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    Friday, September 10, 2004

    My wild guess

    Time stamp this, please. 1:15 in the am friday morning and my guess is that CBS is finding out that Scott Camil is behind the forged documents. Updates when I get links to show my dots to connect.

    Update Ok it's too early to go in to why that's my guess as to who the root of this is. I made the guess, we'll see. I'm probably wrong. As I look at it, the dots I connected are plausible but there are plenty of suspects.

    But the fur is flying. The MSM is eating itself. CBS is trying to beat other news organizations to the scoop of why they got duped.

    The DNC already moved to protect Daschle and the rest of the poor souls downwind of the Kerry Campaign. They said "oh yeah, we saw that over 6 weeks ago and said no thanks" check out this article at the American Spectator.

    (they already got burned when they waved that forged flyer from florida--ha-- around on TV--where is scott camil from? oh! florida! i dunno counselor....)

    Then they said presumably this retired military officer (still could be camil) shopped it to Kerry et al and they gave it to CBS hoping it would find legs under their high speed, well oiled investigative journalism team. cough. So if that turns out to be true, which dirty trickster gave it to CBS? I doubt CBS is going to keep this information a secret very long. Why would they protect this source? This is explosively bad for them! If not, why would the DNC be blaming it on Kerry already? KKVT marches right along, people!

    So, I remember seeing Carville wave that fake flyer from Florida around on Crossfire, during its short life. Was it Carville?

    Vallely, who Kerry supposedly brought in recently, is best known for his arrest with Kerry's brother for B&E back during Watergate. Was it Vallely?

    Sasso, the dirty trickster from the Dukakis days? He got fired for dirty politickin' back in the day, but was brought back on labor day (just like this year) to save the campaign from a flailing Susan Estrich, who is on record calling for journalistic jihad. Was it Sasso?

    Ben Barnes, ah quite possibly! Already well inside the CBS story at this point, this could easily be explosive material from his new book that he doctored up himself. He is not a retired military official (his bio here says he became a politician at 21) but he is no stranger to dirty campaigning.

    Who else? Tad2Devine? (thanks, Nawtin) Um, Begala? Um, geez I've lost track. I guess it could have been anyone. It's breaking right and left and I'm getting some popcorn like someone suggested earlier in the day.

    Update's Ugly Baby I forgot to mention John Hurley, who is in Veterans for Kerry (with Scott Camil)and was in VVAW (with Camil). I am not sure of his rank in the campaign if he has one. Checking...

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