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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    cease fire and turn it to CBS

    Everyone is waiting to see what Dan Rather has to say for himself. Me too.

    Update as I live blog this Just for grins, I'm going to lay out my impressions before everyone tears everything he says to shreds.

    First thought: dennis moore bought a smart slot for his commercial right before this. look for the ratings spike report afterwards.

    This story gets listed third? They want me to listen to him schill for kerry first? wtf!? And lets watch how they frame the American hostage killed. And now a 5 minute segment about Kerry. Shill move. WTF.

    They seem to be treating Kerry's speech fairly, but you can see the optimism. Ok here we go, but I bet they show a dead soldier first.

    5:36- He sort of can get a pass for giving these three major stories because they are major stories. But frankly, I think they lost the right to make their case like that. Leave that to the still credible news organizations. The big story on YOUR channel is the one you're burying.

    5:40 Finally...let's listen. Framing the story as true again. They went to him! Burkett was approached by CBS!!!

    Burkett is hostile about lying. Says he hasn't forged anything. Dan is still the My Cousin Vinny prosecutor though. Burkett still insists the docs are real.

    5:41 Dan apologizes. let's go to replay.

    5:45 I've flipped. Ok they gave some fair time to Scott Mclellan and made some conciliatory statements. There was wiggling but this is big progress. They put the dead soldier AFTER the report, unlike just before as in previous reports. Its working. There will be a lot of speculation about what Burkett said, and how that went. Nawtin says he thought Rather looked like he was about to cry. The statement after his apology needs to be picked apart to see just how much he wiggled. I think he did attempt some explanation of what he did wrong which is promising. But let's look at it closely. He deserves that kind of scrutiny.

    So Burkett and CBS are pissed at one another. That can only make things better for us.

    5:46 The biggest thing here I think is that CBS says they approached Burkett. That makes it much more easy to guess that it went from Burkett to Cleland to CBS. Or Barnes. Both are avowed and proud "partisan operatives" aren't they? Hmmm. Cleland admitted sending Burkett up the chain, and Barnes was supposedly only convinced to come forward on the strength of CBS's persuasion using the documents they had as proof that Barnes wouldn't get caught out.

    So that makes it more likely that Cleland told the Kerry folks everything and they used that information (as any smart strategist might) to what they thought would be their best benefit. And then they told CBS, who sought out Burkett. This brewed plenty long enough, and Burkett has been in contact with so many people, that it is still concievable to imagine Barnes in there. This certainly needs some sorting out.

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