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    Monday, September 06, 2004

    The big Regatta

    Say, when was the last time you saw a bunch of rats scrambling to get *on* a sinking ship?

    The Kerry campaign Yacht is making sure they've got all the dead weight they can possibly get on board for the sprint to the finish and I think they are displacing more and more water which fits in to this metafur by representing the credibility that Democrats have with the voters.

    Some of that dead weight is guns, of course. And that can slow down the Bush Cigarette boat as much as 3 Joe Sassos or 4 Paul Begalas will slow down the Kerry Yacht. I'm not thinking we've got this regatta won. Nothing will piss me off more than if that ragtag crew of misfits end up stealing the engine from a Republican Ferrari to win. It wouldn't surprise me since it's already been one crazy summ--Ok I won't go there.

    I am really not taking anything for granted though. A couple fluff magazine polls (when was the last time Newsweek and Time looked really good at taking polls to you?) don't mean anything. I think there is a bounce but there seem to be lots of journalists and politicians out there willing to really risk their reputations on Kerry. When John Glenn gets out and reminds everyone that Hitler used slogans too and people cheered for *him* you know this election is not going to be pretty. Well, I suppose we already knew that.

    I am going to the Bush Rally tomorrow and I will post about it afterwards, of course. I promised Kim I would leave if anyone asked me to sieg heil or anything like that. I'm betting it won't even be half as rabid and sneaky as anything going on over in Kerryland...

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