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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    see you next tuesday

    who hasn't worked with one? she's giddy when things go wrong. she damn near has an orgasm when she has to deliver bad news to the boss (provided of course that it's bad news about someone else) she's the 400 lb accountant with pasty skin and beady eyes set way back in her doughy flesh who sits at her desk with half a dozen donuts every morning, complaining about her weight, her lack of a boyfriend, and her frustration at being 40+ years old and still living with her parents.

    no offense to any of you out there who fit this description as you're reading this, but come on. get off your fucking fat dying asses for fucking fuck sake and get over it already. so he fucking broke your heart. or she did. or whatever it was that happened 3 fucking million years ago that makes you the bitter old crone that you are today. The Incident that makes you hell-bent on causing everyone around you a lifetime of agony and suffering the likes of which haven't been seen since satan was cast from heaven and the bowels of hell were formed and yea, verily, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    for me, there is nothing so vomitous. nothing so sickening and vile. nothing so repugnant and putrescent as watching this vehicle of embittered bile trudge up and down the halls of the office day after day spreading her decades old resentment and hostility and flinging it hither, thither, and yon at all of us, whether we deserve it or not. and the very best part...the yummiest part...the extra specialist super goodest most wonderfulest part, is that she disguises it all as sugar coated happy feelgood num num sunshiney bliss bliss. like she couldn't be happier if she tried. like she just loooves her life and everything about it. like she does the things she does because they are the Right Things To Do, not because she is a miserable, evil, selfish, self-serving terribly, terribly unhappy human being with a black and shriveled heart who is just so so jealous and angry at a world that dares to go on around her when hers is just standing still and going nowhere and so she lashes out and tries to make it hurt as much as she hurts. but it never will. it will never be equitable. not in her mind. so it gives her an excuse to go on lashing out and stuffing it down and day after day makes other people pay.

    >deeeeeep cleansing breath.<

    not that she gets on my nerves or anything. :/

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