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    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Veterans For Peace and Bill Burkett

    I'm sure this has been linked from somewhere else but while hunting down some more info about this Bill Burkett cat I came across this article by the man himself.

    Calpundit has a recent interview with him here, and it kind of reinforces my first impression. He seems like he is a bit of a drama queen.

    Conn, the guy Burkett claims was a witness to the conspiracy, says he knows nothing about it.

    I am not sure I would point my finger at Burkett as the forger, but he seems like a very good possibility as the source that gave the forgeries to CBS. It doesn't make sense that this guy would not be able to recreate the memos accurately. Also, he has been around for a while on record making these accusations and he almost certainly would have forged these memos and brought them out a long time ago. Wouldn't he have? If he *is* the guy that handed them over to CBS, it seems more likely he would have gotten them from somewhere else.

    Hmm, here is an interesting post from a thread about this story from back in '00. I'm not sure what to make of this one, since it looks like Burkett is claiming *not* to have alleged any Bush file scrubbing. He doesn't back all the way off, but this doesn't seem to be quite the story he tells nowadays. Dunno.

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