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    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    Oh jeez, not again

    So in Kansas now the big news is that we are trying to kill evolution. Yes, we have some religious people in charge and yes there is a little problem with wacky-assed young earth societies and creationist pseudoscience of Intelligent Design influencing decent Republican folk. But guess what's really happening? This issue is being stirred up long before its time in order to help Democrats win down ballot elections in Kansas. In fact it's got legs as a national story. As a citizen of Kansas I have had the 1999 "evolution ban" story precede me as my reputation to many a chatter from other lands. This is to help keep Democrats in charge of education...

    BlogKC happened to have an entry about it here.

    The Wired article here basically takes the national view, and covers the debate at KU without really describing the local situation. The Lawrence Journal-World article is a bit more honest. It's a weird position for me to be in here, as a secular Republican.

    If you read the LJW article, the school board doesn't even convene until January. There is nothing other than the existence of influence from wacky groups to justify the threat here really. The fact that KU had a debate is merely a pretext by the press to highlight Republicans as dogmatically driven zealots bent on subverting education according to the bible. Well, no not really. But you, as the idiot American, should take away from this that if you vote Republican, your children will be forced to learn that the Universe was created in 6 days, 10,000 years ago. That's just not so, but it gets clicks.

    I find myself just as appalled as you at the idea of science having to talk about the supernatural as premises of their theories. That's fine. But this is all just to make Kris Kobach and other conservatives running with a Christian background the people you fear having power. Your children graduate not able to understand their college professors and they can't seem to throw enough money around to fix *that* problem but everyone freaks right out if the left suggests to the press what they think the Republicans are doing. Well, deal with it if it comes up. The science curriculum review happens routinely and this issue just gets politicized right away, ruining almost all effectiveness.

    Read the whole story and decide for yourself if this is a manufactured wedge storyline or not. I think it almost certainly is, and when this gets hung on Kris Kobach it will be too bad that you don't know what's really going on.

    posted by M@ at 11:56 PM   2 comments links to this post


    At 10:12 PM, Blogger kimberley said...

    don't think i didn't notice the idiot american reference, bub. :|

    At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Heh, yes I planted it there to see if you were paying attention. I disavow any notion that I was saying *you* are that idiot, but our discussion of the song prompted it. :D?



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