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    Monday, September 13, 2004

    Suppressing your vote

    Here's something to think about:

    Over the weekend John Kerry was talking to the Black Caucus and I happened to catch most of it on C-span. I can't get enough of this guy and his flailing arms. It's like he is doing an interpretive dance as he speaks. It is downright mesmerizing.

    Anyway, I was distracted from the assorted whirly pointing, artillery pointing and perp thumbing when Kerry started suggesting that the GOP was working to try to reprise their supposedly successful plan to suppress black votes from being counted in Florida and other places.

    I doubt anyone who needs to be convinced of the fact that this notion has been fairly poorly proven and very well discredited will be happy with any link I put here to help assert that, so I'm skipping it. The fact that the alleged vote suppression occurred in Democrat counties under Democrat supervision makes no difference to these people, and this is why Kerry can get away with race baiting in front of an audience who also makes a lot of their hay based on unsubstantiated claims like this. So...

    Why is no one at all concerned that we have solid proof in spades that the Democrats are overtly trying to suppress the votes of at least a million people? "Count every vote!" is the mantra that seems to drown out the poor disenfranchised(by Democrats) people who would like to vote for Ralph Nader. Now, I am not one of these people. But I still agree that every vote should be counted. So why are the Democrats yelling this, even while using resources and the system to make SURE that a vote for Nader will not be possible in your state? It seems unconscionable to take both positions:

    1.The GOP wants to suppress your vote and they are evil! Be afraid of them, because they want to ruin your civil rights! They will do *anything* to re-elect Bush!

    2.Ralph Nader (who probably would be getting at least a million votes if not for the efforts of the duplicitous Dems) should not be allowed on ballots, especially in battleground states that Kerry needs to win!

    What the hell? Point number 1. is poorly supported by facts, and has been refuted over and over again. And point number 2. is easily verified by checking the news that reports this stuff with a straight face and when they report that Republicans are trying to help Nader out it is always noted that their motives are in question. So what if the Republicans want to dilute Kerry's votes with Nader votes? It is the Democrats who use "Count every vote!" as a rallying cry and a fear tactic. Doesn't anyone over there on the left have a problem with this (besides Nader voters, of course)?

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