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    Friday, September 03, 2004

    6 words, (only 5 if you add nuance)

    "I've got five words for you, America: This is your wake-up call!"

    Ok. Leaving aside that the wake up call came at around midnight (Is there a fucking snooze button?) Let's just pause and ask ourselves, knowing what we know about people's ability to spell and use punctuation correctly from our time on the internet, does this really work as a sound bite?

    Now, *I* know, and *you* might know, that wake-up is a hyphenated word. Just as it makes two last names one, it makes two word phrases in to one. But as regular america, the regular joes that Kerry says he is behind, listens and counts along they are going to think Kerry can't.

    I need to find the whole transcript because once Kerry saw the cameras (except c-span2) turn off he started sounding like a complete --comPLETE idiot. He said something rambling about The Teachers and how they shouldn't be punished in a punitive system. He was not connecting on many levels of reality with the regular people of Ohio. The delivery of the speech was horrible and the blockquotes that the Kerry campaign intended to be chopped out of the debacle and placed carefully in a pretty frame don't nearly do the stank of this performance justice. I recommend finding it on c-span2 online and watching the whole thing and imagining how badly this man will be at dealing with foreign powers and domestic special interests.

    And in response to the other word count barb, in which Kerry questions Bush's Texanism "4 words: all hat, no cattle"...My four words back in this duel are: ALL HAT NO CAMBODIA

    I am heading to Independence to the Bush office. A friend got a message to show up for tickets to a Bush appearance in Lee's Summit in a week or three. I will know more later but I plan on going if I can. Wish me luck...

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