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    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Cleland, not Lockhart

    Now that we know Lockhart was prompted to call Burkett by CBS, Cleland needs to be refocused on.
    So I was at RatherBiased and came across this post, which pointed to this bit of information about Bill Burkett being a city captain for some the Texas veterans caravan, which Max Cleland is intimately involved with. An excerpt from this article on one of the caravan events:

    Cleland addressed a crowd of about 175 at the Veterans Memorial Park. The former head of the Veterans Administration, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, has been leading Kerry's "Band of Brothers" veterans caravan around the country. He is reaching out to veterans and veterans organization to draw support for the Massachusetts senator.

    Gee, that's interesting. Another website says:

    Max Cleland, former US Senator, Secretary for Veterans Affairs, and Army Captain, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, is one of the organizers of a September Veterans Caravan, Collins said. Others are the Bolanos brothers— Louis, Ben, Bill and Rick— who Presidential citations for their patriotism, as the only four brothers to serve in Vietnam. They are launching the website: www.veteransforamerica.com.

    Nice. Go there and look around. Lots of names you've seen before there like Bobby Hanafin, for instance. Lots of VVAW/VFP wackos. Burkett doesn't just have a bunch of connections to the Kerry campaign, his conduit is through the looniest of the anti-war groups. Incidentally, at one time Kerry was a hopeful to join the veterans caravan in El Paso and ride along for a bit in late September. Think he still will?

    I suspect the Lockhart call is a bit of unfortunate misdirection for the press to focus on. Lockhart probably had something to do with the "fortunate son" strategy, no doubt. But he didn't push this to CBS. This is a Hurley Mess. Cleland and Hurley, folks.

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