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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    The best part

    This is probably up elsewhere but the transcript of the Daschle/Thune debate on Meet the Press afforded a nice little exchange that, at least in print, makes Daschle look like a weenie. We pick up as Daschle gets assaulted for trying to claim that since the Senate has approved 95% of its nominees that the 5 percent that he is not allowing a vote on at all don't count. Watch as Daschle is reduced to the "Are Not!" defense:

    SEN. DASCHLE: ...95 percent. Now, John would suggest that maybe we just rubber stamp them all, but the Constitution requires us to advise and consent and you know that, John, so...

    MR. THUNE: Exactly. And you're not...

    SEN. DASCHLE: But what's wrong with 95 percent?

    MR. THUNE: ...following the Constitution.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Would you say--does it have to be 100 percent?

    MR. THUNE: Let's talk about the people that you're not giving a vote, Tom.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Well, every one of these people gets a vote, John.

    MR. THUNE: It's one thing if you want to talk about the Constitution, let's talk about the Constitution.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Well, I'm prepared to do that.

    MR. THUNE: The president nominates...

    SEN. DASCHLE: Ninety-five percent, just remember that.

    MR. THUNE: ...the Senate confirms. You know, Janice Rogers Brown...

    SEN. DASCHLE: It doesn't rubber stamp...

    MR. THUNE: ...Priscilla Owen, Charles Pickering, Bill Pryor, Miguel Estrada, Bill Myers--you go right down the list. These people didn't get a vote. Now it's one thing to say that, you know, you're confirming a certain percentage, but these people deserve a vote. The filibuster has never been used in the history of this country to deny appellate court nominees an opportunity and an up-and-down vote in the United States Senate. Under Tom Daschle, that is the first time that has happened.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That's not true.

    MR. THUNE: These are good, qualified people...

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true.

    MR. THUNE: ...people who the American Bar Association says are highly qualified.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true.

    MR. THUNE: Let them have a vote.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true either.

    MR. THUNE: Let them have a vote.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Ninety-five percent.

    MR. THUNE: None of them are.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That's the bottom line, Tim. I'd say 95 percent is the answer.

    MR. THUNE: The bottom line is let's follow the Constitution...

    SEN. DASCHLE: We do.

    MR. RUSSERT: The issue...

    MR. THUNE: ...give them a vote, Tom.

    SEN. DASCHLE: We certainly do, John.

    MR. THUNE: Give them a vote.

    MR. RUSSERT: ...seems to be the Republicans are calling Mr. Daschle an obstructionist.

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