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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    Am I crazy?

    If I wonder whether or not there was more dealing with CBS about whether to have that third debate than there was with the Kerry team should I get checked for Moore's disease? Suspicious timing is not proof! I keep reminding myself that, but Kerry and Schieffer are both a lot more in need of the third debate than is Bush.

    I am too lazy to overthink this angle and it could just be that CBS came up empty with Burkett this weekend and at the same time, the Bush team decided that 3 debates in a town hall format would be ok, but who knows.

    Nawtin asked the question "I wonder what they got for that" and based on the "leaked" Bush strategy, I answered that the third debate being in St. Louis, it would help Bush's chances in Misery. Or as they affectionately call it, "Missurrah". Neither did they want to look like they were ducking their opponent. However, they agreed to a town hall forum, which the Bush camp originally went in saying they were against. Obviously that was a bargaining chip, but why did it need to be played? Three debates is proof enough you aren't ducking anyone. Isn't it?

    There's no telling what kind of stuff was on the table in the back rooms. James Baker III vs. Vernon Jordan. Interesting stuff, I bet. Even if they only wrangled over mundane stuff it would be incredible to be a fly on the wall. Baker wouldn't be above taking calls from CBS wondering if they could do anything to ensure Bob Schieffer getting a prime time spot though. That's all I'm sayin'.

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