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    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    Remember when the Daily Show used to make fun of spin?

    I guess John Stewart and John Kerry cleared up the whole Cambodia thing, the purple hearts thing AND the flip-flopping last night.

    I didn't watch it because its pretty much a disgusting use of comedy that I think shows that the Daily Show has gotten a little off task: making fun of the news or making the news, the line has been blurry for a long time at the Daily Show. I guess it's lucky that most of the people who watch the Daily Show do so because of a healthy disrespect for bullshit (Yes, they will notice that this was bullshit but I don't know if it will be before Nov. 3) and a healthy apetite for humor. The viewers that actually will go vote who only watch the Daily Show for political news is a low number, I am guesing. Everyone else who was not already voting for Kerry will be pretty much dumbfounded by his claims that he wants to talk about the issues but makes his appearance on a fake news show to answer legitimate charges from Vets he served with.

    I just don't think Kerry is funny, and the Daily Shows that have politicians guesting as if their message were the latest movie they were self-promoting are just not funny. I'll give Stewart credit for everything he's done smart and funny but he is frankly ruining the important thing about the venue: Biting humor from the outside, based on being immune to the slimy bullshit perpetrated by politicians and newsmen.

    Letting Kerry come on and creating this whole elitist humor of snickering at anyone who would even suggest that all those times Kerry added weight to his political statements with lies might deserve a little bit of investigation is just...just...fake fake news. I am not outraged or anything, because they've been doing this for a while. I've seen the clips and I've seen the quotes. What used to be daring and cutting edge is now just a funnier version of Jay Leno. That's my only beef, and that's why I'm not linking to anything about it. I'm sure it's the only thing your TV will fucking play, no matter what network you're watching, for days. Why? Oh, only place Kerry will go to answer questions, and it's a lot more presentable than his lackluster stump speeches at places that don't really welcome him.

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