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    Thursday, September 23, 2004

    Links to the good stuff

    Mark Goldblatt makes a good defense of the war in Iraq from Bush's perspective

    Ann Coulter has some (surprise) scathing criticism for CBS and the left in general. She starts out:

    I believe we now have conclusive proof that:

    (1) Dan Rather is not an honest newsman who was simply duped by extremely clever forgeries; and

    (2) We could have won the Vietnam War.

    And Kerry's speeches and TV show appearances this week have not visibly impressed Mark Steyn much.

    All the RatherGate cartoons are here at Daryl Cagle's political cartoon database. (Thanks K)

    Vicious, unfounded hearsay about what a prick Kerry is. I have no idea if it's true or not. In my opinion it should be no secret by now that Kerry is a fairly insufferable jerk, so I am merely passing it along because everyone loves a story about what an ass someone is. I don't think there are any memos to back this up though. Anyone?

    AIP has a cool story on their physics update. Optical antennas made with nanotubes. The main applications envisioned are optical TV signals and advances in solar panel conversion. Visible light antennas. Weird.

    There's something fishy going on in the middle of the galaxy. Heh, I just realized the added markings on the pic look like a CBS eye.

    Also, UniverseToday is looking for writers. If you like to write about space and don't care aboutgetting paid, go here.

    This is nice and hateful, because you can't have enough of that in the world. From Popdex, btw. Also, the site it came from does actually have some funny quotes.

    Is Google making their own browser?

    Add this guy to the list of people who need a punchin'

    And this, from Memepool,takes the cake. A Powerpoint breakup? Really? I call BS.

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    At 8:46 PM, Blogger Business Services said...

    Good post M@. I believe the Kerry-as-jerk story. I have a friend that lives in Boston and he has lots of stories about Kerry taking cuts in line and when questioned, tersely say, "Do you know who I am." I've also heard from him that Howie Carr catalogs many of these stories on his radio show.

    At 9:08 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    Heh perfect, I'm going to see if there is a Howie Carr repository for these possibly-fake-but-definitely accurate testimonies. Oh to be able to have answered back as a Massachussetts citizen "Yeah, I know who you are. And the boss eats first. Line ends back there, asshole."



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