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    Saturday, September 18, 2004

    Go here

    Pat over at KerryHaters has the first of the DigitalBrownshirts Network audio op-ed pieces up here.

    Kitty has her segment up here, and the third segment seems to be lost to the ether at this writing.

    Will it grow? What are they serving at the Putsch? I like the idea quite a bit here, starting a network that will last longer than Kerry. Good move, guys. If you start a 527, I'm *IN*.

    Wachs on the Web has a friendly reminder to Chris Matthews about their bet on the presidential election outcome. Seems Matthews was 1000 bucks sure Bush couldn't pull it by a 7 point spread. It's just a gentle reminder that there was a handshake but it's still funny...

    This one takes the cake though. Eleanor Clift wonders Where is the Outrage? and points out that bad news is coming out of Iraq! She seems to be saying "Forget all that stuff about how the news bends over backwards to shape what they tell you! That's small stuff! Pay attention to *what the news is telling you!!!*" How stupid does she think we are?

    The fact is, Eleanor, that we all know there are lots of terrorists trying to screw up the help we are giving the Iraqis. We all knew that. We don't need to swallow your opinion about that report in order to have noticed the report. When it came out I said "yeah, no shit", I did not think "Oh my god! It must be a lost cause! I wouldn't have known this if the MSM hadn't reported it as such!". The Outrage you're wondering about is currently being directed at those bastards we are shooting at over there. And there is still plenty to go around for the idiots like you in the media who think we don't get it unless you tell us what to get.

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