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    Sunday, September 19, 2004

    Gee, I wonder why the US is opposed to this

    Jacques Chirac thinks that international taxation is a great idea. Something tells me it isn't just Jacques and this isn't the last we'll hear about it. The idea that the US should pay a tax to the world to accomplish what we are already doing without much help (and in fact plenty of hinderance, the more we know about things) from anybody much less France is absurd.

    PARIS: French President Jacques Chirac will put forward ideas for an international tax scheme that would help build a 50-billion-dollar war chest to fight poverty during a 55-nation conference on economic development opening Monday in New York.

    Chirac will launch his initiative fortified by the conclusions of a French working group, but the idea is fiercely opposed by the United States.

    At least the lede is right up there in front. The report mentions only the United States when describing the resistance to such a patently stupid idea but says down a bit further that there is strong opposition from "many nations". Undaunted, the proponents maintain a Ratherlike optimism that it will happen anyway:

    The group acknowledged that a global consensus on the proposal does not currently exist.

    "Opposition even to the principle of an obligatory contribution is strong in many countries," notably the United States, the report said.

    Nonetheless most of the 15 authors -- senior government officials, economists, business leaders and representatives from international and development groups -- insist that their proposal stands a realistic chance of being implemented.

    Taking a step back, this makes deals like the Kyoto treaty seem even more like an "Ackbar". Something that, immediately after signage by the US, would prompt Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar to yell out "It's a trap!!!". Pffft.

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