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    Monday, August 30, 2004

    I wish I had cable TV this week

    It's going to be a strange week, newswise. The strange stuff is only beginning to happen. The unintentional comedy of the Kerry campaign and its die-hard supporters rolls on. This almost makes up for the failed attempts they have made at applied comedy, which is not the only thing wrong with Big Comedy these days anyway. By contrast, Bush has got himself a crack unit and is looking very good when the WoT is the topic. This is going to translate in to some funny Fark headlines.

    I am noting that a few of the RNC bloggers are having trouble getting net access, for various reasons. That's not a surprise, but you'd think there would be more WiFi access...

    I have been showing up at TransTerrestrial Musings, and I blogrolled them but they are worth mentioning here, since you probably came here looking for a blog more similar to theirs ;)

    Thanks to KerryHaters and BlogsforBush, both of whom sent a bunch of hits our way yesterday.

    I also stumbled on and blogrolled Quentin Tarantino's weblog. I am fairly convinced it is actually him and not a joke blog. I hope it really is, because his rant against CGI is right on.

    I am too lazy to tell you what I think, even if I thought you cared. So

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