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    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    Can't stop reading Democratic Underground

    Ah yes, the party of tolerance has a forum. And I am getting addicted to it. I think it is threads like this one.

    I will say that there are enough replies on this thread from people rightly telling the original poster that he is a moron to satisfy me that I don't have to go too far in to it.

    In other news, I am heading to the Perfesser's place to catch the debate tonight. I *might* update from there if something crazy happens and it is worth the effort, but I kind of think liveblogging hurts my ability to really make a close study of what is happening. If I blog in depth, it will be afterwards while watching it on C-span.

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    These people are allowed at the debate?

    Command Post says that CBS tried to sneak another one by everyone. Yeah ok new rule, when all the bloggers complain about something missing from a broadcast, no fair adding it to show transcripts. I'm *sure* this was just another honest mistake, and CBS is really a bunch of great journalists out to tell the truth, even if they have to be completely deceitful to do it. I don't think it's funny anymore.

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    About GD time!

    From Fark, comes the revelation that Spaceballs II is in the works. Hopefully it will be worth it. I like the *idea* a whole lot though.

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    Heinlein would be proud

    I almost forgot about the successful X-prize flight yesterday.

    A second flight scheduled for Monday will clinch it. Hopefully they will work that little rolling problem out before then. It's very encouraging to see the second flight with unexpected factors cropping up mid-flight land safely. The pilot is one hell of an ace.

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    Me n' Big Oil

    Well, I'm not sure what you know about Lukoil. They were named in the Oil-For-Food investigation. And yeah, gas is expensive. I'm not saying I know much about Lukoil myself; I'm just saying I bet you wouldn't be a fan. I can't vouch for disinfopedia, but I won't argue that they are not just big business; they are Russian big business.

    And so Conoco just bought them. I mention this because I own a little bit of Conoco stock. They have one of those Drip account things and I have a few shares.

    I feel so deliciously eeeeevil!

    Really though, this is a good thing. It is a record breaking privatization in Russia, it adds a buttload of non-Middle East oil to our options in the US, some stability for everyone. I am no expert, and there are angles I couldn't possibly understand about it. I'll grant that. Supposedly the deal was a good one and as a free trade move it was probably a good thing all around.

    But since I am glad, I expect Dick Cheney to catch heat for this somehow. Somewhere, they will say, Cheney is rubbing his hands together and sneering at you to Go F%$# Yourself.

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    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    Oh jeez, not again

    So in Kansas now the big news is that we are trying to kill evolution. Yes, we have some religious people in charge and yes there is a little problem with wacky-assed young earth societies and creationist pseudoscience of Intelligent Design influencing decent Republican folk. But guess what's really happening? This issue is being stirred up long before its time in order to help Democrats win down ballot elections in Kansas. In fact it's got legs as a national story. As a citizen of Kansas I have had the 1999 "evolution ban" story precede me as my reputation to many a chatter from other lands. This is to help keep Democrats in charge of education...

    BlogKC happened to have an entry about it here.

    The Wired article here basically takes the national view, and covers the debate at KU without really describing the local situation. The Lawrence Journal-World article is a bit more honest. It's a weird position for me to be in here, as a secular Republican.

    If you read the LJW article, the school board doesn't even convene until January. There is nothing other than the existence of influence from wacky groups to justify the threat here really. The fact that KU had a debate is merely a pretext by the press to highlight Republicans as dogmatically driven zealots bent on subverting education according to the bible. Well, no not really. But you, as the idiot American, should take away from this that if you vote Republican, your children will be forced to learn that the Universe was created in 6 days, 10,000 years ago. That's just not so, but it gets clicks.

    I find myself just as appalled as you at the idea of science having to talk about the supernatural as premises of their theories. That's fine. But this is all just to make Kris Kobach and other conservatives running with a Christian background the people you fear having power. Your children graduate not able to understand their college professors and they can't seem to throw enough money around to fix *that* problem but everyone freaks right out if the left suggests to the press what they think the Republicans are doing. Well, deal with it if it comes up. The science curriculum review happens routinely and this issue just gets politicized right away, ruining almost all effectiveness.

    Read the whole story and decide for yourself if this is a manufactured wedge storyline or not. I think it almost certainly is, and when this gets hung on Kris Kobach it will be too bad that you don't know what's really going on.

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    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

    Pass it on

    A voyage to Arcturus has a good idea for hooking up subject-matter experts with journalists. 411blog.net might catch on, it might not. It won't be 'cause I didn't tell you about it though.

    I got that link from TransterrestrialMusings which also reminded me that the first run of ScaledComposite's X-prize entry will be tomorrow. 'Bout time they lit that candle. Anyway it should be webcast and I'll be trying to watch it.

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    Since I can't count on you to scroll, I will post the random QOTD from below:

    Quote of the Day (September 28, 2004)

    It isn't necessary to have relatives in Kansas City in order to be unhappy.
    Groucho Marx


    Anyway...I have gotten a few responses from people I emailed about CBS. T. Rowe Price sent me back a personalized form email which only assured me that they had passed my comments on to their investment managers:

    Dear Mr. So-and-so:

    Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your comments regarding our holdings of Viacom. Your comments and concerns have been passed on to our Investment Management team.


    Account Services

    The content of this e-mail and any attachments is intended solely for the use of the named addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. Any unauthorized use, copying, disclosure, or distribution of the contents of this e-mail is strictly prohibited by T. Rowe Price and may be unlawful. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete this e-mail.

    Ok, I'm sure that's a standard footer for all their outgoing mail but I just want to state that I, as the named addressee, have authorized the copying and distribution of this. I'm M@ and I approved this message.

    And then I also got a reply letter from Congressman Dennis Moore. I had emailed requesting his position on the CBS memos and as a constituent urged him to speak out publicly against it. His response was also disappointing; his office did state that they had passed my comments along to Viacom. That's nice, but I already have their email address. I am going to have to call his office now and press them to go on the record about it with a voter.

    I kinda like this armchair activism.

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    Sunday, September 26, 2004

    Music from the gap

    No, not the gap that tells you every week which clothes are both trendy and on sale during the commercial break.

    The Gap that Thomas Barnett talks about. The local NPR station has a show on whose genre I am a bit reluctant to describe more specifically than that. The music is often Middle Eastern sounding to me, but also Indian occasionally and other influences from that general part of the globe. Right now they are interviewing a guy who made a documentary about the Lost Boys of Sudan. I am not saying this is some militant activist show - it seems more just a cultural spotlight for a demographic. Music from the 3rd world. Of course this is a show run by liberals and for liberals, but they don't really have much of a political bend on the air. So far.

    But the music...they are on to something here. Granted again that they play traditional songs a lot of the time. Loooooooong, very repetitive traditional sounding, um, how you say? Boleros? I don't know. Good stuff, but a little can go a long way. Once in a while though, they play something so...incredibly good and incredibly different that I want it to be longer. I still don't know how to describe it except...foreign.

    Sting's 'Desert Rose' with Cheb Mami is a good approximation of some of the style I'm hearing. Mr. Bungle's 'Desert Search for Techno Allah' catches a little of the same spirit. There are probably a bunch of examples. But these are Westerners taking the delicious bits from the Middle East and putting it in their own formula. It works great, to my ears. But it's interpreted for Western ears. To get the converse...A mostly Middle Eastern influenced song that takes a little bit of jazz and a little bit of industrial, little dashes of western music...this is worth hearing, writing down the name, and finding a copy to hear again. What I think when I hear this music is: If they like music like this, these people can't possibly be all bad.

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    Saturday, September 25, 2004
    Kim sent me a bunch of Toothpastefordinner.com cartoons. This one is possibly the funniest but it's hard to pick.

    F1 is going racing in China tonight. And without the Communist Revolution there would be no new china...All sorts of weird things are shakin' down in the F1 world but I've barely been keeping up with them. I'm just happy to be watching a race without having to be up at 6:30am on a Sunday.

    Roger Penrose is probably one of the smartest people living today but it is not shocking to me that twistor theory hasn't caught on as much as string theory in the search for GUT. I assume it is easier to understand him the more educated you are, but he does not seem to be able to explain himself in a simple way. His ideas about twistors appear to have had something of a resurgence recently but I am in the middle of reading his book and I gotta say...I can't wait to get to Hawking's rebuttal at the end (there are pieces by other theorists as well) just to enjoy his use of a shoestring economy of words to explain his ideas. I really just want to get to the next book. I'm backing the Popular Science subscription up for this, and they are starting to pile up.

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    Spreading Firefox

    Even though the last version I had of Firefox (.9.3) consistently rendered Kimber's page wrong and the new one didn't fix that, I upgraded to Firefox 1.0.

    Since it appears that each update is also an occasion to scroll through the extensions and update and accrete as necessary, I spent some time on that today. Each update starts you back at a better square one than the square one you started at last, but you are still at square one. Installing extensions is so easy though, that poring through them once is kind of fun.

    My favorite extension by a long shot is one that I will never download and if I did I would never use it:

    by Jawahar Swaminathan
    Version: 1.2
    File Size: 69 KB
    Updated: 2004-08-31

    The biobar project is a one-stop toolbar that provides access to all major biological data resources. The primary advantage of this tool is that it allows a biologist to browse and retrieve data from Genomic, Proteomic, Functional, Literature, Taxonomic and Structural databases. The tool also provides links to major data deposition sites for nucleotide, protein and 3D-structure data and contains links to many Sequence, Structure alignment and analysis tools. Databases supported include NCBI, DDBJ, and EBI databases.

    Compatible with versions up to 0.10
    Install | Visit Homepage

    It's bigger than just New Media versus Old Media. It's the free market of ideas, and the tools of that market are hooking up from all kinds of disciplines. Whoa, take *that*, Taliban.

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    Thursday, September 23, 2004

    An excuse to post this pic

    From the Corner on NRO:

    LEFT AND RIGHT ON CAMPUS [Rick Brookhiser]
    I spoke last night to the Yale Political Union, asserting that the Terror War was the main foreign policy priority of the United States.

    If an Ivy League campus is any indication, liberals are maintaining discipline in the face of all temptations to dally with Nader. The Liberal Party of YPU announced that it had held a debate on the topic (borrowed from the website), Resolved: John Kerry Is a D********* But I'm Voting For Him Anyway. It passed, 30-1. Students are by nature self-immolating; how much wider the margin must be among adults.

    After the meeting, I enjoyed the hospitality of my band of brothers, the Party of the Right. Pour le droit.
    Posted at 11:10 PM

    And my tasteless addition to the discussion, which I found at SondraK's blog weeks ago:

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    I really like ABC's The Note. It's a good comprehensive collection of stuff and on Thursdays they have predictions listed with probabilities. Three examples:

    Percent chance that if John Kerry wins, Democratic strategists who aren't "Clinton people" will find Democratic strategists who ARE "Clinton people" to be totally insufferable: 98%

    Percent chance that Ken Mehlman will talk too loudly in a TV appearance or on a conference call in the next two weeks: 84%

    Percent chance that the Gang of 500 will declare the presidential race over if John Kerry "loses" the first debate: 70%

    Ha, it's not scientific but still...None of the predictions I know anything about stray too far from what I would consider reasonable odds. And these are erudite professionals in a position to know. Entertaining, but uncanny too. Like a well-written horoscope.

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    The debate negotiations

    Well, someone took a bit of the mystery out of what both sides of the Debate Negotiations team were looking for and also giving up. Ralph Z. Hallow is on the case. My favorite part is that there is a 2 minute hard limit on responses. Backed up by flashing lights, buzzers and then a mic. cutoff. Read the whole thing, and love James Baker III. He is the MAN.

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    Links to the good stuff

    Mark Goldblatt makes a good defense of the war in Iraq from Bush's perspective

    Ann Coulter has some (surprise) scathing criticism for CBS and the left in general. She starts out:

    I believe we now have conclusive proof that:

    (1) Dan Rather is not an honest newsman who was simply duped by extremely clever forgeries; and

    (2) We could have won the Vietnam War.

    And Kerry's speeches and TV show appearances this week have not visibly impressed Mark Steyn much.

    All the RatherGate cartoons are here at Daryl Cagle's political cartoon database. (Thanks K)

    Vicious, unfounded hearsay about what a prick Kerry is. I have no idea if it's true or not. In my opinion it should be no secret by now that Kerry is a fairly insufferable jerk, so I am merely passing it along because everyone loves a story about what an ass someone is. I don't think there are any memos to back this up though. Anyone?

    AIP has a cool story on their physics update. Optical antennas made with nanotubes. The main applications envisioned are optical TV signals and advances in solar panel conversion. Visible light antennas. Weird.

    There's something fishy going on in the middle of the galaxy. Heh, I just realized the added markings on the pic look like a CBS eye.

    Also, UniverseToday is looking for writers. If you like to write about space and don't care aboutgetting paid, go here.

    This is nice and hateful, because you can't have enough of that in the world. From Popdex, btw. Also, the site it came from does actually have some funny quotes.

    Is Google making their own browser?

    Add this guy to the list of people who need a punchin'

    And this, from Memepool,takes the cake. A Powerpoint breakup? Really? I call BS.

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    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Cleland, not Lockhart

    Now that we know Lockhart was prompted to call Burkett by CBS, Cleland needs to be refocused on.
    So I was at RatherBiased and came across this post, which pointed to this bit of information about Bill Burkett being a city captain for some the Texas veterans caravan, which Max Cleland is intimately involved with. An excerpt from this article on one of the caravan events:

    Cleland addressed a crowd of about 175 at the Veterans Memorial Park. The former head of the Veterans Administration, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, has been leading Kerry's "Band of Brothers" veterans caravan around the country. He is reaching out to veterans and veterans organization to draw support for the Massachusetts senator.

    Gee, that's interesting. Another website says:

    Max Cleland, former US Senator, Secretary for Veterans Affairs, and Army Captain, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, is one of the organizers of a September Veterans Caravan, Collins said. Others are the Bolanos brothers— Louis, Ben, Bill and Rick— who Presidential citations for their patriotism, as the only four brothers to serve in Vietnam. They are launching the website: www.veteransforamerica.com.

    Nice. Go there and look around. Lots of names you've seen before there like Bobby Hanafin, for instance. Lots of VVAW/VFP wackos. Burkett doesn't just have a bunch of connections to the Kerry campaign, his conduit is through the looniest of the anti-war groups. Incidentally, at one time Kerry was a hopeful to join the veterans caravan in El Paso and ride along for a bit in late September. Think he still will?

    I suspect the Lockhart call is a bit of unfortunate misdirection for the press to focus on. Lockhart probably had something to do with the "fortunate son" strategy, no doubt. But he didn't push this to CBS. This is a Hurley Mess. Cleland and Hurley, folks.

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    he thanks god

    this is something. what, i'm not sure. he's your bush. not mine. never mine. just keep that in mind, m@.

    and i'm pretty sure god can pronounce abomination correctly. and also, it looks to me from watching the video in the link that god is about two blinks of his eyelash away from striking mr. holier-than-thou-perpetual-foot-in-mouth disease dead with a heartattack, based on his labored breathing. :/

    posted by kimberley at 1:20 PM   16 comments links to this post


    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    and now for something completely different

    yes. i'm still alive. i've just been busy with a monumental move and work. or perhaps it would be more titillating to say m@ finally let me out of the dungeon?

    at any rate, consider this my obligatory monthly post. it's far from political. i'm not bashing kerry. or bush. i'm not touching CBS with a 120 ft pole coated in teflon and KY jelly. so feel free to skip it and read ahead to something that tickles your fancy instead. my feelings won't be hurt. i promise.

    recently while on a business trip, an associate and i were going through airport security (since when did i get old enough to have associates, anyway?) and i just zipped right through security. i was told i might have to show my boarding pass to someone else along the way so i had it out and at the ready. my associate did the same. i breezed through. no problems. i was surrounded by two male & one female TSA agent who laughed and joked with me. this 3 agent to one passenger ratio seemed a bit extreme to me, but i tried to seem relaxed and breezy in that "la la la i'm so not doing anything wrong" way that one does. especially when one isn't. doing anything wrong that is.

    one male agent was even flirting. "how was your trip ma'am and where is home?" he wanted to know. he asked about the space needle. wanted to come visit. we laughed and talked and i was waving my boarding pass around comically. me, giddy with victory at having made it through so effortlessly, i was showing it to everyone who would look. "did you want to see it? did you? they said someone else might want to see it!" they laughed and gave me that, o aren't you cute as a button? look and waved me through. i slipped my sandals back on and waited on the other side for my associate who seemed to be taking an inordinately long time to materialize. finally he shows up looking put out and not at all chipper. he reaches into his pocket and says, "three times." rather grimly.

    "THREE times!" he tells me again. "i think i just got a good old fashioned TSA admonishment." he then pulls out a handful of change and a little sliver of silver. a bit of his belt buckle had broken off earlier and he had shoved it in his pocket with his change. when he tried to go through the metal detector the bit of buckle set it off. they were on him like white on rice. he had to remove it and they descended upon him like vultures, checking his pockets and frisking him wildly without so much as a smile. he had to go through the detector twice more. i laughed and said, "meanwhile..." and pulled out the chopsticks from my hair, which look like this ----

    then i said, "...and in my purse is my makeup bag. the things in a woman's makeup bag---well, there are things in there that could easily kill a man, but the guy who checked me through the line was ready to impregnate me at the top of the space needle." my associate laughs in spite of himself and shakes his head.

    "yeah," he says. "it's a free country. and you are the fairer sex." then, still shaking his head, he carries my bag to the gate in silence.

    the poor downtrodden white male. god bless him. and god bless my ovaries. just this once. who ever said life is fair?

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    More on Kobach Vs. Moore from the blogosphere

    For what it's worth, I found an entry at BlogKc that pointed to some blogs for each candidate.

    Moorewatch versus Kriswatch. Partisan operative alert, if that needs to be said.

    Also, for what it's worth, I am having trouble finding anything but passing mention to this race on multiple searches (excluding the candidates own site, and accounting for my crappy Searching skills) of google and then only in reference to Cheney's visit to support Kobach a few months ago. KansasCity.com, home of the KCstar, only returns a maximum of 2 stories for stories within the last 7 days, and neither very relevant to someone who wanted an objective layout of the race. As if such a person exists, in the first place. Ha.

    I'm sure there is stuff out there but except for the candidate's own efforts, there is not much being said about this race. That almost certainly favors Dennis Moore. That's a shame, because this is one of those places that a gain could be made.

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    My pet company

    I like SpaceDev. I have followed them for a long time, though i do not and have never owned any stock in it. It's one of those great idea companies that I came across and never got around to investing in. I have no idea how it's doing.

    But I check in now and then and I follow the news. They've made their biggest mark by winning the hybrid rocket money from Scaled Composites, the likely leader in the X-prize race. The money from space at this point is largely generated at the vendor level, it seems to me. The SpaceDev business model still excites me and to see them hooking up with the big names in space privatization is great.

    So this article on SpaceDaily.com is another great example of SpaceDev's vision if not their profitability. At this point it is still clear that SpaceDev is making most of its money by doing odd jobs and getting study grants like this nonbinding almost meaningless statement of intent implies are coming. This kind of stuff is not really breaking news in the business world, and for good reason.

    That said, it is good to see my favorite little startup continuing to push its vision and putting a good face up. This is at least an indicator that providing Scaled Composits with hybrid rockets (and beating their decent competition for the contract) has boosted their credibility. That is a good sign, even if my narrow and uninformed view of it turns out to have nothing to do with the real reasons and meaning to this latest press release.

    I can't begin to guess at what those might be (if you're an expert on such things, feel free to comment) but it seems to be reasonable to think what I do: that this is a subtle public bit of vouching for SpaceDev by NASA. The "Dream Chaser" rocket is a fine vision but it is just that. This wouldn't be the first fledgling space vendor that NASA threw a bone to in the press. It is important to everyone that these companies are established as viable and not run by amateur crackpots. That's as important right now as is the likelihood that NASA will ever be ordering "Dream Chasers" by the dozen. They won't, at least not for a long long time.

    Anyway, I just felt like posting about something besides politics news...

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    Finkle and...

    Ramirez? Huh?

    And Bill Burkett says he agrees with me that he was a patsy. Of course, it remains to be seen if he's been a patsy to his own craziness or if someone really did set up him the forgery. You say what!

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    Monday, September 20, 2004

    Kerry on Letterman.

    Yawn. I can't believe I'm watching this. I can't believe I think this is worth my time.

    10:43 Ha ha to the CBS gag up front. 9 real stories and 1 fake one, tonight on CBS news. can you guess which one is fake? The answer may surprise you!

    And having Kerry say he is going to vote for Bush must have hurt. Kerry is willing to eat almost any amount of shit anyone on a comedy show will feed him, and "this should be pursued agressively".

    Even the Bush crack made me laugh, and hey if Kerry is gonna vote for him...

    The survey guy is pretty funny. harold larkin, pollster. Kerry is coming up next, and I hope all the young kids with cellphones that Michael Moore is talking about are paying close attention. Be real sure you want to just abdicate your opinion of this guy and defer to Coach Moore. Maybe he'll do great.

    And...we're back

    10:51 Kerry comes out and first off he's nothing but cracks on the president. Ha he is murdering himself in my opinion.

    10:53 Kerry mentions Lawrence Ks, without naming it. Letterman is asking him about campaign changes. Kerry is dying cause he's lying.

    10:57 Kerry eats some shit but the crowd seems to like him. Letterman thinks he is a munch.

    10:58 Letterman just served Kerry with a zing (about how kerry thinks he is going to restore America's reputation in the world--Letterman made a crack about how formidable a task that would be for anyone) and Kerry danced back at Bush (Has he messed it up that bad? Kerry asks. Crowd applauds, and Letterman looks a little disbelieving). Letterman might start a pissing contest. But nope...

    11:00 Commercial after Letterman graciously let Kerry go on and on without saying anything. Letterman ends with a smirky...well, those are some good ideas--like you might say to the idiot at work who gives you his asinine opinion but its in a meeting with people watching.

    11:04 Kerry is making his Iraq case now...Russert would have him pinned already. Letterman is just letting him remake his speech from today. That's why passive journalism sucks, people.

    Kerry just said first that he can't say what he'll find on Jan. 20 but now says that he is confident that as president he will be able to bring coalitions together and completely fix the 100 percent mess that Bush created. What the hell is he talking about?

    Kerry seemed to have his wit together, and had his "Geneva Conventions, you're aware of those?" moment. Letterman seemed to back completely off after that and let Kerry make his case with some ambiguously leading questions. Kerry took it wherever he wanted it. But that's Letterman's style. He generally lets people make fools of themselves if they want to. Ok its back on

    11:12 Letterman dropped the bomb! Kerry wastes no time in offending Letterman visibly. The question was about what a president Kerry would do in Bush's position with the same intelligence and Kerry danced. Then Kerry tries to remind Dave about 9/12 and then made a completely pandering compliment to save it. Letterman looked like he wanted to hit Kerry.

    11:16 Letterman tries to corner Kerry on his Iraq position. Letterman is laughing at Kerry.

    The top ten Bush tax proposal is bombing no matter what the applause tells you. Letterman knows this guy is a stupid prick. You could see it on Dave's face, and he was acting like it. The crowd was unreasonably TRL about this guy.

    11:23 I'm not sure if Kerry will be back or not but during his political screeding I was wondering if we were going to see Kerry attempt scripted humor and the Top Ten list gave me my answer. Some were funny, but Kerry didn't really make any of them his own, delivery-wise. He flubbed what might have been the best one...number 2 was "nuclear is now pronounced 'nukular' or something dumb like that. But Kerry mispronounced 'NU-kular' as 'nuKUlar. Weak.

    11:34 and I'm only still watching in hopes that Letterman will crack on Kerry. Nope. Letterman doesn't hang himself out too much in public and so that's no surprise. I can dig it. Don't let anyone tell you he did a great job though. He survived it but it wasn't pretty and it wasn't presidential.

    12:24--After thinking about it some, I don't really think Kerry did any self deprecation. There was one Teresa is rich joke but that doesn't really count. There were some clever shots at Bush, but it was all mean and pretty disrespectful of the office. There were definite flops too. He got called on being unwilling to admit to reality (the polls, the first thing Dave asked about. I'm convinced that this played horribly at home. The applause he was getting...who knows.

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    Looks like Bush wasn't very happy with Dan's apology and courageous facing of the facts

    Drudge is reporting that "senior Bush officials" want Schieffer off the debate moderator list. There's not a story to link to, so we'll see.

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    I'm not the only one who has used the word

    Patsy. I said it a bunch of posts ago, about Burkett. It turns out A Small Victory thinks so as well. This was not a brilliant revelation, but she made some good points, and says that the temporarily abdicated Mudville Gazette is where RatherBiased went after a server crash to mull all this new stuff over. I guess that's where anyone interested in throwing theories around should go.

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    Statement from Mikey Moore

    This pep talk by Coach Moore is pretty funny. Just ignore the Karl Rove mystic hypnotism and pay attention to his!

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    cease fire and turn it to CBS

    Everyone is waiting to see what Dan Rather has to say for himself. Me too.

    Update as I live blog this Just for grins, I'm going to lay out my impressions before everyone tears everything he says to shreds.

    First thought: dennis moore bought a smart slot for his commercial right before this. look for the ratings spike report afterwards.

    This story gets listed third? They want me to listen to him schill for kerry first? wtf!? And lets watch how they frame the American hostage killed. And now a 5 minute segment about Kerry. Shill move. WTF.

    They seem to be treating Kerry's speech fairly, but you can see the optimism. Ok here we go, but I bet they show a dead soldier first.

    5:36- He sort of can get a pass for giving these three major stories because they are major stories. But frankly, I think they lost the right to make their case like that. Leave that to the still credible news organizations. The big story on YOUR channel is the one you're burying.

    5:40 Finally...let's listen. Framing the story as true again. They went to him! Burkett was approached by CBS!!!

    Burkett is hostile about lying. Says he hasn't forged anything. Dan is still the My Cousin Vinny prosecutor though. Burkett still insists the docs are real.

    5:41 Dan apologizes. let's go to replay.

    5:45 I've flipped. Ok they gave some fair time to Scott Mclellan and made some conciliatory statements. There was wiggling but this is big progress. They put the dead soldier AFTER the report, unlike just before as in previous reports. Its working. There will be a lot of speculation about what Burkett said, and how that went. Nawtin says he thought Rather looked like he was about to cry. The statement after his apology needs to be picked apart to see just how much he wiggled. I think he did attempt some explanation of what he did wrong which is promising. But let's look at it closely. He deserves that kind of scrutiny.

    So Burkett and CBS are pissed at one another. That can only make things better for us.

    5:46 The biggest thing here I think is that CBS says they approached Burkett. That makes it much more easy to guess that it went from Burkett to Cleland to CBS. Or Barnes. Both are avowed and proud "partisan operatives" aren't they? Hmmm. Cleland admitted sending Burkett up the chain, and Barnes was supposedly only convinced to come forward on the strength of CBS's persuasion using the documents they had as proof that Barnes wouldn't get caught out.

    So that makes it more likely that Cleland told the Kerry folks everything and they used that information (as any smart strategist might) to what they thought would be their best benefit. And then they told CBS, who sought out Burkett. This brewed plenty long enough, and Burkett has been in contact with so many people, that it is still concievable to imagine Barnes in there. This certainly needs some sorting out.

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    Have you seen this man?

    Well, it looks like there's a kook out to get the president. Nope, not Dan Rather. Not Bill Burkett. A real live guy that they are calling a 'credible threat' in NY.

    He says authorities are looking for a 55-year-old man named Lawrence Ward in connection with the reported threat.

    Ward is said to be driving a blue 1997 Toyota sedan with a New York license plate: BRF-6546.

    Since there was a shooting at the state capitol in Illinois today, and some kid foiled a school shooting by reporting the kid who was threatening the shit in a chat room [smart call, kid] and I am seeing more and more evidence of craziness in the activism, people need to keep on their toes. Like the guy said on Hill Street Blues: "Let's be careful out there"

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    Shotgun! I dunno, counselor. I've had shotgun before, lotta stuff goin' on up there.

    Thanks to Nawtin for sending this link to the Onion. It's funny 'cause it's true! Here's some more from NRO's Dave Konig.

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    that is all.

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    The best part

    This is probably up elsewhere but the transcript of the Daschle/Thune debate on Meet the Press afforded a nice little exchange that, at least in print, makes Daschle look like a weenie. We pick up as Daschle gets assaulted for trying to claim that since the Senate has approved 95% of its nominees that the 5 percent that he is not allowing a vote on at all don't count. Watch as Daschle is reduced to the "Are Not!" defense:

    SEN. DASCHLE: ...95 percent. Now, John would suggest that maybe we just rubber stamp them all, but the Constitution requires us to advise and consent and you know that, John, so...

    MR. THUNE: Exactly. And you're not...

    SEN. DASCHLE: But what's wrong with 95 percent?

    MR. THUNE: ...following the Constitution.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Would you say--does it have to be 100 percent?

    MR. THUNE: Let's talk about the people that you're not giving a vote, Tom.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Well, every one of these people gets a vote, John.

    MR. THUNE: It's one thing if you want to talk about the Constitution, let's talk about the Constitution.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Well, I'm prepared to do that.

    MR. THUNE: The president nominates...

    SEN. DASCHLE: Ninety-five percent, just remember that.

    MR. THUNE: ...the Senate confirms. You know, Janice Rogers Brown...

    SEN. DASCHLE: It doesn't rubber stamp...

    MR. THUNE: ...Priscilla Owen, Charles Pickering, Bill Pryor, Miguel Estrada, Bill Myers--you go right down the list. These people didn't get a vote. Now it's one thing to say that, you know, you're confirming a certain percentage, but these people deserve a vote. The filibuster has never been used in the history of this country to deny appellate court nominees an opportunity and an up-and-down vote in the United States Senate. Under Tom Daschle, that is the first time that has happened.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That's not true.

    MR. THUNE: These are good, qualified people...

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true.

    MR. THUNE: ...people who the American Bar Association says are highly qualified.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true.

    MR. THUNE: Let them have a vote.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That is not true either.

    MR. THUNE: Let them have a vote.

    SEN. DASCHLE: Ninety-five percent.

    MR. THUNE: None of them are.

    SEN. DASCHLE: That's the bottom line, Tim. I'd say 95 percent is the answer.

    MR. THUNE: The bottom line is let's follow the Constitution...

    SEN. DASCHLE: We do.

    MR. RUSSERT: The issue...

    MR. THUNE: ...give them a vote, Tom.

    SEN. DASCHLE: We certainly do, John.

    MR. THUNE: Give them a vote.

    MR. RUSSERT: ...seems to be the Republicans are calling Mr. Daschle an obstructionist.

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    Am I crazy?

    If I wonder whether or not there was more dealing with CBS about whether to have that third debate than there was with the Kerry team should I get checked for Moore's disease? Suspicious timing is not proof! I keep reminding myself that, but Kerry and Schieffer are both a lot more in need of the third debate than is Bush.

    I am too lazy to overthink this angle and it could just be that CBS came up empty with Burkett this weekend and at the same time, the Bush team decided that 3 debates in a town hall format would be ok, but who knows.

    Nawtin asked the question "I wonder what they got for that" and based on the "leaked" Bush strategy, I answered that the third debate being in St. Louis, it would help Bush's chances in Misery. Or as they affectionately call it, "Missurrah". Neither did they want to look like they were ducking their opponent. However, they agreed to a town hall forum, which the Bush camp originally went in saying they were against. Obviously that was a bargaining chip, but why did it need to be played? Three debates is proof enough you aren't ducking anyone. Isn't it?

    There's no telling what kind of stuff was on the table in the back rooms. James Baker III vs. Vernon Jordan. Interesting stuff, I bet. Even if they only wrangled over mundane stuff it would be incredible to be a fly on the wall. Baker wouldn't be above taking calls from CBS wondering if they could do anything to ensure Bob Schieffer getting a prime time spot though. That's all I'm sayin'.

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    Hey, here's some new PJ O'rourke

    I missed it, but he has a new article out. I've still got to read it myself. That's where I'm going now. Meetcha back here.

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    Sunday, September 19, 2004

    Kobach Vs. Moore

    I live in the 3rd district of Kansas, where there is a fairly important race going on for that seat between Kris Kobach and the incumbent Dennis Moore.

    Deroy Murdock wrote about Kobach's primary victory and the race against Moore back in early August, and that is here.

    We've had Moore in there bungling things up for long enough and finally this year the RNC has put some money in to the district to accomplish that. Cheney came out to personally bless the candidacy, in something of an apology to Kobach after having funded the campaign of his primary opponent, Adam Taff. It should come as no surprise that Kobach had to spend a lot of money to get where he is, and the RNC support might not be enough. Out of state money has really helped Thune take it to Daschle and if you're reading this, don't forget Kris Kobach. This guy is the future of the conservative leadership,if he can pull off this race. Just sayin...

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    Malkin @ Berkeley

    Michelle Malkin is on C-span 2 for her book In Defense of Internment and I have to say it is a shame that the left assembled outside and endeavored to allow her to speak. It is very telling that they would rather keep you from hearing her than let you listen to her opinion and decide for yourself if she is full of idiocy and racism or if she has anything relevant to say about the War on Terror. Ms. Malkin made a statement to the effect that those outside shouting "Shame" should be aware of what a shame it is that they don't understand what "liberal education" truly means.

    To say the least, I found it very hard to watch this and not agree. To my sane friends on the left:

    What do you think of this? Do you think you could get your nutty pals to settle down during grown-up talk? It would really help, thanks. It's hard not to describe your party by its loudest members, do you get what I'm sayin'?

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    There's a walkoff happening here

    Update I realized in the shower that I actually used a pop culture reference to describe a pop culture reference to a current event. It's more deeply entrenched in me than I thought. And the HORSE metafur screwed the whole "don't mix metafurs" rule. But on the bright side I also thought of a quote from Raiders of the Lost Ark that fits CBS's latest response:

    [Discussing the fate of the Ark]
    Maj. Eaton : We have top men working on it now.
    Indiana : Who?
    Maj. Eaton : Top... men.

    Ha! Ok, see what happens when you put Durban Poison on it? --End update

    I think I am somewhat like Ed from Northern Exposure in exactly the way I believe the writers of Northern Exposure intended me to think. He invariably compares what is going on immediately around him to a parable situation remembered from his vast knowledge of mass media fiction.

    Movie and television fiction has perhaps eclipsed written fiction in a more obvious way than the way it has usurped actual history for the way a lot of people relate to the world's events, but I think written fiction morphing to acted fiction is a less stunning development of culture. While a lot of the pros out there are great at informing me about how x relates to y in two different historical contexts, and if the two events are both within my lifetime I can sometimes grasp these things on my own, it remains a pretty good assertion if I say that my peers and I use vicarious fiction much more commonly to understand our observations of the real world than we use any detailed knowledge of history. I do it so often that it scares me, no matter how endearing Ed's take on the world is to anyone.

    But that's how it is a lot of times, there's no denying it. The Bush twins at the convention was basically directed at the Ed thinkers out there. Almost any situation lends itself to a fiction that came before it, just like history. So what do I think about when I see that Kerry is hitting the Letterman show (after The Daily Show, Imus and Time) in order to get his credits for showing up to answer questions? Zoolander. There's a walk-off going down. Kerry has been pooching and trying to hide that he can't turn left and Bush is about to take off his underwear without first removing his pants. Brilliant!

    Ed might pick a better movie than Zoolander to post in a blog about when contrasting the candidacies of Bush and Kerry but that's the first one that came to mind when I read this footnote in Bob Novak's column today

    A footnote: While also turning down major television interviews, Sen. Kerry has agreed to appear on non-news venues: Don Imus' radio program, ''The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'' and ''The Late Show with David Letterman.'' Kerry has not held a press availability on the campaign trail since Aug. 9.

    Wow, that's a lot of time to get filled in with only fluff. Bush has had a few "gimmes" like appearing on the Rush Limbaugh show. But that appearance arose out of a legitimate sit-down with a real reporter. Bush is appearing on Bill O'reilly this week in what I consider to be the walk-off winning move here. Bush is going to face a tough interview, and he might still screw it up.

    But the fact that he is even showing up establishes his legitimacy where Kerry has none. To me this is an obvious sign that the Bush campaign thinks that people will get this idea whether Bush takes some shots or not. It doesn't have to be graceful. If he ends up with the bikini briefs held aloft, there is nothing for Kerry to do except try to do it himself. He might do just okay as well. Either way, he looks like he was afraid to do it until he his hand was forced. The walk-off strategy is basically the strategy from a game of HORSE. Make the shots your opponent makes, and then put up a shot that your opponent will have a hard time making. Kerry hasn't been real gung-ho about making that shot so far; maybe he doesn't think that is a shot he stands a good chance of making.

    It stands to reason that Bush only has to stick to his simple list of points to do okay, and Kerry has to defend multiple positions on single issues. The damage an anything-less-than-great O'reilly appearance can do to Kerry is worse than a just okay appearance by Bush. Why? 'Cause then Bush moves on to the next respected journalist, daring Kerry to keep up. I think this is a move Kerry does not want to see Bush attempting in the few weeks before the debates, the place where Kerry likely sees as his last, best place to make a stand. If you recall, Derek Zoolander made a brave attempt to copy that last move, and failed comically. Will Kerry?

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    Mark Steyn knows who needs a punchin'

    I have recently figured out that a new Mark Steyn Column is something that can't wait until I get to it. It gets the kind of preferential treatment the left affords to George Bush's ability to fly fighter jets.

    I want to read him immediately when he comes out and while I am reading I want him to be working on the next gem. That's how strongly I agree with this guy. He deserves some sort of anti-fisking but that's the beauty of well written pieces. They don't need further comment. Read the whole article, but the best bit is here:

    In Sudan, the civilised world is (so far) doing everything to conform with the UN charter, which means waiting till everyone's been killed and then issuing a strong statement expressing grave concern.

    As for Iraq, the UN system designed to constrain Saddam was instead enriching him, through the Oil-for-Food programme, and enabling him to subsidise terrorism. Given that the Oil-for-Fraud programme was run directly out of Kofi Annan's office, the Secretary-General ought to have the decency to recognise that he had his chance with Iraq, he blew it, and a period of silence from him would now be welcome.

    He's not the only voice from the lost world of September 10, 2001 weighing in. John Kerry, the doomed Democrat, has abandoned any talk of "victory" - in Iraq, I mean; he's still hopeful of holding New Jersey. But instead he is promising to let America's troops "come home", which is another way of saying "surrender".

    'nuff said.

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    Gee, I wonder why the US is opposed to this

    Jacques Chirac thinks that international taxation is a great idea. Something tells me it isn't just Jacques and this isn't the last we'll hear about it. The idea that the US should pay a tax to the world to accomplish what we are already doing without much help (and in fact plenty of hinderance, the more we know about things) from anybody much less France is absurd.

    PARIS: French President Jacques Chirac will put forward ideas for an international tax scheme that would help build a 50-billion-dollar war chest to fight poverty during a 55-nation conference on economic development opening Monday in New York.

    Chirac will launch his initiative fortified by the conclusions of a French working group, but the idea is fiercely opposed by the United States.

    At least the lede is right up there in front. The report mentions only the United States when describing the resistance to such a patently stupid idea but says down a bit further that there is strong opposition from "many nations". Undaunted, the proponents maintain a Ratherlike optimism that it will happen anyway:

    The group acknowledged that a global consensus on the proposal does not currently exist.

    "Opposition even to the principle of an obligatory contribution is strong in many countries," notably the United States, the report said.

    Nonetheless most of the 15 authors -- senior government officials, economists, business leaders and representatives from international and development groups -- insist that their proposal stands a realistic chance of being implemented.

    Taking a step back, this makes deals like the Kyoto treaty seem even more like an "Ackbar". Something that, immediately after signage by the US, would prompt Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar to yell out "It's a trap!!!". Pffft.

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    Anyone? Anyone?

    Just watched Ben Stein on Book Tv. It's hard to explain why I like him so much but I bet you do too so let's just nod and swell with pride that he's on our side.

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    Saturday, September 18, 2004

    Shaky credentials

    Breaking news in the RatherGate scandal here and I'm busting a gut. PDF warning but check it out...

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    Letterman to document imploding candidacy Monday Night

    I admit, I will watch this. Hmmm, I was never going to watch CBS again. Maybe I'll just never believe anything I *see* on CBS again.

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    Cactus Road has more on Nader

    This post hyah at Cactus Road illustrates the attempt by Democrats to make sure some votes are definitely NOT counted. The graphic he posts that shows the status of Nader's ballots by state is here. Now some of this is just part of the game. Third party candidates have been feeling the heat from both sides of the Two Party System since as long as I can remember. That's not the point. This is the first time you've seen either party count that as part of their "must accomplish this first or everything else will fail" strategy. This fight is normally quite over by now, isn't it? As long as the Dems think it's within 3 points to Bush, they will be doggin' this guy.

    To Democrats: There is still time to start the Nader movement back up. He looks better than Kerry, doesn't he?

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    Fisking Eleanor Clift

    Eleanor Clift is basically that old lady from Little House on the Prairie to me. The one that was always offended and angry? The one with the snotty daughter? Shrill and full of herself. Ineffectually mean out of a constantly indignant sense of affront to her morals and ego. I just reread her recent article linked to in the last post and decided to test run it through my BS detector as a known BS quantity. I am new at this bloggin' gig and as I willingly state, I have no credentials on just about any subject you can name. So keep that in mind as you notice how easily she is picked apart.

    She begins with a bunch of junk about Kerry and the polls to preface the story, but I'm not really sure what that has to do with her point so I skipped it. Her third paragraph introduces the idea that Congress might call for an investigation in to RatherGate, and pooh poohs that by putting it in with other high profile media investigations-the Janet Jackson thing at the Super Bowl-as example of the time Congress wastes on unimportant things. That is followed up by an insertion of her first premise (as always) that Bush is evil and lies constantly:

    Republican lapdogs on Capitol Hill rushed to cash in on "Rathergate." Rep. Chris Cox, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, urged the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunications to investigate CBS's use of potentially falsified documents. This is a party that launches investigations into Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction—and now this—while ignoring the intelligence lapses that led the country into an unnecessary war in Iraq, and covering for Bush when he exaggerates the progress in that nation’s development. The National Intelligence Estimate prepared for the president in late July, and reported Thursday by The New York Times, describes Iraq in far more pessimistic terms than Bush does on the campaign trail, with civil war a likely outcome.

    Ok...Apparently there is only time for Congress to do one thing, and nothing else can be done until that one thing is finished. It could be *centuries* before anyone brings this up! I guess Bush was the only person who didn't want to let out this TOP SECRET information. Him and Karl Rove. No commanders on the ground in Iraq might be wondering if it's such a good idea to make this information public, given that the public can screw everything up. I highly doubt Ms. Clift would find cagey behavior on Bill Clinton's part suspicious, and she seems to impart some really pure motives to the Kerry campaign as well. I'll not try to convince you the Kerry campaign tries to spin things. And I don't see how investigating election fraud over gov't regulated airwaves is somehow unimportant. And so four paragraphs in, we come to her lede:

    The White House kept the report under wraps for two months, yet where is the outrage? Instead, Republicans want to launch hearings on the inner workings of CBS. "It really scares me when members of Congress begin to publicly talk about holding an investigation into how a journalist does his job," says Bill Kovach, veteran newsman and founder of the Committee of Concerned Journalists. The First Amendment begins with the words "Congress shall make no law" when it comes to abridging freedom of religion or expression, or freedom of the press. "What if Congress began an investigation into what the Catholic church does," Kovach says to make his point on how wildly inappropriate Cox's action is.

    Well, the report is Top Secret. I'm sure that was where it was supposed to stay. Under Wraps. That's why Bush didn't tell anyone about it. He wasn't supposed to. See? Also, why when did the CIA suddenly earn Clift's respect for calling things correctly? Does she think a Kerry administration is going to bend over backwards to report its goings-on any more than CBS does to report its newsmaking? Why should Bush care what you think of one little piece of the picture he has of what is going on over there? And yes, that is how the first Amendment starts. I don't see anything in there that says "Congress shall never investigate wrongdoing by people it has oversight jurisdiction on if they are in the press, even if they don't plan to write a law about it and several laws on the books might have been broken in the expression of political thought" Do you, Eleanor? And tell me Eleanor...Did you check on Mr. Kovach's assertion that Congress has not investigated the Catholic Church? Do you suggest that Congress should not investigate any Faith-based initiative groups run by the Catholic church? What about Catholic Schools? That's church business, right? Sorry to interrupt, Go on.

    Clearly CBS and Dan Rather now have doubts about the quality of the documents they aired last week about Bush's behavior as a young lieutenant in the Texas Air National Guard. The network had reason to question the story even before the broadcast, but chose not to share its concerns with the viewing public.

    Ah, somewhat close to the mark. Nothing at all close to "The documents are forged and anyone with a brain knows that now" But since you've given up that much, let's let you take the next 1 1/2 paragraphs describing how CBS could have still pulled off the smear if they hadn't been so greedy, and then list off 3 completely weak and already thoroughly DOA (debunked on arrival) points to support the Fake But Accurate line.

    A former New York Times Washington bureau chief and former editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kovach thinks CBS should have said at the very beginning that it believed the documents to be accurate but couldn't be sure, but that people on the scene at the time say they adequately reflect the perceptions of Bush's squadron commander, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, who died in 1984. "Be honest about what you've got and you wouldn't be in as much jeopardy," says Kovach, whose high ethical standards throughout his long career earned him the moniker, "the conscience of journalism.”

    The controversy over the memos overshadowed what is known about Bush's Guard service, or lack thereof. First, Bush needed political pull to land a coveted spot in the Texas Guard. Former Texas House speaker Ben Barnes, a Democrat, told Rather that he helped Bush at the request of a Bush family friend, that he did it for countless other well-connected young men and that he regretted it. Secondly, we know Bush didn't show up in Alabama when he was supposed to. There's a $50,000 reward for anybody who can vouch for him, and nobody has stepped forward. Third, The Boston Globe revealed that Bush never reported for Guard duty in Boston as promised when he attended Harvard Business School. Lastly, Killian's secretary, Marian Carr Knox, says the content of the disputed memos is true even if the memos were forged.

    So the "conscience of journalism" doesn't have a problem with throwing unsubstantiated hearsay smears out there, but forgeries are just not cricket. Besides, as Clift points out Ben Barnes(who is a pure witness) said it was true. Also, there's that 50,000 dollars that no one has claimed so Bush must have no supporters of his story! Well hang on there, pard. She's talking about this story here. Actually, several witnesses to Bush's attendance in Alabama have come forth, though none to claim the prize. For your own perusal of the wiggle room they afford themselves, you may find their disclaimers and criteria for proof here. I dunno counselor...Ms. Clift seems to omit stories like this in hopes of you not knowing the truth. That there *are* people who have said what she says no one has said. That's not the only one, but I only need one to prove my point. Eleanor Clift is bullshitting you. Let's continue.

    Speculation centers on Bill Burkett, a retired Texas National Guard officer, who earlier this year said that he had overheard a conversation in the spring of 1997 about needing to "sanitize" Bush's Guard records. Bush was running for a second term as governor and anticipating a run for the presidency. Burkett said he later saw dozens of pages from Bush's file dumped in the trash.

    It isn't hard to imagine a frustrated Burkett re-creating memos he knew existed, and which he believed the Bush machine had destroyed—and doing an amateurish job of fakery. "Your imagination is free to roam anywhere it wants to because they [CBS] haven't shut the door," says Kovach.

    Yes, this is filler to get to the end, which has nothing to do with outrage at all. She hasn't mentioned the Kerry campaign again, or Burkett's possible connection to it. She is speculating here that Burkett is a rogue wacko who went nuts from being oppressed in his first beating at the hands of Karl Rove and did the only thing he could do. That would be right in line with her upcoming article which I predict will try and defend against the accusation that the DNC or Kerry was involved in this in any way. Her last paragraph she gives to Kovach, in hopes that the nod to journalistic integrity will obfuscate what she wants to happen: CBS give up Burkett, and make sure everyone knows Burkett is a disgruntled loner. She is "winking and nodding" to CBS and the DNC that she is on point, and in place to help them spin this away from Kerry. Here's the last paragraph so you can wonder what the hell it has to do with "where's the outrage" or Kerry polls or what is going on in Iraq. She also wants us to remember not to lose faith in anonymous sources. After all, they just handed us this TOP SECRET report to use against Bush, didn't they?

    Journalists fight to the death to protect a source, but in this case Kovach thinks the burden is on CBS to provide more information about a story that goes to the heart of the network's credibility. "Anonymity is a contract,” he says. “If I'm counting on your information being absolutely foolproof, and if you deceive me, I have no obligation to protect you. It's a two-way street." The facts about Bush's Guard service are not in doubt. The question is can Rather credibly back up his claims. It's a fair question to ask any journalist.

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    Go here

    Pat over at KerryHaters has the first of the DigitalBrownshirts Network audio op-ed pieces up here.

    Kitty has her segment up here, and the third segment seems to be lost to the ether at this writing.

    Will it grow? What are they serving at the Putsch? I like the idea quite a bit here, starting a network that will last longer than Kerry. Good move, guys. If you start a 527, I'm *IN*.

    Wachs on the Web has a friendly reminder to Chris Matthews about their bet on the presidential election outcome. Seems Matthews was 1000 bucks sure Bush couldn't pull it by a 7 point spread. It's just a gentle reminder that there was a handshake but it's still funny...

    This one takes the cake though. Eleanor Clift wonders Where is the Outrage? and points out that bad news is coming out of Iraq! She seems to be saying "Forget all that stuff about how the news bends over backwards to shape what they tell you! That's small stuff! Pay attention to *what the news is telling you!!!*" How stupid does she think we are?

    The fact is, Eleanor, that we all know there are lots of terrorists trying to screw up the help we are giving the Iraqis. We all knew that. We don't need to swallow your opinion about that report in order to have noticed the report. When it came out I said "yeah, no shit", I did not think "Oh my god! It must be a lost cause! I wouldn't have known this if the MSM hadn't reported it as such!". The Outrage you're wondering about is currently being directed at those bastards we are shooting at over there. And there is still plenty to go around for the idiots like you in the media who think we don't get it unless you tell us what to get.

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    Rude awakening for Burkett on the way

    What's the DNC and the Kerry campaign to do about Burkett? The connections between the three are becoming more documented as we speak, and the CW is that Burkett is loony tunes.

    Mr. Van Os, Burkett's lawyer is also well connected. Hmm but Captain's Quarters notes that such an arrangement is perfect because of client attorney privilege even if it seems like a horrible PR move for everyone involved.

    But with one of the possible sources exempt from testifying about his part in it and able to be involved in the defense process (with access to information from the prosecution...) frees up the DNC et all to start smearing Burkett. It's in their best interest to go along with the crazy-as-a-bedbug-with-hives picture of Burkett being painted, isn't it?

    Max Cleland being forthright about having passed Burkett up the ladder and giving him the advice to counterattack is a bit too open for me. He certainly must know the focus will turn to who Burkett contacted. That person is already waiting to tell the first reporter that tracks him down that "Yes, I spoke to Mr. Burkett but something seemed off. He seemed just not quite 'all there', and when we checked his story we decided out of honesty and a sense of decency to let it drop. We hadn't heard from him again until he showed up on CBS."

    Plausible, yes. But considering the "Fortunate Son" campaign they rolled out...and considering they already had commercials ready to run and they all had their buzzwords primed. Terry McAuliff was using the phrase "sugar coated" before the memos were on CBS. So you tell me, doesn't it seem likely that even if it is true that the DNC/Kerry folks passed on it, they surely knew that CBS hadn't. And they surely could have said something about it, in their sense of honesty and fair play. But I don't even give them that much credit. They will be happy to trash Burkett while making sympathetic noises about poor mentally troubled Burkett apparently took leave of his senses long ago and that the DNC can't be blamed for that. Watch. Cleland started the ball on it, and it should only take a day or two to pick up speed.

    When Burkett realizes that Van Os is helping him in order to keep him from screwing up the DNC's plans any more, and that part of the plan is hanging him out to dry...He is going to have some really hurt feelings. It is possible he'll even become a Republican after this. Nahhhhh...Burkett's loyalty is to the people he found identity with-the disgruntled vets-and not the DNC. Not that all this wasn't to help Kerry get elected, but I've read Burkett criticizing Kerry as well. The real goal is Get Bush out, because he is the biggest impediment to getting troops out of Iraq. I'm sayin Burkett didn't work alone. He had help from the DNC/K and CBS, but none of them helped Burkett forge anything. I just don't think Burkett did this alone.

    He says 'we' too many times when alluding to what he is about to unleash on Bush. Indeed, he talks way too much about this shit to everyone who will listen. I have to think he brought other people in on this a long time ago. The details will shed more light on it as they come out, but this is my hunch. This is a small faction of Veterans for Peace or some other crazy anti-war group. That's still my guess and I could still be totally wrong. But just waiting to be told is no fun.

    This is just like a nationwide interactive mystery party. Think about it in those terms I guess. This is a nation raised on Angela Lansbury and CSI and Encyclopedia Brown. I've read the entire Sherlock Holmes. In short:


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    Oil for food is exactly the kind of thing Kerry will come up with

    This story about some of the quagmire-like nuance involved in trying to figure out where terrorists get their money makes me shudder. The U.N. oil-for-food deal with Iraq is the same lesson we keep learning over and over: These guys don't keep deals.

    This story is what Dan Rather ought to have been covering.

    A good post about this here at The Rant.us

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    Friday, September 17, 2004

    Did anyone win money on this bet?

    The crackdown on people who don't deserve their careers continues

    I don't think any smart money bet against this happening. Sorry long shotters...Play the odds. Play the odds.

    Come to think of it, I have to wonder if there isn't a sting of some kind. They also got the Almost-but-not-quite-Macaulay Edward Furlong from Terminator 2, and Tracey Gold. Is there some sort of ring that the fuzz is busting up here? Should we check to see if there is some sort of celebrity Project Mayhem going to go down? Hmmm...

    What is John Kerry going to do about the screwy child actors? What is his plan?!

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    I wonder if the Democrats still think it's an outrage

    Well, now that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled it, Nader will be on the ballot there. Haven't heard much vocal outrage from Democrats about this yet, but I hope to. It's silly to think they'd turn on the Florida Supreme Court, right? Why don't you look so sure?

    The running battle moves now to...?

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    KCTV 5 claims to be a community activist but...

    KCTV 5 has a scambusters team. The Kansas City CBS affiliate loves to go around busting the big guy for malfeasance against the public they so valiantly defend. Well I say I see more B.S.

    I wrote KCTV to inquire pointedly about their stance on the CBS scandal and urged them to take some sort of action. It looks like they've set up an automated defense front there and nothing more. KCTV 5 is quite willing to let *their* guys defraud the community, and they love to find people who stonewall on camera. Well, I've got news for you guys. You won't even have to leave the office for the next report.

    Below is my email to KCTV and the response from Beth Green, a program director there. I don't think the response adequately answered my questions and I am going to have to call somebody. I'll let you know how that turns out.

    Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004
    To: kctv station account
    Subject: The forged CBS memos

    To whom it may concern:

    The evidence is mounting against CBS news in this story and their insistence on stonewalling is an affront to my sense of truth. The arrogant attitude they have adopted in response to honest and serious questions about their reporting methods reflects poorly on your integrity as its affiliate.

    I am curious what your position is on this matter, as I support an effort to insist on a retraction and appropriate investigation of the many questions regarding the way CBS reported this story. Using forgeries as a centerpiece of a story revival that is timed so coincidentally with the "fortunate son" campaign by the Kerry campaign is a serious issue affecting the working of our Democracy, especially in an election year.

    I plan to post your response on my weblog, and I hope that you are able to reassure me that you are not an organization that accepts such blatant disregard for simple ethics.


    M@ -----

    And now the response, which again is polite yet only willing to pass my comments along. No one wants to state that this is wrong and they agree with it. Some community consideration please:

    Thank you for your recent email. CBS News has released a statement on their position on the reports Mr. Rather gave on 60 Minutes Wednesday, September 8, and on the CBS Evening News on Monday, September 13. Below are excerpts from that statement:

    "In light of the questions about the 60 Minutes that aired on Wednesday, September 8, regarding President Bush’s service at the Texas Air National Guard, CBS News states that it will redouble its efforts to continue reporting aggressively on all aspects of the story in an effort to resolve those questions.

    The CBS News report was based on a preponderance of evidence: many interviews, both on- and off-camera, with individuals with direct and indirect knowledge of the situation, atmosphere and events of the period in question, as well as the procedures, character and thinking of Lt. Col. Killian, Bush’s squadron commander in the Guard, at the time. The report also included the first television interview with Ben Barnes, a Democrat and current fundraiser for John Kerry, who said he helped get Mr. Bush into the Texas Air National Guard at the request of a Bush family friend.

    Numerous questions have been raised about the authenticity of the documents. CBS News believes it is important for the news media to be accountable and address legitimate questions.

    The 60 Minutes broadcast reported that it obtained six documents from the personal files of Lt. Col. Killian, four of which were used in the broadcast. In accordance with longstanding journalistic ethics, CBS News is not prepared to reveal its confidential sources or the method by which 60 Minutes Wednesday received the documents. CBS News’ reporting determined that the source of the memos had access to the documents he provided and an opportunity to obtain copies of them. The sources included individuals who had first-hand knowledge of the events in question.

    Additionally, the producer of the report has been following this story for more than five years. She has a vast and detailed knowledge of the issues surrounding President Bush’s service in the Guard and of the individuals involved in the story. Before the report was broadcast, it was vetted and screened in accordance with CBS News standards by several veteran 60 Minutes Wednesday senior producers and CBS News executives.

    Four independent individuals with expertise in the authentication of documents were consulted prior to the broadcast of the story. Additionally, two more individuals with specific expertise relative to the documents were asked to examine the documents after the initial broadcast for a report in the Sept. 13 CBS Evening News. They, too, found nothing to lead them to believe that the documents did not date back to the early 1970’s.

    In conclusion, the editorial content of the report was not based solely on the physical documents, but also on numerous credible sources who supported what the documents said.

    Through all of the frenzied debate of the past week, the basic content of the 60 Minutes Wednesday report – that President Bush received preferential treatment to gain entrance to the Texas Air National Guard and that he many not have fulfilled all of the requirements – has not been substantially challenged.

    CBS News will make every effort to resolve the contradictions and answer the unanswered questions about the documents and will continue to report on all aspects of the story."

    The entire statement and an opportunity to view the documents and expert opinions can be found at http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/09/15/60II/main643768.shtml

    Also, we will pass your comments on to CBS.

    Thanks again for writing.

    Beth Green

    Program Coordinator

    Looks like CBS had better have one *hell* of a fall lineup.

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    Bill Burkett on the Bill Maher show

    SO just surfing around with google on the keywords Bill Burkett I came across this transcript of the Real Time with Bill Maher show on HBO from February 13th of this year. James Moore, and Bill Burkett were there, and so was Heather Wilson, a Republican representative in Congress.

    The stuff speaks for itself, but emphasis and snarky comments are mine:

    First up is James Moore, who only gets asked one question.

    MAHER: Tell me why this interests you so much.

    MOORE: I ran high school track against a guy named Roy Dukes, and we all thought he was so great, Bill, that he was going to be an Olympic athlete. And I remember coming home from college one weekend, and I looked in the paper, and he was dead in Vietnam, instead of standing on the Gold Medal stand at the Olympics. And when Governor Bush decided to run for President, I knew his family background. I knew he had privilege. I knew he ended up in this champagne unit. And so, when I was on a gubernatorial debate panel way back in 1994, I thought I was sort of morally obligated to ask the question of him, and I've been waiting about ten years for an answer, and I still haven't gotten one, even though I've spent much of my life trawling for the truth on this thing.

    So while it is quite apparent that Mr. Moore did not himself serve(He was in college while his friend was dying) Bush was in the Guard instead of dying so Roy Dukes wouldn't have to. So it's personal. And he isn't going to stop until he has taken down the president. Is it possible George Bush kicked this guy's ass once? Since '94 this guy has been going after Bush over a story that didn't even make a difference back then. '94 places this all a bit late I think. This is some sort of payback for the '92 campaign when Bush the first was running against a bona fide unrepentent draft dodger, let's be honest here. I wouldn't be surprised if this was originally dirt dug up by the Clinton Campaign. Or maybe Bush just kicked his ass once.

    And then Bill turns to Burkett. There is some audio problem here, and James Moore jokes that Karl Rove is behind it. Sound familiar?

    MOORE: This is all Karl Rove, by the way, doing this. [laughter] [applause] [cheers]

    MAHER: All right, now that we have the sound back, let me ask you one question I did want to ask you. What struck me as a little 'coinkydinky,' Colonel, is that three times in the space of ten days, you were witness to some sort of cover-up there. I mean, you heard ' you overheard a conversation where Bush's henchmen were saying, 'Cleanse the records,' then you saw someone cleansing the records. And then there was another incident where you heard a ranking officer order the guy who cleansed the records to review the Bush file and remove any documents. Does it seem odd that one guy would see three instances in ten days?

    Ok, that's actually a pretty good question from Bill. No Republican shill, he wins points for sanity here. It does seem kinda fishy, huh? But Burkett has a good answer too! Watch him forge Kerry's campaign material fully seven months in advance:

    BURKETT: Probably. It does seem odd. But at the same time, I was just the wrong man at the wrong time. It was because we were doing the strategic plan. We were trying to make the Guard more effective to the active components and actually make it usable. And to make the efforts and the investments of the American people more relevant to the active force. There was a good intent of the people, and I was heading that effort, or at least coordinating that effort, Bill. And the one thing that I think is important ' is it odd that I was there? I don't know. I don't know what put me there, but I was there and I told the truth.

    Can you say "I'm pulling this out of my ass right now, but give me a little bit of time and I'll have something whipped up?" If he doesn't know what put him there, maybe it was the little green men that live in the center of the earth!

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    Message to Kerry

    I just heard a quote by Kerry from the stump in Michigan. An angry diatribe about losing 1000 guys and there being more terrorists and jihadists in Iraq than there ever were before. My rhetorical response is:

    Good, John. That's the beauty of not fighting the war so hard in Afghanistan. We were already half in Iraq and by beginning to finish what we should have done years ago but didn't because of you and your pals in the Senate and the UN. Iraq is now drawing the very people we want to shoot from places like Afghanistan where they are hard to shoot to Iraq, where they are easier to kill them while we are working to help rebuild. It's a war on terrror, see? Lots of terrorists to shoot is a good thing. There are lots of places to go fight terrorism if we wanted to spread out. But they seem willing to be baited in to coming out of the woodwork in Iraq. Are you some kind of idiot? Are you suggesting we have lost to the terrorists and should just give up? What will become of the people we leave behind? Has someone over there promised you that if we leave they'll let everyone they've kidnapped go and stop killing stabbing kids who ask for water? Yeah that's right, change the subject. I thought so.

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    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Leno is all over RatherGate

    "The last time a tv show left this many unanswered questions, Jessica Simpson was on Jeopardy" --Jay Leno

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    30,000 dollars will buy you a nice little exemption from subpoenas

    I've just heard about a story I missed somehow about Senator Harry Reid(D) from Nevada and Feld Entertainment and the Sigfried and Roy tiger mauling tape. It's a very dry bit of corruption scandal that keeps getting ignored partly for that reason, I guess. The interesting part is that 5 people or so at the USDA are getting to watch the tape of it that everyone has been waiting to see on the internet since it happened. Only part of the story is really out, and so far the scandal hasn't caused much outrage but I will pass it on when I get it. I don't want to say much about it just based on what I've heard. more to come...

    Update: Here is Senator Reid's official explanation of his involvement in the scandal. He doesn't seem to view it as a scandal though. He has a lot of things working for him on this issue, not the least of which is sympathy for Roy Horn in the public. Nevada is just not going to start out mad about an attempt to subpoena this video by the USDA. Huh. Fair enough, I guess. But that's not quite the issue here from what I gather. still more...

    10:22 Update Some published (local) news about the case here, and here.

    And this quote is funny, but probably even funnier than you think ;)

    Senator Harry Reid tells The Associated Press that quote, "We are going to do everything we can to protect Siegfried and Roy."

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    This is going to be a problem

    Driving around the other day at night, I pulled up behind a minivan. I sat there at the stoplight watching their TV set through their back window. I was able to immediately recognize the movie as National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It was the scene where Clark finally gets the christmas lights to work. The light turned green and I realized that I had to pass this minivan or I was going to wreck. It is too hard to drive behind someone who is showing you a tv. I am habituated to watching TV. Christmas Vacation is not a movie I need to see again. I've seen it enough that anything that was originally funny is now only a routine I go through in my head to test my memory. I shouldn't be trying to call out lines from shitty movies while I'm driving. That's just wrong. And it's unsafe at any speed. Look for that to show up on the local action news sometime.

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    RatherGate.com draws blood

    That automated email campaign that RatherGate.com started against the top 50 Viacom/CBS shareholders only a short time ago has had some measurable effect now. One of them has already said "hey that's not funny!" and the response is classic and truly quotable:

    Good sir, I don’t find it funny that a company that you have significant influence over has conducted itself with an utter disregard for truth and transparency in an attempt to defraud the American people.

    Let's hope that the legal damages threatened against our hero webmaster are just that-threats. Since I've already done a fair bit of emailing myself, and not just to shareholders of the company, I think this is indicative of how a lot of people are finding themselves accountable to the masses over this. Keep it up. As they say, Be polite, Be short, and Be NonPartisan.

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    Listen to the laughter

    Protein Wisdom has one that will probably make it in to your email soon. The comments are a piling on of derision that pales any pajama or little green men comment.

    They're blogrolled.

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    Another plug for a good but lesser known blog

    Joe Publicus is worth checking out. He seems to update regularly and I've laughed a few times over there since blogrolling him. He gets extra points for using the superscript tag when typing Rathergate. I recommend a surf over there, and hopefully he will keep going. I think he has commented here before as well, so he deserves a plug just for that. But go there and see if you don't like it. Go on, I dare ya.

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    Why Kerry keeps bringing up Vietnam

    I keep hearing that the Kerry campaign is driven only by Kerry's hubris and their shallow calculations of how to best frame their candidate--war hero, activist. I've made this assumption myself. I keep wondering why the hell it is so obvious to me, but not to them, that this is not a politically expedient way to run things.

    But that's only superficial, I think. Kerry's bio and ability to fool himself for the sake of his ego lends himself well to the calculation, but I bet that no matter *who* got the nomination, we would have been hearing Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam. Why would they calculate this? I didn't really get it until I had read all the stuff about the anti-war movement that I came across while spending so much time researching Kerry. I think looking at Bill Burkett is going to raise questions about who he associates with.

    He associates with much the same crowd as Mr. Kerry did back in the protest days. The people standing with Burkett and making quite overt calls to drastic activism are just brimming with the same kind of whack-a-do that was convincing everyone the U.S. is out to ruin everyone and everything and only grassroots resistance will work. These people are convinced that the Machine must be stopped. Not Bush, but the ideology that opposes theirs. Bush is a focal point at the moment, but it isn't just him and it isn't just Iraq. The sentiment didn't start with Kerry. It started as soon as we decided to respond to 9/11 with a military solution. These people have done a "preponderance of the evidence" on a lot more than just these documents. They start from a first premise of dark and dishonest motives from Republicans and hawks when assembling *any* model of events from which they will draw their conclusions. The evidence does not precede the conclusions, it is explained by them. This makes them dangerous, to some extent. Appropriate responses to situations end up being determined from a highly distorted place of logic. Like when people get together and don't dismiss out of hand the notion that killing senators is a rational option to be considered. And it made CBS staff exploitable as well. These people see it the same way as Kerry. It *is* another Vietnam, and they must stop it.

    How seriously do these people intend to oppose the war? They seem to sound Rather desperate, and convinced. Cutting some corners with the truth might be a means to a higher end. Fake, but accurate. I'm not ruling it out. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with these people here and here, for starters. They were the folks in the streets of New York City during the RNC. They're the Barking Moonbats, but they are organized and serious. Granted some of them are just birkenstock nothings looking for identity, but some of them have military backgrounds too. They are the Scott Camils of today and Scott Camil is back on the scene himself. The Code Pink girls are one thing, but it's not all meaningless protests like that. Some of it is floating forged RNC/SBVT flyers in Florida, some of it is dredging up pics of Bush wearing a ribbon they don't recognize (charge is DOA-debunked on arrival) and some of it might have been forging rumored memos everyone was looking for since '99. I'm just sayin. This election is crucial to them. It is possible this is not the last we will see of these people in the news.

    If Burkett is signing his names to calls for desertion by active soldiers, along with Scott Camil...what other sorts of drastic activism might he be involved in? From his writings and where those writings appear, I do not rule out that he found his identity with these people, and would have personal motive to rationalize passing along forged documents. Did he work alone though? Or, to put the proper conspiratorial spin to this, was he a... patsy? I wouldn't go so far as to claim a broad conspiracy but more a narrow conspiracy that was allowed to become reported as news by near willful suspension of disbelief on the part of the reporters.

    I think he is less and less deserving of the benefit of the doubt. If he will only communicate through his lawyer, the legal process must be initiated in this instance. I think it will be interesting to hear more testimony from Mr. Burkett...

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    Brilliant satire rah 'cheer

    The punchlines are growing louder, people. Which side of the joke are you going to be on?

    Transterrestrial Musings has a great one over here, for starters.

    Update: Here's another one, and it's more recent.

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    Finkle & Einhorn!

    Finkle and Einhorn...Finkle and Einhorn...

    Folks, CBS can't get away with this. I wasn't really pissed about the pajama comment but this one from the NY Observer interview with Rather pissed me off:

    "There are people who believe that there are little green folks in the center of the earth," he said. "I don’t believe that. It’s possible, but I don’t believe it."

    How nice, I am a kook for being able to see how trumped up and fake this is and wanting to know more before I swallow it whole from people who are pretty well documented now as being less than averse to sticking by a thoroughly disproven story. It's about to make me become...an activist...eww.

    Speaking of great NRO articles...Iron Maiden fans will be happy to see this article by John J. Miller there.

    I am spending a lot of time looking at everything and tomorrow I get to see how hard it is to bust my ass these days. I will have a lot of monotonous time doing repetitive tasks though. I can already tell you what's going to be going through my head:

    "Finkle..........Einhorn. Einhorn and Finkle, Finkle and Einhorn....!"

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    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Beldar is on the warpath

    I'm not sure what I think about Beldar's opinion here but then I am not a lawyer.

    I am a bit reluctant to agree that it is already time for theatrical ultimatums like that, is all.

    Bill at InDC made some progress(but not much, after all) with the Globe's ombudsman. It looks like the left is giving a little bit up at a time but regrouping too. They continue to run stories questioning Bush on his guard service while only barely admitting to the completely falsified evidence the story originally resurfaced under.

    And it is worth noting that all of this broke at the same time that the DNC rolled out their "fortunate son" campaign which sure makes for some suspicious timing. What else were the Democrats counting on using to back their claims up if not these memos and the CBS story that went with it? What else new did they have to start running this campaign? Were they just going to re-run the same scandal that didn't stick before with only Ben Barnes's new story to go on? I doubt even Tad2Devine would be that dumb.

    That kind of thing needs to have shenanigans called on it. And I am not suggesting we drop the matter but I am not ready to shriek yet.

    I've got a sister with a degree in Journalism and I'm curious to hear what she has to say about the whole thing. Maybe she has an opinion worth pixelizin' fer y'all.

    Meanwhile, I'm back to watching the show...

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