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    Friday, September 17, 2004

    Message to Kerry

    I just heard a quote by Kerry from the stump in Michigan. An angry diatribe about losing 1000 guys and there being more terrorists and jihadists in Iraq than there ever were before. My rhetorical response is:

    Good, John. That's the beauty of not fighting the war so hard in Afghanistan. We were already half in Iraq and by beginning to finish what we should have done years ago but didn't because of you and your pals in the Senate and the UN. Iraq is now drawing the very people we want to shoot from places like Afghanistan where they are hard to shoot to Iraq, where they are easier to kill them while we are working to help rebuild. It's a war on terrror, see? Lots of terrorists to shoot is a good thing. There are lots of places to go fight terrorism if we wanted to spread out. But they seem willing to be baited in to coming out of the woodwork in Iraq. Are you some kind of idiot? Are you suggesting we have lost to the terrorists and should just give up? What will become of the people we leave behind? Has someone over there promised you that if we leave they'll let everyone they've kidnapped go and stop killing stabbing kids who ask for water? Yeah that's right, change the subject. I thought so.

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