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    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Nader Haters want to feed him to Gators

    Well, it looks like Democrats might fail in their bid to keep Nader off the ballots in Florida. Nothing has happened that can't be reversed, but this seems like a prudent move considering there is another giant hurricane on its way. The deadline for putting Nader on the absentee ballots is coming right up and I think it's fair enough to wonder whether the issue could be resolved legally by that deadline.

    The news seems to have no trouble describing the Democrat reaction as "outraged". Why? Oh, that's right it's partisan trickery by the Republicans! Obviously Jeb Bush is singlehandedly going to win this election for his brother again. Yeah, right. Letting people who want to vote for Nader actually vote for Nader in Florida is going to make or break the election. This kind of argument might have worked a few months ago, before anyone got to know Kerry.

    Maybe it would have been better if Kerry had actually picked Nader as his running mate. I know that's a stretch but I can't imagine this kind of thing is convincing all the people who voted Nader last time that a vote for Kerry is any less an act of tossing their vote out the window. And considering the lack of people that jumped on board because of the Edwards pick I don't see how it could have hurt...

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