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    Monday, September 13, 2004

    A call out to the rational Democrats: Your party needs you!

    If you think there is in-fighting amongst the Democrat powerbrokers over the Kerry campaign, you should check out some of the lefty blogs and their comment sections about these forged memos...

    Of course, if the blogosphere hadn't promptly shown these memos to be complete bunk these blogs would still be posting new posts about it and harping about lies and deceit from the "nazi chimp" and his "evil puppetmasters". Fortunately most of the upper crust of these lefty blogs have realized that trying to carry water for this is a lost cause and they have suddenly decided *again* that what happened 30 some years ago is not relevant. Of course, there are a few more things they want to bust out (Bring It On!) and once they get a Dan Rather to start waving it around on TV they will insist that stuff like this matters. But for now, everyone is pretending that all along they were really more focused on the state of the world today. All that stuff about Vyetnahhhhm was only to help those who weren't familiar with Senator Kerry's bio get acquainted with him. What a joke.

    But I digress...this is all politics as usual for the left. What I find interesting is how the rank-and-file are handling the disparity between their belief that Democrats are honorable truth-tellers trying to dethrone an evil imperialist who hates your baby and the growing evidence that they have been unwitting parties to an underhanded trick perpetrated by these Dem officials and CBS...

    When CBS broke the "story" and Harkin, Gore, and everyone else with any kind of clout in the left began leading the indignant outcry everyone got in line to say "ah HA! I knew it all along! It's about time we started playing the game!" Never mind that SBVT has not been endorsed by any Republican official, nor has any Republican official so much as mentioned Kerry's service without stating explicitly that he is a patriot who served honorably, although his judgement and post-war record is fair game.

    But soon there was plenty of proof that it was all a badly done dirty trick! Even as the story (no quotes, since the forgery story is an actual story grounded in reality) was developing in favor of the Republicans there was also growing proof that the left didn't care how well proved the allegations of forgery were, they were going to go to their graves convinced that the memos were real and if they weren't it was all just a clever Karl Rove scheme. Never mind logic! In the real world, a source that hands you demonstrably forged documents as proof are no longer considered "unimpeachable".

    There were some dissenters, people who posted comments similar to this: "I'm a Democrat, but I'm not going to stomp on my own integrity and sense of what is true and what is not just to get Kerry elected. These documents are poorly forged and it makes us look dumb to keep insisting they aren't. Think about it hard, and please stop ruining my party."

    These people quickly got an eyeful of the monster they have helped create and then fed lovingly until it was a behemoth that not even reality could keep in check. "You're obviously a partisan Republican just posting as part of Karl Rove's disinformation campaign! You're a foolish shill for an evil Nazi!" came the outcry. These people are simply *not* willing to accept that a Democrat would take an honest look at the questions and arguments and make a reasoned decision that in all likelihood someone did actually dupe the willing-to-be-duped. They must be partisan operatives, just like Dan Rather said! Hodges recanted because he is a Republican, and Matley, Barnes and Strong are nonpartisan Democrats willing to be martyred for the truth. It all makes sense! They acted like it was *impossible*.

    People like the Democrats who found themselves under fire from their own side are probably even more likely to agree with Democrats like Mort Kondrache and Pat Caddel and Zell Miller who want their party back. This kind of stuff is going to embolden people willing to consider what the truth is and who insist on using only real Truth(tm) in their arguments. There are more people on the left like this than get much coverage. Republicans have done a good job of marginalizing their fringe lunatics, and to me this is a good thing. I want my party to speak calmly and spin things towards the rational center rather than spinning it whichever way the insiders calculate that it needs to be spun. That is what a lot of the left wants from their party, I think. People are tired of feeling like their party is a joke. People are tired of their party putting up candidates like Kerry and seeing his surrogates act like the bad guys from 1984 while trying to insist that it is the right that is raping the truth. They see it, and it probably makes them a little ashamed. I say good.

    I say, I want to help these people take their party back. I really *want* to respect liberals, and there are a few that I can. But by and large, the left is comprised of people who ony want a veneer of reason to slap on their backroom calculus in order to fool voters in to letting them protect those they consider too stupid to make their own decisions.

    I look at the left and see a lot of people who probably really do care WAY too willing to fill the streets and act as hateful as anything they claim to be going on in Cheney's secret world. I see the few people who are actually interested in making substantive arguments about real issues being undermined by people who consider the notion that Bush is evil incarnate to be a foregone conclusion and that any attacks on the Left are motivated by the same vitriol that they feel. Think again...

    See, when the right goes after people like Clinton, they have DNA. The left invested everything they could in defending him because Clinton didn't come clean until the DNA evidence was produced and tested. Instead of being pissed at Clinton, they decided that it was *still* all trumped up and a dirty trick perpetrated on the innocent good people they put all this faith in. So turnabout is fair play!

    When the SBVT goes after Kerry on the basis of what they know of him, they bring all kinds of demonstrable points to the table to debate. Instead of a "preponderance" of the evidence (which is pretty convincing on many points) they instead remanufacture one of their proven dud mudbombs to throw back. It is pathetic and what is worse is that very few on the left have stepped back and considered the difference between how their side plays and how our side plays.

    I think that the top Democrats will never start playing the game with honor until they lose the respect of their own rank-and-file. This CBS thing opened a few more eyes and some of these people are no longer seeing these things occurring in a vacuum. These people are the only hope for the party, in my opinion. I'm behind them not because I think they will start agreeing with me on every political issue. I'm behind them because they are desperately needed to save the two party system and the discourse of ideas.

    Right now the word "lie" gets tossed around as if anything said that is disagreed with or accidentally untrue is a "lie". This is useless because when we come across things like lies that don't need quotes the word is watered down to the point of meaning nothing. Well, here we have a LIE and any Democrats who stand up and say so are immediately branded as "liars". This must be the last stages of Moore's disease or something. There are some who are going to be radical no matter what. But those people don't deserve to be heading up the party. When was the last time you heard Ed Gillespie saying something that was violently different from what everyone with clear eyes and mind could see? When was the last time a Republican said or did something egregiously wrong and didn't get seriously chastised or even booted out by his *own* party? Ask yourself that. Believe me, if the left had any kind of real dirt on Bush he wouldn't be someone I stand behind. I would be standing in front of him, trying to block him from getting power. So would the majority of my Republican friends. Why?

    Because we don't just care about the message of conservatism. We care about right and wrong, and we care about truth. Why do you think Nixon resigned? Trent Lott? Newt? Because the right wasn't interested in wasting political capital on individuals. The right wants to spend its capital on *IDEAS*. I would like to believe that my friends on the left do as well, and I want to see more of them standing up and saying so.

    Take back your party, please. You've got a little over 4 years...

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