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    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    John Kerry hopes you'll forget he is a *Sitting Senator*

    How will he help you forget? By never mentioning it, but of course. Wizbang has a fine point.

    I am fairly certain that Kerry could be nailed on several issues like this. In fact, most rebuttals from the Bush camp should be framed by the fact that Kerry could have done something about this a long time ago. Long before Bush ever got on the scene, in fact.

    Check out this article from National Review's Andrew McCarthy which points that the 9/11 commission that Kerry immediately endorsed (presumably only to score a political point) pretty much slagged the Senate Intelligence Committee for not even coming close to doing its job. I assume no one will directly ask Kerry or Edwards the questions Mr. McCarthy raises about this, but if you read it and don't ask *yourself* then you are probably a great candidate for the jobs that might shortly be available over at See B.S.

    I am going to try to get up early enough to listen to Kerry on the Don Imus show tomorrow and see if he asks...that should be entertaining for one thing, and it will also get me ready to drag my ass out to a job site on Thursday where I am going to be reprising my three-jobs-ago role as a low skilled laborer.

    Yes, I can't wait to feel the sun beating down on my neck. The feel of fresh sod on my fingers and the grit of dust everywhere. Yeah. Yippee. I am going to punch the first asshole that says 'green side up!'. At least the guys are old friends, and getting to help them out is worth it to me. Plus, I think I need a break from near total immersion in current events. I am a news junkie but there is a certain amount of physical atrophy that comes with sharpening my mind and hopefully carting heavy stuff around will bring some sort of...

    Well, I don't know. Remember that episode of Northern Exposure where Holling offered to plow that guy's field by hand just for the spiritual and philosophical reawakening he thought it would bring? That kind of thing. Of course, he ended up in Fleischman's office with a back spasm. Hmmm. Actually I just need the money and this is a great temporary gig that just dropped in my lap. How out of shape could I really be? I will be sure to let you know the gruesome extent of my injuries as they happen...

    Speaking of Northern Exposure, I read somewhere yesterday that one of Bush's main consultants is a former writer for the show. The early episodes, even. One more reason to vote for the guy, in my book. He knows how to pick his people. That show rocked...

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