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    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    what do you THINK!!!!

    Ahhh, to bathe in the short term and illusory evidence of one's own genius. I have moved on from the FtheVote thought exception fault error I experienced, thanks for your concern but there ended up being no brain hemorrhaging. I still think it's a good idea to make the Tshirts, for selling to the College Kids in Lawrence.

    Random things I saw a few minutes of on cable TV tonight:

    Er, well I wanted to see the Hitchens installment of this series on Trio, a british cable channel show that made a bunch of documentaries about Texas and Texas culture. I watched a little of The Texas Solution, the one about the justice system there, and gun control issues. Yahoo! Well suffice it to say that Texas can't be explained very well through a British worldview and try as he might to be patiently bemused he seemed much more interested in finding the bemusing things local to Texas and using them to illustrate his broader point, which seemed to be that once Bush took over as governor, Texas suddenly became "radically" Texan. Ah well. I can't say that I understand the folks in Lancashire either, especially not when I see them on TV.

    Pat Buchanan, guest hosting Scarborough Country and the issue was giving noncitizens the vote. The issue was voting rights for noncitizens and whatever you think about the issue, the Pro Immigrant Voting hack they brought in was just blatantly sidestepping cross examination to the point of Pat Buchanan just repeating the question insistently and loudly "What do you think?". Not that I want Pat Buchanan asking the questions necessarily, but it would be nice to see more of this in mainstream journalism on issues that don't have an air of Comedy Central's Crossballs.
    New rule everybody. If you are asked a Yes or No question, the acceptable first word out of your mouth if you plan to then give rational qualifiers or a basis for your first word, is restricted to Yes or No.

    Bill Clinton, hawking his book on The Daily Show. I flipped. It wasn't funny.

    Today's Bush Stump Speech Appearance in Whereversville USA. Townhall Meeting. Pft. I spent a minute or two beating him to the end of his lines. I think it's a good stump speech and he delivers it well. And I know I'm not the guy he's talking to. I'm already on board. I flipped.

    Teen Wolf. Flip.

    I could go on to list the episodes of Three's Company, Old soap operas, crappy movies, crappy movies in spanish, cooking channels showing high stakes celebrity Texas Hold 'em, Travel Channel showing cooking tips, Animal Planet showing Funniest Pet Videos of dogs playing poker and on and on. I won't because I flipped

    Bill Hicks, the one about how censored he was. Outlaw Comic. I've seen it before and I am a huge Hicks fan. I bought the man's cds after I discovered P2P. I loved seeing old footage of the man and people talking about the man. But Janeane Garafolo narrating the whole thing, hammering over and over the fact that he was *gasp* censored. Not for being too right, or being a target of oppressive Reaganism or really even for being too hot for TV as they clearly intended to show. I just don't buy that part. I applaud Hicks for his unremorseful upholding of his ideals and his principles but if you're not willing at all to censor yourself, then expect to be censored in a way just as uncompromising as you hold yourself. Everyone knew the guy was funny as hell, and they gave him more than one shot at being the corporate product you have to accept that you become when you do things like book yourself on David Letterman. Too bad, but really what real fan of what Hicks was about would wanted to have seen the corporatization of him that would surely have happened if he made it there?

    I had so much more to say. I have way too much TV garbage in my head though. I think I'm going to go look for Skittle's new gum. I will have to update later after I do the day's requisite scouring of the internet. Blah Blah. Blah.

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