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    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Links in lieu of content

    Ok, just for the sake of posting again here are some links to what I've been reading and agreeing with and laughing at:

    From Max Boot 5 days ago, but a pretty good rundown of the nuance of Kerry on foreign policy. An even better read now that Kerry has said he would have voted to for authority for the war in Iraq even without the WMD. Good for you John, way to take a strong stance about it...again. Hmm. Would he have gone to war as president though? You bet he might have.

    SacredCowBurgers has some hilarious stuff if you like political photoshopping humor.

    Opinion Duel is always good fun, especially when there's actually a debate running. I root for the NRO guys, but really how often do you come across a genial debate of ideas from both sides rather than hysterical sloganeering?

    Speaking of NRO, man are they great. The Corner and The Kerry spot are frequently updated blog-style and there is a bulk of new material each week. After I've read their current stuff I like to go through their archives and find even more reasons that they are an indispensable component to a well informed point of view. Examples are too numerous to mention, but I promise they'll be made available to you in context if you demand that I back up a position (sadly, hardly anyone ever asks). At the risk of sounding preachy or mind controlled, I can't recommend them enough. For anyone with a leftward lean to their politics, this is the best place to go if you aren't afraid of leaving with a little doubt about your position on any given issue. If you are a conservative, you should be quite happy to have them as an accomplice in rational argument.

    Hitchens has a good article about terror warnings at Slate here. I will let Mr. Hitchens speak for himself.

    Sean Robbins has somehow gathered as much copy of Senator Kerry's public words in one place as I've yet seen, including the waffles home page. I scrolled down past this year's primary, when Kerry started "introducing himself" and just kind of sifted through. Gee, I don't know why anyone would say he is a liberal.

    Oh. Maybe it's his voting record in the Senate. It's a good place to just wander around in, but it has the votes broken down pretty well and gives you plenty of information for further searching. The place seems pretty bipartisan and dry so here's your chance to not have to de-spin information before consuming it. Look, what do you know? A reasonable search turns up...a liberal voting record! What do you know about that!

    Jim Rassman, the swift boat veteran on Kerry's side, has written an article defending Kerry. I admit to being intrigued by the whole thing, and it is way too complex and developing for me to say anything conclusively. I find the whole thing less important since there is a book being sold behind it, and it is going to descend into even uglier depths before everyone decides to pay attention to something else. But I find Rassman's defense kind of toothless, even though it has an indignant bluster to it. Its main line of argument are the sources and timing of the funders of the Swifties, and claims that all 200 decorated vets except he and Kerry are making stories up and steadfastly refuses to even allow that any of them ever even served with Kerry. Unless you were on the boat, you could have no knowledge of the greatness of Kerry or proof against it. More disingenous disgust about "smear tactics" and "attacks on combat veterans". I'm waiting to see if the rumors about the Brown Books are true before I buy Rassman and McCain's shared disgust at smearing a combat vet by Republican...um...decorated combat vets. Gee, there's a logical beartrap huh. I know Rassman is disgusted by smear tactics because he seems to choose his words sooooooo carefully when talking about the character of the men making these claims (again, there is very little substance to actually counter the claims themselves).

    Rassman also claims immunity from all suspicion of partisanship based on being "a republican" and also concludes with a delicious tautology: Allegations that Kerry was not a war hero and did not deserve his medals are clearly false because Kerry is a war hero who won his medals. Not too many specific refutations of any of the Swifties claims either, no mention of Cambodia, and apparently after he came home Kerry never even spoke out against anything except the Nixon related stuff. He even makes sure to take a couple swipes at Bush's record, though not by name of course. I keep watching this story and the blogs like Captain's Quarters who are following this in a much more active sense. I find it interesting to watch it unfolding, but I agreed with the Democrats back when they were adamantly claiming that service or lack thereof didn't make any difference when a bona fide, no questions war hero was running on the other side of the aisle in '92 or '96. I'd like to hear more about Kerry's service in Congress, where the experience matches the job he is applying for a little more closely.

    Oh, I could go on. But if you've made it this far down, you're probably itching for me to shut up. I concur, and conclude.

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