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    Saturday, September 18, 2004

    Rude awakening for Burkett on the way

    What's the DNC and the Kerry campaign to do about Burkett? The connections between the three are becoming more documented as we speak, and the CW is that Burkett is loony tunes.

    Mr. Van Os, Burkett's lawyer is also well connected. Hmm but Captain's Quarters notes that such an arrangement is perfect because of client attorney privilege even if it seems like a horrible PR move for everyone involved.

    But with one of the possible sources exempt from testifying about his part in it and able to be involved in the defense process (with access to information from the prosecution...) frees up the DNC et all to start smearing Burkett. It's in their best interest to go along with the crazy-as-a-bedbug-with-hives picture of Burkett being painted, isn't it?

    Max Cleland being forthright about having passed Burkett up the ladder and giving him the advice to counterattack is a bit too open for me. He certainly must know the focus will turn to who Burkett contacted. That person is already waiting to tell the first reporter that tracks him down that "Yes, I spoke to Mr. Burkett but something seemed off. He seemed just not quite 'all there', and when we checked his story we decided out of honesty and a sense of decency to let it drop. We hadn't heard from him again until he showed up on CBS."

    Plausible, yes. But considering the "Fortunate Son" campaign they rolled out...and considering they already had commercials ready to run and they all had their buzzwords primed. Terry McAuliff was using the phrase "sugar coated" before the memos were on CBS. So you tell me, doesn't it seem likely that even if it is true that the DNC/Kerry folks passed on it, they surely knew that CBS hadn't. And they surely could have said something about it, in their sense of honesty and fair play. But I don't even give them that much credit. They will be happy to trash Burkett while making sympathetic noises about poor mentally troubled Burkett apparently took leave of his senses long ago and that the DNC can't be blamed for that. Watch. Cleland started the ball on it, and it should only take a day or two to pick up speed.

    When Burkett realizes that Van Os is helping him in order to keep him from screwing up the DNC's plans any more, and that part of the plan is hanging him out to dry...He is going to have some really hurt feelings. It is possible he'll even become a Republican after this. Nahhhhh...Burkett's loyalty is to the people he found identity with-the disgruntled vets-and not the DNC. Not that all this wasn't to help Kerry get elected, but I've read Burkett criticizing Kerry as well. The real goal is Get Bush out, because he is the biggest impediment to getting troops out of Iraq. I'm sayin Burkett didn't work alone. He had help from the DNC/K and CBS, but none of them helped Burkett forge anything. I just don't think Burkett did this alone.

    He says 'we' too many times when alluding to what he is about to unleash on Bush. Indeed, he talks way too much about this shit to everyone who will listen. I have to think he brought other people in on this a long time ago. The details will shed more light on it as they come out, but this is my hunch. This is a small faction of Veterans for Peace or some other crazy anti-war group. That's still my guess and I could still be totally wrong. But just waiting to be told is no fun.

    This is just like a nationwide interactive mystery party. Think about it in those terms I guess. This is a nation raised on Angela Lansbury and CSI and Encyclopedia Brown. I've read the entire Sherlock Holmes. In short:


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