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    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Beldar is on the warpath

    I'm not sure what I think about Beldar's opinion here but then I am not a lawyer.

    I am a bit reluctant to agree that it is already time for theatrical ultimatums like that, is all.

    Bill at InDC made some progress(but not much, after all) with the Globe's ombudsman. It looks like the left is giving a little bit up at a time but regrouping too. They continue to run stories questioning Bush on his guard service while only barely admitting to the completely falsified evidence the story originally resurfaced under.

    And it is worth noting that all of this broke at the same time that the DNC rolled out their "fortunate son" campaign which sure makes for some suspicious timing. What else were the Democrats counting on using to back their claims up if not these memos and the CBS story that went with it? What else new did they have to start running this campaign? Were they just going to re-run the same scandal that didn't stick before with only Ben Barnes's new story to go on? I doubt even Tad2Devine would be that dumb.

    That kind of thing needs to have shenanigans called on it. And I am not suggesting we drop the matter but I am not ready to shriek yet.

    I've got a sister with a degree in Journalism and I'm curious to hear what she has to say about the whole thing. Maybe she has an opinion worth pixelizin' fer y'all.

    Meanwhile, I'm back to watching the show...

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