Washington Post which shows just how the game is being played by the party that never stops claiming that Republicans are evil manipulators of reality while Democrats are always honest and fair:

    John F. Kerry's strategists pride themselves on the sheer speed of their advertising effort as they churn out one response after another to President Bush's attack spots.

    Now it turns out that some of the Kerry commercials are being written, edited, produced and put on satellites for the purpose of generating news articles. They have not actually aired on any network or local station -- except in reports about the Democrat's campaign.

    Since Sept. 1, the Kerry camp has released and publicized more than half a dozen commercials, on subjects ranging from taxes to health care to the war in Iraq, without buying time for them, either nationally or in battleground states. Others have run in only one or two markets after being unveiled with considerable fanfare. In effect, these have been video news releases purporting to be substantial paid advertising.

    Do you see how they do? These ads get lots of airplay on the news talk shows, as if they are being used to influence lots of people somewhere, and the news shows are only showing you what everyone else is seeing when they sit down to watch TV. They show you the ad, and they don't tell you that THE ONLY PLACE THIS AD IS AIRING IS ON TV NEWS SHOWS!! The Kerry campaign is now...actually I should say seeming to misinform the press, who is in the business of reporting and talking about ads that are being played around the country, so that their affects can be discussed and not to get the Kerry Message out, to get the Kerry Message out.

    Now what the hell am I supposed to think about that? It's all well and good to make ads you never air, focus group them and even put them on the internet at johnkerry.com if you like. But announcing them as time buys in markets...I'm not so sure. The announcement creates the buzz, which has no basis in reality except the fiat of the announcement, and the buzz then focuses on the ad which shows nowhere lest the buzz has taken it to be shown. Kind of like Hollywood. Clever, but fake.

    You might not hear about it from the news reporters that have been eating this up but that's because they are either embarrassed that they've been hoodwinked or...well let's not call them liars, because it looks like they've been lied to here. Tad Devine says they certainly aren't trying to be disingenuous, for what it's worth. Call them dupes. Hopefully they will see it for the trick it is and report it so you can decide if you like the game being played like that. Or more specifically, if YOU like being played like that.

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    The Daily Show=Crossfire

    Why is it absurd for Jon Stewart to claim that the Daily Show is "just a comedy show"? Because it isn't just a comedy show. I'm not saying that it's supposed to be held to a news show standards of rigorous fact checking or reporting. It's supposed to be funny, and we all get that. But it's It's a Book and Movie selling show, that keeps your attention with comedy about news and politics. Usually this is OK, because when you are only selling books and movies for someone else, it does not highlight all the conflict inherent in the powerful and influential making fun of the powerful and influential for being...powerful and influential.

    I know, I know. The show has to have commercials and Comedy Central can't be run by anything but a large corporation, and that corporation is part of a huge conglomerate of the same corporations that all the news and spin that Jon Stewart makes good jokes about. That's a given, and I'm not ready to call that a bad thing.

    But that's not what I'm talking about, the capitalism of it. I'm for him making a buck from all this. I'm just very aware that whoever is sitting on the couch is selling a)a book, b)a movie/tv show or c)their campaign for office. I am suddenly lost in my argument when I try to nail down why this is worse than Kerry showing up on Leno or Letterman, or Regis. All of them are left leaning too, and I felt the same way about each appearance of Kerry. I don't like him as a politician at all, and even less as a guest on a comedy show. There are other candidates that I've enjoyed and I suppose that doesn't change that the very appearance was slippery in some way. Even so.

    But those other shows aren't based on the premise that all politicians are the same, liars and fakers. Their stance on the news seems to be the same: make fun of it all, or you'll succumb to all the spin!

    Well if spin is bad, what's the couch for? You're telling the god's truth about your movie being an action-packed bundle of good times if you're saying it while sitting on the couch or you don't get on this show? Is that the policy? No, anyone from any one of the many companies selling something, as well as the person sitting on the couch, who is their to sell it, and Jon Stewart who is there to help make the salesman look very good because if you like them (and we like you, Jon) then we might think they're ok. And so we know it's all spin, but we think for ourselves just like you taught us to!

    And what we realize is that you can make fun of the news and the newsmakers and the news reporters all you want, but you're still there to sell me a book or a movie or a TV show or a campaign. Leno and Letterman and Regis know this, and that's why they don't show up on another book and campaign selling show, where at least everyone understands that it is meant to be two battling sets of talking points and has the ability to think for themselves, just like the Daily Show warned us to do! Maybe that's why it was so easy for me to become disgusted with John Kerry, who is probably a decent enough guy, maybe flawed but doing what he thinks best when faced with the world.

    Maybe that's it. I'm sick of seeing all the same people who taught me so well...all the writers and the singers and the actors and the movies and the songs and the books and the comedians-most of all the comedians!-...to think for myself, I'm sick of seeing them saying it now but tacking "oh and vote for John Kerry because Bush is evil" on the end of it. Of ALL THE--WTF!

    I'm sick of all these people getting mad that I can see what a sham a lot of it is, but because I DO think for myself, I can look at it and it won't hurt me. And that means I can also see what isn't a sham and that's what has led me to conservatism, among other things. So all these people who claimed it was all a sham and told me to watch out, thank you. I was able to tell that much of what you do is also a huge sham. Please go back to warning people to think for themselves, and making good art about being human beings.

    That's really what it is for me. I don't blame Leno or Letterman for letting me just see for myself. That's valuable. I might not have minded so much about Jon doing that either. But Jay and Dave (Yes, I'm on a first-name basis with all three thanks to my television) don't muddy up the line so much. Maybe if Leno showed up on Crossfire I'd be just as mad when he called Tucker Carlson a dick(yeah, that's exactly what he's saying is wrong with the show!) but Leno was smart enough to quietly release information about his real bias and then make sure he stuck to making fun of absurdity. Well, to me once Stewart showed up on Crossfire to sell his book and started making his celebrity-with-a-cause appeal it was just as annoying to me as it is when someone does that on his show, and it made me remember that he's as big a dick as anyone and what's more if there was ever a guy ripe for the Daily Show's sharp wit...IT IS JOHN KERRY. That's the biggest hit to me.

    It's the kind of thing the old Daily Show would have been the first to point out, and instead seems to want me to believe that Kerry is an exception, and that all the other politicians are lying and absurd fools, but I should Buy John Kerry's Product, sold from the couch. And all the other shows are hurting America, but the Daily show is just a comedy show, and so can't be held to that standard.

    If we hang Crossfire, we must also hang the Daily Show. If The Daily Show is 'just a comedy show', then Crossfire is 'just an opinion show'. That's all I'm sayin'.

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    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    Jon Stewart: still funny, still wrong

    Jon Stewart made a good attempt at going back to being a comedian on monday, and did a good job. He isn't *all* wrong. Crossfire Blows.

    The clip at IFILM though is titled "Jon Stewart Spins his Crossfire Appearance" and that's a good word for it. If someone can't understand what spin is, this is a good example of what it means. Taking your forum and putting your "spin" on the conventional wisdom of the reality of something. We all saw or heard about it, and we all came to independent and diverse opinions on it. Stewart is very funny here, but his view is "spinning" the conventional wisdom of what happened. It wasn't that he wasn't funny on Crossfire. That was one of the biggest clues that he's not content to sit back and make fun of everything anymore. He doesn't quiiite seem to grasp yet the reason that a good bit of the joke is on him.

    I'm not saying he's wrong at any point during this, in fact he is self deprecating in parts and the jokes are zingers. And frankly this is the Stewart that I miss. But I can't unforget that he let the guys he makes fun of with his "fake news" come and hijack the "plug your product" couch. Letting Kerry come on there and helping Kerry "spin" our opinions about him with it was WRONG and it made him complicit in the very thing we look to him to help us point out-namely whats wrong with politics and the world! And when he says that it's adversarial tv and spin, I say he's right.

    So anyway, I laughed. I did, and I felt less mad at Jon for the whole thing. He just needs to understand that conventional wisdom is only bad when it's wrong factually or when it is manipulated. Some spin is necessary to counter that, and vying for a spot in the conventional wisdom by competing ideas is a good thing. We are not all idiots who swallow whole spoonfuls of reality from evil manipulators without even bothering to chew. We like for you to make fun of idiocy, but you don't need to save us from it. Keep being funny, and stop letting politicians use your "product spin" couch. In fact, if you came on and pledged to not let that happen anymore, you could have me back respecting you. But maybe you don't care, because as you say you're selling a book and you've got a show that measures its audience. Money might be the only thing it's about. Oh and entertainment. Well, if so then no more making fun of that.

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    Clifford May says what I've been thinking

    In fact what a lot of us conservatives have been thinking and saying. He makes a good concise case for a little more civility. I keep trying to remind myself that the left is comprised of good people who may or may not be right about any particular thing, but they are generally honest even when wrong. They may honestly think that Bush=Hitler but I honestly disagree. I am not a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a liar, or a bigot and I frankly wouldn't support a man who was. I understand everyone has prejudices about certain things and incomplete information but when they state their opinion, even if they are in charge of the country and end up acting on their opinion, that doesn't allow a presumption of dishonesty.

    Sometimes, people do lie. If there is proof of a lie by the president, or anyone at all really, like a DNA stained dress or something, bring it on. Liars should get caught and have consequences for lying. If it is merely proof that the person was incorrect, then assert that. But stop confusing one with the other, please. It is hurting America just as bad as you think Crossfire does. When someone says something that isn't true, that does NOT automatically make it a lie. Even if you think that the thing *is* a lie, you had better collect your DNA first because otherwise you end up washing out all the valid things you might have to say. Read the whole thing, but this is the gist of it:

    What's more, those on the right could say that Senator Kerry is lying when he says that Gen. Eric Shinseki was fired (he wasn't), that he says he hasn't changed his position on Iraq (of course he has), and that he has a plan to eliminate U.S. dependence on foreign oil (no one does).

    But, for the most part, those on the Right have refrained from such language.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to propose to Scheer and my other friends on the left that they consider opening their minds to the possibility that those who disagree with them have come to their views honestly, that they see the world differently, that they have made alternative judgments based on sincere — if flawed, by the lights of the Left — interpretations of reality.

    It is good and proper for Left and Right to ague about facts and analysis and the policies they suggest. But we can't do that if one side is calling the other side "Liars!" all the time.

    This includes Bush and Kerry, me and you. We're *all* Americans. The Bush campaign sent out an e-mail asking for Republicans to go out and try to get 2 people to vote for Bush on Nov.2. There's nothing wrong with that, and it isn't wrong to try to influence people with your opinion. But maybe it's more important for our side to go out and find two Kerry voters and shake their hand and thank them for being an American. Things are deeply personal to them as much as me and while some of them are clearly over the top(see post below) they are acting on what they think is right. Fair enough, and so am I. Some people will see what Cliff is suggesting as just another cynical ploy, like they see everything I feel is genuine about Bush. But the tension is high and we need to get back to disagreeing intellectually rather than reflexively. That's all I'm saying.

    Play rough, but play fair. Back off as soon as you think someone's getting hurt. Keep laughing, and keep smiling. Respect the truth, and allow for different interpretations of truth. Call anyone you want a buffoon chimpanzee if you think they are one. Make a good joke, and I'll laugh. Jon Stewart is a tool, and he doesn't even know it, if you want to know what I think. But he isn't lying. And neither is Bush, unless you have clear proof. He *might* still be lying sure. And Kerry too. And me, and you.

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    If this guy only knew

    Do you keep hearing stories about people with Bush signs or Bumperstickers getting harrassed or their property vandalized for showing their support?

    The Perfesser sends in some photos of a van he worked on recently as a certified mechanic. There was no vandalism, and no harrassment. The Perfesser fixed the car as per his usual high standards of workmanship, and with a mind for customer service, even saved the guy some money. This is business as usual for The Perfesser, but when he saw the vehicle it was even more important to him to play fair. Friendly, non-partisan words were exchanged about the importance of voting. The Perfesser did not mention that he is an ardent conservative given to ranting about people like this, because he believes in freedom of speech. But still, it was a friendly meeting and the Kerry supporter profited by having The Perfesser as his Auto Surgeon.

    Click on the thumbnails to check this out, as I am certain the driver intended for you to do. Be thankful you aren't having to do this while driving down the road:

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    Again, this man has had his freedom of speech completely respected. The Perfesser watched him drive away with a smile on his face. The Perfesser had a smile too, and with all that smiling going around I thought it would be a good time to share one with you.

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    Tuesday, October 19, 2004


    I'm not linking to the actual story I'm talking about, which is written by Chuck Palahniuk. If you're interested, google it or track it down from one of the links below. It's one of those things I can't give you in good conscience. You have to take the responsibility for deciding to read this yourself. The actual story...I had trouble reading it. I'm going to try to compliment it without recommending that you read it as well, and without really saying what it's about. That said, the meaning of the story was amazingly clear to me, and equally as evocative in many ways. Fair warning on both counts.

    The story has apparently caused people to vomit and faint at live readings(I'm not kidding) and more about that can be found here and here and Chuck's audioblog is here.

    A collection of opinions and comments about the story is here.

    It's strong, strong stuff. I'm serious. I am fairly fearless when it comes to reading. I'll read the most graphic stuff ever if it is well written at the same time. This story might very well be the most graphically disturbing thing I've ever read. It fits the theme of the story to tell you that about three quarters of the way through I had to stop reading and collect myself before going back to finish reading. And when I did, I had to read it in small chunks with only the object of finishing in mind. I had to finish, because I was in the middle of it and it was too late to go back, even though truthfully I did not really feel inclined to keep feeling the way the story was making me feel.

    The way it made me feel was pretty squeamish. It was an amazing piece of writing though, and the intellectual meaning I took from it was perhaps more deeply impressed on me because of the physical reaction it evoked. The fact that it was so graphically disturbing at the same time that it was...resonating personally in its theme was what disturbed me beyond the mere gross-out factor of the writing. This is something Chuck seems to come up against and challenge often in his writing, and here he has raised quite a reaction on both fronts.

    This story made me think about that as much as what it personally meant to me so I will spare you my self-analysis and explore that angle a bit. The idea that in some cases an emotional response(assuming the feeling is felt to the degree that it could affect one's thinking) to writing can improve the comprehension of the meaning contained within the text of the writing.

    And conversely, the idea that in some cases the emotional response can serve to completely impede the efficacy of the meaning intended by the writer to positively influence the reader. I'm sure both cases exist and it's all subjective. I probably heard this idea before, or you have. At least I'm having the decency to plagiarize by memory, and what's more such a faulty memory that I don't recall having read it before. Stay off the drugs, kids. They lead to academic misconduct. Fair warning. The whole thing ended up being a test for me of dispassionately moving beyond the physical reaction in order to critically acquire the meaning contained within, which I don't claim is the best way to do things in every case. Just that it can be done.

    As I said, the story is quite literally a viscerally displeasing thing to read.

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    Derbyshire considers O'reilly

    I don't want to write much about Bill O'Reilly, and John Derbyshire posted a bit to the Corner at NRO that pretty much gives voice to my dispassionate feelings about the whole thing. I prefer to keep all the passionate stuff that the Derb refers to in making his points about the implications to conservatives less important in the scheme of things precisely because I agree with him. It's a valid assessment of some real consequences to conservatism:

    MY BOY BILL [John Derbyshire]
    Jonah, Ramesh: Your insouciance about the prospect of Bill O'Reilly going down in scandal is, I believe, misplaced. You may not like the guy; a lot of conservatives don't like him; any time I have put in a word for O'Reilly on this site I have got a sheaf of e-mails from conservatives telling me at great length why they don't like him.

    Sure, O'Reilly's no movement conservative. Sure, his positions on actual issues are all over the place. Sure, he's way too full of himself. Sure, he thinks the feddle gummint should get into all sorts of things you and I would much rather it keeps out of. Sure, he'd split the difference between Churchill and Hitler in his efforts at "fairness." Sure, sure. Consider the following points, though.

    1. My enemy's enemy is my friend. O'Reilly is a **huge** hate figure for the Left. They loathe the guy. His downfall would be immensely energizing for them. Whatever you think, *they* consider him a conservative.

    2. In war, you take what allies you can get. You're not going to get Edmund Burke hosting on prime-time TV. Heck, you're not going to get William F. Buckley, Jr. This is *TV*. It's junk. If there's a junk-conservative, a sometime-kinda-conservative, a not-quite-our-kind-of-conservative running a popular prime-time TV show, go down on your knees and give thanks. It's more than we can expect. It's more than we had for 50 years.

    3. Conservatives have taken too many of these lifestyle hits. If O'Reilly goes down on a lifestyle charge, it's bad for us, whether you like his program or not.
    Posted at 12:25 PM

    Yeah, there is still the substantive question of whether O'Reilly committed a foul simply by dallying with a subordinate. I don't know all the facts of the case, but it seems that even with all the information,a reasonable case could be made for either. But it's all the same to me really, except for the points the Derb makes here. He's smaaahhhht.

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    People of ze wurl, relaaaaax!

    The Swift Boat Vets. This whole Vietnam thing is strange, and is a lot of food for thought. I've paid plenty of attention to these guys, and it has caused me to do a lot of learning about the whole war from many other sources. The thing is, I'm 29. Wasn't born until the whole thing was over. My parents and their friends are the closest direct link I have to it, and I haven't really talked to any vets personally about how they feel about it. I should, but that kind of seems self serving- "Hey, mind if I reopen old wounds so I can mentally masturbate about something I have no real concept of but plenty of other information on which to make my judgements about the issue?".

    So let me just ramble for a bit...The first real military activity by the US in my lifetime was the first Gulf War. Remember when the troops came home? That's when we were very very careful as a nation to not make one of the same mistake as was made with Vietnam, which was culturally tolerating persecution of soldiers for having fought there. The "support our troops" message was a natural sell, but it was repeated almost ad nauseum. Kind of strange, because I remember wondering "why wouldn't we?". That's what made for the nauseum. I knew about Vietnam, but I didn't see any connection and couldn't figure out why anyone would need to get the word out not to treat these guys like dirt when they came home. Sure, some few people would be against the war no matter what(I'm looking at you, John Kerry) but no one was going to blame the troops right? Well I don't recall that anyone tested that warning and spit on a soldier in an airport in '91.

    OK, so flash forward to now, Gulf War II/Afghanistan/WoT and the "support our troops" message has aged well. It's not a loudly drummed message anymore. Yellow ribbons are common, and there are many organizations dedicated specifically to, well...supporting troops. It's softened because it became a part of the Conventional Wisdom. We will support our troops, because we value them as countrymen. They are separate from the wars they are sent to fight. At the uh...let's call it indoctrination point of this meme, the message was hammered extra hard partly because it was not assured of certainty in the CW right? It had to be hammered home not just to people who were alive for Vietnam and remembered(or had participated, as vets or as vet persecutors) but to people like me, who had no idea of what it was really like.

    Alright, you don't have to stay with me. I'm not smashing atoms here, just making a long-winded observation. When the Swift Boat vets showed up on the election scene back in March, they amplified a part of the Kerry bio that might not have otherwise gotten much attention. I mean, no one was going to pretend it didn't happen of course, but it was going to be sort of vaguely recalled. Small clips of his '71 Senate testimony, video with no sound shown of his protesting as visuals for some pundit's narration which broadly describes the history of the anti-war Kerry. Some casual and superficial discussion of it without really more thought by the news consumer about it beyond the sort of way that people react when they find out Ben Stein was a member of the Nixon administration. Am I wrong? Maybe.

    But the Swiftees caused a lot of people of my generation who only really know that it screwed up some of our family members pretty bad, so much that it was not much discussed around the dinner table, to go find out more about what exactly happened back then. So while the MSM has not given much attention to the Swift Boat vets, a lot of people actually have. The more thorough examination of Kerry's words and deeds during that time makes for a much more interesting conversation about protesting the war, and my question is whether this caused Kerry's bio to run up against the conventional wisdom he helped form in the 90s as a US senator-'support the troops'.

    I'm not saying this is a verifiable thing in polls, but I do wonder how much sense this theory makes. But the conventional wisdom is not just 'support the troops'. That's the slogan. The message, of course, is 'not supporting the troops is wrong'. Subtle difference, I know. My theory is that by extension, the subconscious bias would also then be 'I don't think much of anyone who wouldn't support the troops. That's so obvious'.

    But Kerry was a leader of people who did not support the troops. I am not saying that Kerry doesn't or didn't support the troops. Don't misunderstand. But clearly, lots of people didn't, and VVAW was a big part of that happening whether they orchestrated it or intended it.

    VVAW members probably did support the troops, but they were going around saying that most troops were doing pretty horrible things on a regular basis. They can parse it all they want, but part of their political assault on the war was showing the bad stories they were able to tell were widespread and condoned. So naturally some people were incited to their acts of 'not supporting the troops' by the information championed and eloquently disseminated by Kerry and the other VVAW people. The VVAW was considering the assasination of sitting senators, so they were clearly willing to sacrifice a little for their ends. A few soldiers getting spit on was a small price to pay for ending the evil imperialism of western democracy, right?

    So all these rabid anti-war people are filling the streets of NYC during the Republican convention, the Kerry base I mean, and anyone who is able to find history that doesn't lionize the brave protest of military capitalist hegemony can read about the orginal anti-war crowd(which are much the same crowds). Do the people around my age who go find out more than what the commercials tell them and decide for themselves if Kerry's anti-war actions actually supported the troops(though I am still presuming that he felt in his heart he was supporting the troops), or not, no matter which they decide, still somewhere have a subconscious thought somewhere that says

    'not supporting the troops is wrong'

    Anyone who was alive then is probably better able to judge whether it's fair to associate that amount of blame for troops who didn't get supported after Vietnam. I know this, and I also know that there was a lot- a LOT of other stuff that caused the obviously wrong acts against soldiers by war protesters. And in some ways, those were different times. If for no other reason than that Kerry was a young man then and isn't anymore. Fine. I can understand if you want to say that my theory relies on some sort of chronocentrism(heh I made a word!) but I'm talking about subconscious stuff here, psychocus-pocus type stuff, where the big message of :

    'not supporting the troops is wrong'

    plus the reaction of:

    'I don't think much of anyone who *wouldn't* support the troops'

    is squared by any particular brain with the message they watch Kerry touting from back then:

    'the troops are doing no good over there, and committing all sorts of heinous crimes as well'

    When thinking about the question:

    'Should I vote for Kerry?'

    Alright, I think that stated it confusingly enough. Ought to be enough words up there to scare away all but the most dedicated stalker from reading this, so I'll stop. I had to put it out there though because I keep thinking about it and now I can stop.

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    For what it's worth

    Beldar has a question for you if you fit this bill:

    Let's say you're a yellow dog Democrat, a patriot, a thoughtful person for whom the world changed on 9/11. Zell Miller's impassioned rant at the RNC didn't strike any responsive chords for you. You supported the war in Afghanistan and you're cautiously optimistic at having seen the successful elections that just took place there. You don't like the Republican positions on social issues, but you do recognize that this election is, and ought to be, first and foremost about foreign policy and domestic security issues. You aren't an appeaser; you know and appreciate quite a bit of history; you're not reflexively against any and all use of America's military power.

    You're deeply troubled, though, about Iraq; you think it is a big deal that we didn't find stockpiles of WMDs there; and something about George W. Bush just flat rubs you the wrong way. You think all the SwiftVets' stuff is irrelevant ancient history; you think there's not much difference between Kerry misspeaking about the "global test" and Bush misspeaking about the war on terror not being winnable; and besides, you take it as an article of faith that all politicians lie during campaigns

    I like this approach. It might not convince you to vote for Bush, but it is still a good question to be asking yourself before you go and vote.

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    TV and the internets: a match made in the boardroom

    Buzzmachine posted a good bit about the way the internet is absorbing TV. And, at the same time TV is trying to meld with the internet. He uses the recent on-air spat between Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart as his example. I agree, and think he is correct, but then I've been watching c-span online for a while now. The infrastructure is not in place everywhere but events like this(that draw audiences) will probably help change that.

    Once we can reliably use one machine for both this is going to really kick in to gear but for now these are the kinds of revelations about which he is writing here:

    In old TV, a moment like this came and if you missed it, you missed it. Tough luck. In new TV, you don't need to worry about watching it live -- live is so yesterday -- because thousands of peers will be keeping an eye out for you to let you know what you should watch (we call that metadata now) and they'll record it and distribute it.

    The really stupid thing is that CNN didn't do this themselves: Hey, we had a red-hot segment with tsunami star Jon Stewart strangling our guys with a bow tie; you should watch; here, please, look at this free download because it will promote our bow-tie boy and our brand and our show and give us a little of that Stewart hip heat. That's what CNN should have done. Instead, they'll charge you to deliver a videotape (what's that?) the next day.

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    Kerry runs on his record: A fictional speech by me

    This fake Kerry speech is made from the Factcheck.org article listing Kerry's record in the Senate. I didn't cover his voting record, but there's material there too...

    "My fellow Americans, we all know that I fought as a young man for this country, and I will fight for it as president. But many have asked if I fought for it in the Senate. My friends, this is simply partisan hackery of the worst sort. Smears- Smears!. I have been a distinguished member of the Senate for some 20 years and my record shows it. Labels are useless, I keep saying.

    My colleague and good friend, a Republican by the way, used to call me 'Live Shot'. Heh heh...I can take it. And the reason I can is that I know what he meant. I was like live ammunition, ready to fight for the most important causes of our country. My faith carried me through a war, but my deeds have carried me through the Congress. I have passed 11 bills in the Senate, and one or two have even been signed in to law by a president. Also I claim 24 resolutions that don't carry the force of law, but which I assure you were forceful resolutions that carry the force of the heart and soul of this country, such as S.Res.123: To change the name of the Committee on Small Business to the "Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. And then there was S.Res.216: Honoring Milton D. Stewart for his leadership and service at the Small Business Administration. Ahem. They won't tell you, but I will. If you say that even though I have fought hard for small businesses, what other strong resolutions have I composed? Well I'll just tell you in a list because I plan on continuing my distinguished record on strong rhetoric. Ahem.

    S.Res.144: To encourage the European Community to vote to ban driftnets for all European Community fishing fleets.

    S.Res.133: To make May 21, 1991 “National Land Trust Appreciation Day.

    And many, many others. Twenty others, in fact. And that's not even the 11 real bills, including 7 that became law. They won't count the gold medal and special day we gave posthumously to Jackie Robinson or the one where I made a slight change to an existing program. But it was for small business, so you know that I was fighting for you. I passed these bills, and the Bush campaign won't tell you that. Simply because they didn't become law is no reason to say that is not a great accomplishment by the Senate. Let me just list for you 5 bills that the Bush campaign is willing to credit me with.

    S.791: Authorizes $53 million over four years to provide grants to woman-owned small businesses. Ahem. Notice that this one is not just for small businesses, but for *minority* small businesses. That's important, because the Bush campaign won't point out this accomplishment.

    S.1206: Names a federal building in Waltham, Massachusetts after Frederick C. Murphy, who was killed in action during World War II and awarded (posthumously) the Medal of Honor. Ahem. I don't know if you are aware of the great deeds of my good friend Fred Murphy, but his lesbian daughter has told me that she knows that having her father's name on a building is the people's work. I fought for this country as a young man, and I fought for Republican Fred C. Murphy's gay daughter. If she owns a small business she will be happy I paid my dues in the well of the Senate.

    S.1636: A save-the-dolphins measure aiming “to improve the program to reduce the incidental taking of marine mammals during the course of commercial fishing operations.” Ahem. Whooo among us does not love dolphins? Ahem.

    S.1563: Funding the National Sea Grant College Program, which supports university-based research, public education, and other projects “to promote better understanding, conservation and use of America’s coastal resources.” I have a strong record on protecting the oceans that I grew up with and hold dear. I learned a lot about the ocean in the Navy, fighting for this country in Vietnam, and I live on the coast. I've long been a fighter for the coastlines of this country, which is a big part of my border control plan. If you go to johnkerry.com you'll see.

    And finally, because I think immigration is so important that I am willing to give it attention on an individual level S.423: Granting a visa and admission to the U.S. as a permanent resident to Kil Joon Yu Callahan. And who among us does not love Kil Joon Yu Callahan?

    And I also passed 4 joint resolutions, a true effort of bicameral bipartisanship. I worked with republicans and democrats to arrange for 4 special recognition days. First there was World Population Awareness Week in 1989, and then the second resolution was to renew “World Population Awareness Week” for 1991. That's seven days each but the Bush campaign won't even count it for two, because they don't want you to know my real record. Then there were the two days(which also carried resolutions in the senate which I voted for because of my sense of duty to this great nation), which I dedicated to the Vietnam war, in which I fought for this country.

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10th Anniversary Day. Ahem. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the memorial, which is sort of a constant anniversary itself. Such are the levels of my commitment to our veterans. But that's not all. I also helped pass my own National POW/MIA Recognition Day, because it's important that every event, every memorial to that event, and every citizen involved in that event, or who I personally author a bill to grant citizenship to, or small business owners, or even the coastline, can have their own special day.

    And then there are the many other bills in committee that I authored and voted for, prior to voting against them. The Bush campaign won't tell you about all my votes. I will tell you honestly: when I was there, I voted. I spent a lot of time voting and being on comittees, so perhaps you will remember that if you think that twenty years of service turns on which laws I myself authored. I have voted more times, in committees and on the floor, than the difference in my net worth to the people in this audience, as I can tell from looking around the room. So don't listen to the evil and stupid Bush people, who can only screw up and hide it. They are going to do everything bad that you can possibly imagine and I'm not trying to scare you when I say that. I'm just telling you to beware of their lies and fearmongering, because that's how they do business. Thank you for listening, and I only wish I had gotten a chance to be more clear about my Senate record before this. I'm glad I've given you a chance to get to know me. God bless America."

    The Bush campaign has said that I have only passed 5 laws. They won't tell you the truth. I passed over twice that, as I have said. They also won't tell you how important those laws were. The next thing you'll hear is the right wing spin machine telling you that

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