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    Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    KKVT or "I'll take 'Make me look stupid' for 800, Alex"

    There's no secret about the Kerry campaign being on the ropes at this point.

    Having blind quotes from the Kerry campaign confirm this is not really necessary to make any judgement of the truth of this. The polls are showing it and the press is starting to admit it. So it's interesting that there is so much willingness by anonymous staffers (to many different journalists) to undercut their own campaign by directly contradicting the things surrogates say in the press.

    It shows a lot about Kerry's team building skills, and leadership ability. I won't even bother to contrast them to blind quotes from the Bush campaign. I know both campaigns have staffers with contacts in the media and both sides have blind quotes coming out of their camps, but the tenor of the quotes is markedly different. The blind quotes from Kerry staffers like the one in this none-too-kind article by the Prowler (himself a blind source, yes we go deeper in to the speculative mysteries and wonder of a world without end...) made me think of Washington Celebrity Jeopardy which was on TV yesterday. (hat tip to KerryHaters and several others for having this first. I'm too lazy to track down all the other blind quotes I've noted like this)

    Bob Woodward, Peggy Noonan and Tucker Carlson all faced off for charity. It was interesting for many reasons, but the fact that the questions were(mostly) easy made how fast each contestant rang in the crucial contest.

    There was clear discomfort from anyone who didn't ring in first because there was no way to stop the proceedings and turn to the audience and reassure them that they knew that one,and they could have answered it easily. It was obvious that it wasn't the points or the money; it was not appearing to be the stuff SNL skits are made of that was important to them.

    Woodward seemed to be less concerned with it but I noted Carlson and Noonan displaying body language when they weren't able to answer that I attributed to wanting to convey that they were robbed. After the first commercial break (and a couple embarrassments) both were holding their buzzers at chest level (visible to the audience) and constantly clicking them. "Look!" they were saying, "Any question I don't answer is only because my click wasn't registered first! No matter what the appearance here is, I'm not stupid!".

    This is similar to what I think the staffers handing out blind quotes like condoms in public schools that admit how messed up things are in the campaign are doing, in effect. No one has much loyalty to Kerry personally and they are writing him off as a bad mistake. They will stay until the end but only as a duty to their party and not because they are behind Kerry at all. No one on the inside is going to be much surprised to lose this contest.

    This shows Kerry's team building skills and it makes you wonder exactly how he treats his support people. The unattributed scorn seems only to exist to reassure skeptical media and their BS detector equipped readers that they know things look bad and whatever you think, they aren't insane or stupid. They see reality and they probably feel really screwed that they all got on this ship of fools. It's no longer as important to some of them to support the flimsy talking points floated on the news shows and in their convention as it is to let everyone know they aren't stupid or amoral when it comes to the truth even though they know that to everyone watching it must appear so.

    It made me wonder about when Senator Kerry runs for re-election in the Senate if there will be a group emerge known as Kerry Kampaign Vets for Truth.

    In fact, someone ought to collect all the negative-to-Kerry blind quotes in one place and call it KKVT. I've seen them all over the place and it can't be the same guy leaking to all these different journalists. I'm going to have to start collecting them, but you're free to use the idea if you're motivated to...


    posted by M@ at 11:56 AM   12 comments links to this post


    At 2:22 PM, Blogger muckdog said...

    The left-wing blogs are saying the Polls are all jacked-up. Of course, they were accurate when Kerry was winning, but now THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG! LOL.

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