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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    Kerry on Letterman.

    Yawn. I can't believe I'm watching this. I can't believe I think this is worth my time.

    10:43 Ha ha to the CBS gag up front. 9 real stories and 1 fake one, tonight on CBS news. can you guess which one is fake? The answer may surprise you!

    And having Kerry say he is going to vote for Bush must have hurt. Kerry is willing to eat almost any amount of shit anyone on a comedy show will feed him, and "this should be pursued agressively".

    Even the Bush crack made me laugh, and hey if Kerry is gonna vote for him...

    The survey guy is pretty funny. harold larkin, pollster. Kerry is coming up next, and I hope all the young kids with cellphones that Michael Moore is talking about are paying close attention. Be real sure you want to just abdicate your opinion of this guy and defer to Coach Moore. Maybe he'll do great.

    And...we're back

    10:51 Kerry comes out and first off he's nothing but cracks on the president. Ha he is murdering himself in my opinion.

    10:53 Kerry mentions Lawrence Ks, without naming it. Letterman is asking him about campaign changes. Kerry is dying cause he's lying.

    10:57 Kerry eats some shit but the crowd seems to like him. Letterman thinks he is a munch.

    10:58 Letterman just served Kerry with a zing (about how kerry thinks he is going to restore America's reputation in the world--Letterman made a crack about how formidable a task that would be for anyone) and Kerry danced back at Bush (Has he messed it up that bad? Kerry asks. Crowd applauds, and Letterman looks a little disbelieving). Letterman might start a pissing contest. But nope...

    11:00 Commercial after Letterman graciously let Kerry go on and on without saying anything. Letterman ends with a smirky...well, those are some good ideas--like you might say to the idiot at work who gives you his asinine opinion but its in a meeting with people watching.

    11:04 Kerry is making his Iraq case now...Russert would have him pinned already. Letterman is just letting him remake his speech from today. That's why passive journalism sucks, people.

    Kerry just said first that he can't say what he'll find on Jan. 20 but now says that he is confident that as president he will be able to bring coalitions together and completely fix the 100 percent mess that Bush created. What the hell is he talking about?

    Kerry seemed to have his wit together, and had his "Geneva Conventions, you're aware of those?" moment. Letterman seemed to back completely off after that and let Kerry make his case with some ambiguously leading questions. Kerry took it wherever he wanted it. But that's Letterman's style. He generally lets people make fools of themselves if they want to. Ok its back on

    11:12 Letterman dropped the bomb! Kerry wastes no time in offending Letterman visibly. The question was about what a president Kerry would do in Bush's position with the same intelligence and Kerry danced. Then Kerry tries to remind Dave about 9/12 and then made a completely pandering compliment to save it. Letterman looked like he wanted to hit Kerry.

    11:16 Letterman tries to corner Kerry on his Iraq position. Letterman is laughing at Kerry.

    The top ten Bush tax proposal is bombing no matter what the applause tells you. Letterman knows this guy is a stupid prick. You could see it on Dave's face, and he was acting like it. The crowd was unreasonably TRL about this guy.

    11:23 I'm not sure if Kerry will be back or not but during his political screeding I was wondering if we were going to see Kerry attempt scripted humor and the Top Ten list gave me my answer. Some were funny, but Kerry didn't really make any of them his own, delivery-wise. He flubbed what might have been the best one...number 2 was "nuclear is now pronounced 'nukular' or something dumb like that. But Kerry mispronounced 'NU-kular' as 'nuKUlar. Weak.

    11:34 and I'm only still watching in hopes that Letterman will crack on Kerry. Nope. Letterman doesn't hang himself out too much in public and so that's no surprise. I can dig it. Don't let anyone tell you he did a great job though. He survived it but it wasn't pretty and it wasn't presidential.

    12:24--After thinking about it some, I don't really think Kerry did any self deprecation. There was one Teresa is rich joke but that doesn't really count. There were some clever shots at Bush, but it was all mean and pretty disrespectful of the office. There were definite flops too. He got called on being unwilling to admit to reality (the polls, the first thing Dave asked about. I'm convinced that this played horribly at home. The applause he was getting...who knows.

    posted by M@ at 10:39 PM   1 comments links to this post


    At 8:04 AM, Blogger Business Services said...

    Great stuff M@. I watched Gore in '93 and frankly, there' no comparison. One of Gore's best lines on the top 10 things about being vice president -- "When you close your left eye, the podium reads 'President of the United States.'"


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