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    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Why Kerry keeps bringing up Vietnam

    I keep hearing that the Kerry campaign is driven only by Kerry's hubris and their shallow calculations of how to best frame their candidate--war hero, activist. I've made this assumption myself. I keep wondering why the hell it is so obvious to me, but not to them, that this is not a politically expedient way to run things.

    But that's only superficial, I think. Kerry's bio and ability to fool himself for the sake of his ego lends himself well to the calculation, but I bet that no matter *who* got the nomination, we would have been hearing Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam. Why would they calculate this? I didn't really get it until I had read all the stuff about the anti-war movement that I came across while spending so much time researching Kerry. I think looking at Bill Burkett is going to raise questions about who he associates with.

    He associates with much the same crowd as Mr. Kerry did back in the protest days. The people standing with Burkett and making quite overt calls to drastic activism are just brimming with the same kind of whack-a-do that was convincing everyone the U.S. is out to ruin everyone and everything and only grassroots resistance will work. These people are convinced that the Machine must be stopped. Not Bush, but the ideology that opposes theirs. Bush is a focal point at the moment, but it isn't just him and it isn't just Iraq. The sentiment didn't start with Kerry. It started as soon as we decided to respond to 9/11 with a military solution. These people have done a "preponderance of the evidence" on a lot more than just these documents. They start from a first premise of dark and dishonest motives from Republicans and hawks when assembling *any* model of events from which they will draw their conclusions. The evidence does not precede the conclusions, it is explained by them. This makes them dangerous, to some extent. Appropriate responses to situations end up being determined from a highly distorted place of logic. Like when people get together and don't dismiss out of hand the notion that killing senators is a rational option to be considered. And it made CBS staff exploitable as well. These people see it the same way as Kerry. It *is* another Vietnam, and they must stop it.

    How seriously do these people intend to oppose the war? They seem to sound Rather desperate, and convinced. Cutting some corners with the truth might be a means to a higher end. Fake, but accurate. I'm not ruling it out. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with these people here and here, for starters. They were the folks in the streets of New York City during the RNC. They're the Barking Moonbats, but they are organized and serious. Granted some of them are just birkenstock nothings looking for identity, but some of them have military backgrounds too. They are the Scott Camils of today and Scott Camil is back on the scene himself. The Code Pink girls are one thing, but it's not all meaningless protests like that. Some of it is floating forged RNC/SBVT flyers in Florida, some of it is dredging up pics of Bush wearing a ribbon they don't recognize (charge is DOA-debunked on arrival) and some of it might have been forging rumored memos everyone was looking for since '99. I'm just sayin. This election is crucial to them. It is possible this is not the last we will see of these people in the news.

    If Burkett is signing his names to calls for desertion by active soldiers, along with Scott Camil...what other sorts of drastic activism might he be involved in? From his writings and where those writings appear, I do not rule out that he found his identity with these people, and would have personal motive to rationalize passing along forged documents. Did he work alone though? Or, to put the proper conspiratorial spin to this, was he a... patsy? I wouldn't go so far as to claim a broad conspiracy but more a narrow conspiracy that was allowed to become reported as news by near willful suspension of disbelief on the part of the reporters.

    I think he is less and less deserving of the benefit of the doubt. If he will only communicate through his lawyer, the legal process must be initiated in this instance. I think it will be interesting to hear more testimony from Mr. Burkett...

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