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    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    Can't stop reading Democratic Underground

    Ah yes, the party of tolerance has a forum. And I am getting addicted to it. I think it is threads like this one.

    I will say that there are enough replies on this thread from people rightly telling the original poster that he is a moron to satisfy me that I don't have to go too far in to it.

    In other news, I am heading to the Perfesser's place to catch the debate tonight. I *might* update from there if something crazy happens and it is worth the effort, but I kind of think liveblogging hurts my ability to really make a close study of what is happening. If I blog in depth, it will be afterwards while watching it on C-span.

    posted by M@ at 7:02 PM   10 comments links to this post


    At 12:03 AM, Blogger kimberley said...

    god. that was painful to read. "i acted like a complete and total jackhole today and i can't WAIT to go online and tell the internet about it!"

    common sense, where have you gone?

    At 12:37 AM, Blogger M@ said...

    Yeah, idiots abound. At least there were people showing the proper scorn for it, that's all I can say. The best retort was that if the situation were reversed the thread would be how he was viciously attacked by a crazy right wingnut.

    I have to say, I don't think the hatin' is done. :(

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